Honda Odyssey Minivan Makes 1000WHP

Three percent so as you guys know a couple weeks ago we took the route of c to race week uh we made it back made it through the whole week no issues at all we parked this thing and we have not touched it since today we kind of cleaned it out some and we actually just had it up on the lift because we pulled the driveshaft out of this thing to make it front

Wheel drive again because today we’re putting the router seat back on the dyno to get it ready for this weekend because we have street car takeover coming up so we still need to upgrade the axles in this thing but we are not going to be launching it from a dig we entered this into the roll racing class so the axles should hold up fine from a roll at least

That’s what we’re hoping we haven’t done the roll racing class at streetcar takeover in quite some time so i thought it would be really cool to enter the van this year it’s really one of our only running cars at the moment that will be competitive so we’re gonna get the van ready for this weekend and like i said we have it back in front wheel drive mode

Because we are going to be putting it on the front wheel drive dyno just to go through the tune uh the last day of race week at vandemir it did trap 131 miles an hour which is pretty good considering how big this thing is it weighed nearly 3 300 pounds with me in it so she is a pretty big girl so it is making a decent amount of power but i don’t think it’s

Making the 800 plus horsepower uh that it was on the dyno before the first engine let go this engine is the one out of the mr2 so it is a lower compression ratio it is only 10 to 1 instead of the other one which was like an 11 to one so we’re gonna need a little bit more boost to make that same power so it’s probably not making the full power that it was at

Either way we have it on that tune right now and we’re gonna put it on the dyno see where it’s at and if we need to we’ll turn it up some just make sure the tune and everything is good go through the car make sure everything’s tight from the trip because i’m sure some stuff has rattled loose but we mainly just want to make sure the tune and everything is on

Point maybe turn her up some like i said and see where we go but we’re going to go ahead and get this thing on the dyno and see what kind of power she’s at off the pfi and we’re at pfi all right get on the laptop you want me on there yeah co-pilot on their dog co-pilot that’s never a good sign that’s four is it a really good sign either a really good sign or

A bad sign if brent has a beer in his hand before a tune yeah that’s it we got her entered in the 150 roll class so if we go faster than that that’s it and it’s super hot today so and it’s five o’clock five o’clock something it’s uh we’re doing the one time for manila make it go 170 just in case 170 just to have covered could you imagine the minivan even going

That fast oh my gosh anything in the 160s is like holy crap that’s great even 140s like they’re starting to move all of it it’s awesome looking forward to it that’s gonna be awesome on don’t have too many of those before you hop in there this is this one sean just got it for me it’s five o’clock so he said time for a beer so how many how much is left in there

I’m pretty sure you had a beer of the day the mr2 had a made 1100 so yeah that’s fine though yeah right yeah that was a good day i would love to stretch this turbo out honestly it’ll happen eventually it will happen eventually once we have some axes that hold it yeah she means she needs the axles so that’s the next step yeah beauty though everyone’s backed up

But we’re trying to get axles on the way as soon as we can the turbo survived the the trip with no hood no air filter definitely sucked up some bugs when i saw it i was like no yeah i did it it ate some bugs we still got some bugs to clean off our inner cooler right here it should be on the tune that we had it at the track last like two minutes yep it still

Went 129 131 131 yep and literally five seconds just the on-the-fly tune yeah so we’ll see where the power is out there just on instagram and uh ran across some really sad news uh if you guys are familiar with speed factory racing they’re the ones that helped us with the intercooler and stuff they have the really fast frontal drive civic um they just posted

That they actually wrecked it and it does look pretty serious um they’ve done a lot for the scene and everything and luckily the driver james is okay from what the post says but they they wrecked it pretty hard and there’s definitely a lot of history behind this civic so if you guys want to go over to their instagram speed factory racing and maybe show some

Support that would be awesome but um yeah that is uh really unfortunate that really sucks i’m just glad that james is all right so my thoughts definitely go out to them hopefully he uh recovers alright so be sure to go show them some love that’s not bad 7.49 gonna get way way better oh yeah yeah was it was it rich or something up top where it dived off yeah

Maybe maybe that dip is white yeah yeah you’ll see this would be awesome yeah it came up to 750 and went super fat and dropped right off yep he’s like you’ll see you’ll see 22 23 pounds nice so i was making that at banda mirror but i think it just it fallen off and not carrying through and actually no it’s not going to mile an hour like that 8 25 and then

Dipped down and just kept going up oh yeah 825. just cleaning her up it’s nice that’s just starting to come into efficiency right there yep 19 pounds 19 pounds even less boost more power it was like so rich before it was kind of yeah you sounded better what’s our limiter going to um i think that’s only 88 so we can raise that i feel like we could bring it to

90 yeah or something all right i think it just keeps wanting more yeah you can see it straight up he’s climbing i mean we take the mr2 yeah 98 to 10 and that’s the mr2’s motor so 10 no 93 is good dude it’s gonna be over 9000 that’s totally dragon ball z dragon ball z what it’s an anime shirt dragon ball z who it’s over 9000. yeah dog that’s when he like starts

Glowing and stuff and then he like beats the crap out of everybody maybe that’s when this starts glowing and beats the crap out of everybody the manifold by glow making another one oh yeah what gear was that that’s four that was fourth two limiter two limiter all right so i was fourth gear to limiter and we’re at 147 ish 145 146 maybe one of these five is

Dead middle right yeah these are two two so that was so that was 146 at limiter in fourth gear and if we want to get it spot on 150 just bump up that rev limiter a little bit yeah 88 so now we’ll be able to go a little over 150 probably 91 though so it’s still over but we need that rpm so i don’t have to touch fifth gear because we are entering their odyssey

In the 150 roll class and stay there no you’re there yeah that’d be per so if you go 150 point something that’s too high so it has to be 149.99 or no i mean unless you’re 50. like 001 oh they let you go yeah you can go if you go a perfect 150 it’s okay but then you’re putting your neon in the front-wheel drive class you think oh i’m taking the integrity oh

The integra i forgot but you’re going to go the front wheel drive i just found out there’s a front wheel drive unlimited class so i might put in that if not i’m just going to go in the 150. yeah we’d put this in the front wheel drive class honestly just how it is but it’s kind of sketch front-wheel drive the all-wheel drive straightens it out so i’d rather

Do the 150 class we were going to put her in the 140 class you still have that well to dip though yeah it’s still welded in the back i’ll go up three percent and see what it does really once you start getting into that efficiency range of that turbo one pound is a good amount of horsepower good amount yeah i mean i just made that much on 19. yeah i just did

825 on 19 and that was only to 88 100 on their limiter now another 500 rpm and it was just climbing wow uh i heard it 30 pounds 30 pounds 30 pounds bro 100 1002 and we went over 150 so we’ll be getting it’s like 152 i saw it hit the thousand and two at 145 which is right there jesus hey i thought you said you didn’t finish the medellin what was

The horsepower you needed to bring i mean a certain honda odyssey out there did claim 1089 that’s cool we’re slower no just kidding that was awesome 35 pounds that was awesome 30. oh you’re saying give it 35 35 pounds i think it’s good there dog he’s good there that’s good there i got some spots i need to just put some fuel and take some away in little spots

There we go for all the people i mean it still has to lay down a pass but now it actually did the thousand horsepower like nothing just like how the mr2 sounded like that it felt so simple in here like i wasn’t even drama it sounds really good i love when it stands out we need like we need three of those oh my gosh that was awesome 1002 it wants more rpm look

At that thing oh yeah it wants more but do you want more i’m good dude he’s good yeah he’s good all right dad leave it there it took him a second to grab that camera dirt yeah that was perfect when he left him you saw him click it oh yeah well the route sees officially a thousand horsepower minivan amazing i thought it was gonna be in the nines

But me too you know i mean it’s the mr2’s motor we know it can do it yeah especially with that big girl of a turbo the more boost you give it the more power she wants to make she just starts to really i don’t only 30 pounds yeah it’s starting to work pretty efficient you only went three percent and it went from 825 to a thousand and two yeah that turbo

Starts getting really efficient up in those higher boost numbers but that three percent made twelve more pounds of boost so we definitely gotta kind of work on so it’s like every percent is like four psi we have to give ourselves a bigger window that was a little tight but it worked and it made some power oh she did a thousand we’re gonna leave it there uh

See what it does in the roll racing there’s a chance the rolls might get cancelled there goes emilio on the 450. i think it’s awesome but our track here is having a lot of speculation with being open and stuff so there’s a chance the event might get shut down oh there goes this hat but the event might get shut down but if it doesn’t we’ll bring it and see

How it does there yeah i think that should be plenty to go 150. me too man so it should yeah i mean it’s totally a lot of weight remember it’s 33 or 3 400 pounds or something but yeah that was with me in it but we can also take a lot of weight out still we got stuff to do but i’m just glad she’s running good to rip and we added a little rpm it’s like compared

To the mr2 we’re still turning almost 6 700 rpm less so yeah i mean we still got more that we could end up giving it and there’s still some timing and stuff that we can throw at it and even more boost yeah it’s sitting pretty happy right there though which is awesome yeah these days are always really fun yeah helping these things out this is cool so i think

As of right now technically it should be the what what it there’s is odyssey out there that claims more but this should be the second highest horsepower one hey it’s document right confirmed we’re doing it for the world and we’ll take it to the track and put her to use that’s it but yeah i’m stoked on thousand horsepower boys i was gonna say something else

But i forgot you were gonna say this is it’s awesome and it did that after the the drive the 1200 mile drive oh that’s what i was gonna say i was gonna say the the slower trap speed like the 130 kind of makes sense because the first graphic it tanked hard yeah and it was so rich yeah i went super fat because we really i mean i did it like in the burnout box

I made that map so like literally we had no time yeah the day it should have been so it obviously wasn’t making over 800 horsepower so it went 131 which makes sense with how much it weighs and it it came up to like seven something and then it dropped down yeah we’re way too fat so makes sense so now that we can see it on the dyno we know that that’s all good

And now it’s cleaned up and actually ready to go we have some time to go through it because we rushed putting that motor in the day before race week with zero time like we were we were on the last minute we showed up with 15 minutes left to tech so we barely made it now it’s good we could go through it a little bit yeah just keep combing it making it better

And better and better hell yeah dude we got a lot of projects but this is definitely one of the highlights i love the minivan i know we just need it’s so cool i mean get this thing some axles get her legit yeah i i definitely want to see it running one day i mean that’s that’s something i’d like to see i want to see it too we need an eight-second minivan and

A minivan would be amazing so yeah we gotta get her to the tens first yep she can do it oh yeah now we gotta find a motor for the mr2 because i’m liking that one in here that one’s a good one me too sweet you

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