Honda Insight Transmission Oil Replacement

Guys on the inside or something similar that’s the pen how we call this from 2011 that’s the standard hybrids honda model in the site or something like that hybrid is the king okay so someone asked me about replace the gearbox oil of course we will be replaced the original cvt fluid from honda that is dedicate exactly for this car and was means replace the

Key role in the sky how do this out of that time i am said before this is the 19 2009 to 1588 horse powers lda 3 engine cards and 1.3 hybrids amy okay so that sort of your curve this is the 1.3 hybrid system cv g’v model of the gearbox so tip stick oil drain how much oil 2.8 if you replace the oil if the gearbox you replace and is completely dry inside is 5.2

That’s the whole spec what we have and should be and i know should be replaced because i’m checked before every 60 thousand kilometers so nothing strange so the gearbox section is actually there we see the yellow dipstick so i just try to remove it then in check how much is all in okay guys so this is the information how check this the transmission oil level

Drying in the field so the field transmission with specification amount so that’s 2.8 start engine run engine to normal operating temperature so maximum when the fan will be start cooling fan and switch of the engine white 60 to 90 second check a th level and top up if necessary so that’s let’s go start that is nothing strange this is only replace the gear

Oil okay now you see later and we have almost nothing so that’s why we’re going to a place that the oil because probably was never a place before and the oil is too low i check i try to check the oil on the engine off h i check the oil on the engineering and and no transposition still we have to low oil must be cold fluid on the first hole so that’s why we

Make decision to replace their the oil because we don’t know the history actually the car has the 113 i have to just have a look how much is on the clock yeah one three one okay so one three one first sixty probably somebody pass and not replace this because we don’t have any history in the book or the new owner don’t know about this so will be better if we

Replace this okay let’s go so looks like for the gearbox we have to remove it to this piece we see we try that’s the point yeah okay so simply think small ratchet and just kick and just open careful for their for their small washer here and i made a decision i will keep the old oil just for check condition and check how exactly was in so clean tank put in

And try catch them we have the piece with the magnetic that’s nice that’s normal after the hundred kilometers if thick-cut is elizabeth with some metal but if the object here is only like the powder that’s fine but if will be something bigger object that could be problem but i think this one is fine just start splashing so yeah let’s come back to okay when

The oil is almost done when will be dropped from the gearbox we can cross this and try at let’s see we have to wait two minutes okay so let’s drop down so i guess we close the cup and but before i’m removing this panel this is only few screw for phillips because i have to clean actually this area and actually this one so easy to do as well okay time to close

Clean cup hooks like that completely nothing left there still we have the washer so if you want you can title this for 54 new kilometers but if you tied it like that will be okay that’s all don’t forget watch this is that this important because you have to know something happen after you see the leader is this nicer a one to tuna half should be almost three

So was little true and condition of the only water so hundred percent was time to replaces we have the fresh can really clean this is the only doors from here inside this special cleaner much difference is lina pink from the gearbox was brown so we aren’t almost three verse that’s three will be here so 2.8 pounds and we add the beautiful pink oil nice

Okay so time to treat some fun like that smooth perfect and gently arch there almost 3-0 okay so oil xena i do this very gently and slowly because i need not sure the oil will be pop up or not that looks was easy go in so time for snap the engine and make the heat through the engine and after that we switch off and we see how much oil is in we have to add or

We’ll be okay not even trusted how much oil is now so now we have the top in the middle so it looks like after this is probably the cold maximum after heat up should be higher i think so we see that is usual these laters okay character is warm so we see how much the xena will be hard to show something to clear up this only we have success because the dipstick

Show something before it was completely dry so i think i live like that how important is the horn for in eighth transmission oil so i help you with this so legacy that was not in difficult but now we know for what you will be pay if you’re going to any transmission

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Honda Insight Transmission Oil Replacement By FixYourRide13