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Hot Wheels 2022 G & H Case GMC Hummer EV

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Hot Wheels 2022 G & H Case GMC Hummer EV

What is up everyone rl57 here back with yet another diecast car video and today we have the new gmc hummer ev number three out of five from the hot wheels green speed and number 130 over 250 from all of the cars in 2022 and let’s go ahead and open this up so this is a car well a pickup a pickup car i mean a truck that nobody nobody at all uh think it

Would release from hot wheels because there were no leaks i believe i did not see any leaks about this car going to be released and uh it’s cool because mattel is trying to hide their cars i believe right now so that nobody else would know what will like release in the near future but yeah once once i knew that this was in the in the g case i had to pick

This up because this is a pretty cool model i mean not only that’s from the gmc uh company but it’s a very nice licensed model not gonna lie so uh this is the gmc hummer easy let’s uh take a look at the car itself so here’s the gmc hummer av in this pretty nice yellow so as you can see in the front you do have that wide grille which is nice uh kind of

Reminds me of a fraud bronco now actually uh most of the like 4×4 cars i mean uh like pickups or anything like that they’re mostly copying each other when it comes to the front grille i mean like that if you compare it to the land rover what else the fort bronco they look kind of similar and you can see there’s the headlight right there headlights uh it’s

Only one bar it’s quite long but it’s fine you can also see a hammer riding there pretty nice on the sides you don’t have anything obviously mine has a bit of color issue i believe maybe it has something to do with the paint i’m not sure but it was uh originally like that when came out of the box at the back you do have some rear lights which are just

Simple but pretty nice then you have the back uh which is a trunk i think uh the bed yeah the bed so uh for this car as you can see it has some references to the mighty k that i just reviewed like few a few months ago a few weeks ago it has the skateboard at the back attached to the bed the plastic part of course the black one and that’s a good reference

To the mighty cave which is pretty nice and it’s attached to the black part right there pretty nice uh easter egg i believe then you have the silver chrome wheels which are pretty nice off-road ones and then for the windshield and the roof i believe it’s fully uh it’s fully covered with windows plastic windows of course these two parts are connected

To each other basically i don’t know why they didn’t just make this into plastic i’m not sure maybe uh you wanted to save some uh money and just use this uh same thing as this one i’m not sure if the real car really has sun roofs for the two back seats uh two or three i’m not sure maybe i don’t know take a look at the base oh yeah it has a black base

Right here i forgot to say it has a black interior there take a look at the base here gmc hummer eevee uh 2021 mattel and made in malaysia and this is an electric car i mean a pickup truck which is pretty cool i’m sure this car would be similar to the hot wheels for bronco i’m sure they’ll swap the wheels with some brown dirt wheels which are meh i don’t

Really like the brown brown dirt wheels they don’t really match the car itself because you know you’re trying to play it on dirt you don’t get it that brown i mean i don’t know maybe you have your own complaints uh some of them did complain about the brown wheels i mean it’s not that bad but still uh not bad so uh yeah this is a pretty great casting

Uh if you’re asking me i would say uh it’s good compared to deferred bronco but obviously uh bronco is like way less better because well it’s way less detailed than this one this one’s pretty nice and uh it surprised almost everyone because nobody expects us to release energy case so yeah it’s kind of like an unreleased uh car that nobody knew and uh

Yeah there you go that was the gmc primer ev in the yellow i’d like to say uh thank you guys for watching see my other videos don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and do leave a look at this video see you soon bye bye so you

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Hot Wheels 2022 G & H Case GMC Hummer EV By RL57 ToysReview