Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck RC Speed Test [Can it really do 500 MPH scale speed?]

Hot Wheels claims the 1/64 scale RC of the Tesla Cybetruck can “reach up to 500 scale miles per hour.” It’s written on the product info on the original preorder website and also on Target’s product info. Knowing what some typical speeds are with our Hot Wheels ID portal, that seemed like a lofty boast. We put it to the test, but we did not get the results we expected.

500 miles per hour scale speed. let’s  put it to the test in today’s video. to get a baseline of what a good speed normally  is let’s use our hot wheels id portal and a few   of straight track and a u-turn at the end.   us. because they’re not radio-controlled,   pretty close to the start, where they have  254. motosaurus,

246. gt hunter, 251.  jurassic park jeep, 218. twin mill, average after 10 successful runs of 239 miles  per hour. things are not looking good for the   cybertruck. could it really be twice as fast as  a traditional booster? let’s work out a method   to measure its speed. we know a 1/64 scale one  quarter mile is about 20 feet 8 inches

Long.   that distance, we can catch the entire thing   the number of video frames from our start,   here where the cars enter the orange track, to our  finish where the cybertruck hits the oil hazard   from the total turbo takeover and it launches in  the air. we’ll reset that every time, but it will   be the best

Visual and audio queue of exactly  when the cybertruck reached the finish line.   okay. it took exactly two seconds (or sixty  video frames )to go the scale quarter mile. let’s   use this online scale speed calculator i found.  genuinely shocked! that’s already more than   twice as fast as some of the id cars right after 

Coming out of the booster. it didn’t feel like it   this time it only took 59 frames, which works  out to be 457 miles per hour scale speed! at this   point, i’m worried our calculation is off. now  we didn’t plan on needing to measure the id cars   going the scale quarter mile for comparison. i  thought the id app speed would

Be accurate enough.   now let’s take a look at a shot of an id car. we  know that these track pieces are two feet long,   it took for this car to go four sections (or   eight feet) and still do a rough calculation.  it took 23 frames (or about three-quarters of   a second) to go 8 feet (or 96 inches). now it  should be

Decelerating slightly, unlike the rc,   but it will give us some kind of a check. and we  get 455 miles per hour! wait! and this was the id   car. so they were going about the same speed?  so does that mean the id portal is way off? at   this point, i had to stop the experiment and do  some online research and contacted a friend

With   a background in physics. what i learned is that  multiplying the real speed times the scale (64 in   this case) is a rudimentary way of calculating  scale speed. it’s not very useful. there are   more complicated ways to determine scale speed,  depending on the application. like, if you were   testing a model in

A wind tunnel, for example.  all kinds of factors need to be considered,   than just the size and distance. and it gets way  over my head. so let’s resolve to say that the id   way, so we can’t use that as a comparison.   but because we’re getting speeds close to 500  miles per hour, that’s probably the technique   hot

Wheels used when they made their claim. so  let’s continue the test with the cybertruck in   boost or “sport” mode and see if we can break  whew! now that does seem  faster. let’s check the tape.   the cybertruck made it to 20 feet eight inches in  exactly 45 frames (that’s a second and a half).   600 miles per hour! let’s

Run it one more time  for good measure. this time pressing the forward   joystick and the turbo button just to be sure  looks like we shaved off a frame on the time.  so pretty consistent really. it’s give or take   a frame anyway, but that comes out to 614 miles  per hour scale speed. now i’m no physicist,   so let me know

In the comments if you can explain  why the id portal speeds were calculated slower   or what you think the scale speed should actually  be if the cybertruck went a scale quarter mile   in a second and a half. thanks for watching com  and collected. we’ll see you in the next video.

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