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Honda Insight 2010 Review

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This is a review of my latest gadget, the 2010 Honda Insight. I purchased this car a little over a week ago, and I have been enjoying it very much. The purpose of this review is to inform other potential buyers and interested parties about the features this car possesses.

Well the first thing you’ll probably notice is that it looks a little bit like a prius and this is the e x model and one of the differences on the e^x is the wheels these are alloy wheels so you see the alloy wheels and one nice feature is to fold away fold away mirrors you just push them in like that fold away mirrors they pop in and out um i do like the front

Design there’s a there’s a vehicle honda makes called the clarity and this design looks a lot like that that’s a hydrogen vehicle this is a what they call a parallel hybrid or a full hybrid it operates on both a battery which is a nickel metal hydride whatever kind of battery and then it also has a really kind of a weak four-cylinder engine so here’s the back of

The car one of the nice features about the car is the hatch when you look inside here you’ll see that there’s a lot of space just the spare tire it’s a full full spare and underneath that we’re actually behind that is the battery pack the seats obviously are going to fold down to open up even more space fold them down just like that they fold flat so there’s really

A lot of cargo area in fact it’s got more cargo room than the prius so i’m going to shut the hatch now and show you the inside the biggest problem with this car is probably the back seat this is one of the problems with the car the back seat has a very little legroom and if you’re tall like i am you’re going to hit your head on the roof most likely so the back seat

Is good for people below six feet tall and kids and probably japanese people the front however is a really large enough for you know any size man or woman i’m six two and i have no issues with the front of this car one of the nice things about the car in my opinion is the instrument cluster if you look straight ahead you’ll see the information i don’t forget what

They call it it’s like a the little panel in the middle is is where you get all your little panel in the middle is where you get all your information about your fuel economy and right now i’m cycling through right here on the steering wheel to show some of the most recent trips now that this is what i’m a virgin right now since i’ve last reset it thirty-nine five

This has been all in town driving so that’s really not that bad on the highway i get close to 50 in town it’s close to 40 that’s different than the prius is the prius you can drive around town with no gasoline engine usage it can use just the battery this one doesn’t do that if you look at the speedometer of top it’s blue right now that’s because i’m not getting

Good economy right now this button over here the econ button when you press this the car will actually cycle off the air conditioner when you stop the engine will turn off it’s a less aggressive gearing on the cvt which is the type of transmission that it has so i really appreciate this because you get you get a lot better gas mileage and you really don’t feel

It the only thing the only thing that i notice is the air conditioner going off when you stop at a stop sign um the transmission is smooth it’s got a good pickup it you can see that this dash layout is kind of a cross between the civic and a fit you know the hvac controls are just like fit except that you have climate automatic climate control the rest of the

Interior is kind of a mixed bag in my opinion the seats are nice nice the seats are really nice they’re firm they’re supportive they’re made of what seems to be high quality fabric and i see no issues at all with the seats what i did have an issue with is the floor is made out of this really thin cheap material it’s probably very durable it’s just a lot cheaper than

I’ve seen another honda’s so you know they did try to cut corners to make this hybrid affordable and they did it with the choice of materials the door this sounds better than an american cars door like the i had a ford focus it’s it’s better than the focus’s door but it’s still using cheap plastic the dash is nice a tough durable feeling plastic steering wheel is

Straight out of a fit but it feels really nice and solid really everything in the cabin feels great that you touch all the time the stuff that you don’t touch is where they they really cut corners you know all right here i am driving the incites a target as you can tell it’s pretty quiet in town the only time i’ve noticed really road noise is when you’re on a rough

Or a poorly paved road and you’re going above 60 miles an hour up until that point it’s really a quiet car i don’t know what people are complaining about it’s not as quiet as a prius but it also you have some road fields so it’s a lot better than the prius for day-to-day driving i mean the most important part of a car is how enjoyable it is to drive you know in

Addition to the convenience of having enough space for your family in being able to all what you need to the most important part is how it drives and the insight drives very well it drives a lot like a honda fit which is probably more fun to drive than a civic so exist this is a this is a good view of that back rear window and as you can see the visibility is really

Pretty good looking back it’s a lot better than any other car i’ve had because you can see from the roofline all the way down the best part of this design in my opinion is the front it’s a sporty looking design kind of futuristic way better looking than a prius in my opinion let’s take a look at that powerful engine there you see it that is the honda integrated

Motor assist that’s a new four-cylinder that they’ve developed it’s about i don’t know 85 horsepower or something like that and then it’s got that battery which adds another 13 so its total of 98 horsepower torque now because i have it on econ mode if you look right here econ mode has put me in a mode where the engine will shut off every time i get to a stoplight

And the air conditioner also shuts off so it it’s i guess kind of uncomfortable for a couple of seconds while the airs off but as soon as i’m driving around in galveston right now and i’m keeping my speed in the well right at the speed limit which is 35 and as you can see the speedometer is green right now if you look closer you can really see it okay it’s green

Now watch as i hit the accelerator it turns to dark blue and that means that i was not getting good gas mileage at that point when i hit the accel

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Honda Insight 2010 Review By imac2001