How Bad Can A Cheap Benz Be??

Monkey Wrench Mike has lost his mind. He bought the cheapest Mercedes he could find and will find out just how expensive that can be. Or not?? Is there life left in this old car??

Hey everybody michael wrench mike we are back with a another video today and you’re in for a surprise because i have purchased a 175 dollar car what have i done yep i want an auction 100 and 75 so the big question is what kind of a car do you get for less than 200 bucks let’s find out you really have to be kidding me right see all the little pistons rolls-royce

Dawn oh my goodness why is my life so fun come on car you’re floored i’m flooring a v12 engine you thought this was going to be perfect right why can’t i like fall in love with alexis all right one of these things is not like the others one of these things just doesn’t belong do you remember that song yeah okay here are your choices did i get a camaro did i get

An old mercedes hint hint or a chevy i don’t even know what that is no no and yes siree bob yep this is my beauty and i say that taking a first look at it i i literally haven’t looked at the car okay i just walked up here i was fortunate enough to be able to park this at aarhq my good friend randy said okay i have space now he had this was once full of cars full

Of cars and he sold so many and he said he had room so i had a car delivered here yep this is it this is my beautiful to me 1985. mercedes 190e yeah what do you think this is what you get for a hundred and seventy five dollars and you add the auction fee on to that you get a flat tire who knows how long these tires have been sitting this is the car they kind

Of kept mercedes alive for a while it introduced the c-class before there was a c-class this used to be a wheelsey llc car i guess yeah um i don’t know anyway take a look at what used to be left of the paint yeah this used to be a cool bronze-ish color almost almost like another car i used to have the brazilian bronze remember oh i’m missing a star okay this

Just gets better and better oh my gosh what have i done it’s a non-runner if you can’t figure that out i do have an antenna so that’s okay really there’s no body damage two of the tires hold air two do not okay well it is what it is these used to be amazing amazing little cars they would get gas mileage out the wazoo they were fun they were pretty peppy and

I thought it would be fun to bring one back from the dead so let me let my uh loves cup stay there stay right there are you ready to go inside let’s see what you get okay yeah the interior from the pictures looked okay oh i like the color okay let’s just say that i do like the color it’s kind of loose the door card is loose i do have keys which is good check

Out the seats though check that out baby yeah we can fix this that’s not an issue at all look at this when’s the last time you saw a map when is the last time you actually had a map of oklahoma 1999 to 2000 let me show you what the state looks like wow i really haven’t seen one of these in a long time there it is somewhere on the map is where we are i live

Here used to live there there it is that is the state of oklahoma this is the state of the interior okay let’s just kind of jump in and see what we got let’s put the map in the back at least the door is open probably the first time they’ve opened in a long time that’s a little bit loose look at the back seat okay this is okay look how long the my window tint

Oh wow that’s special that is really special and it smells like an old mercedes it does it really does okay we’re going to sit in this thing oh my goodness how dusty is it it’s pretty dusty oh my gosh okay i don’t think that’s right we seem to be sticking out a little bit oh my goodness okay and here’s what happens when wood gets old oh we’ll just put that

Right back you’ll never see that you’ll never notice that or this piece you know i could read i just lacquer this up again this how this is coming off it’s just yeah the polyurethane is coming off i can re-lacquer that look i got a owner’s manual 190e 2.3 okay here’s a clue of what lies in the engine compartment that’s your fuse cover this is an old relay

Oh for your ac compressor okay uh uh okay so i do have both of the visors the sun visors this one will go right there the other one is attached i’m looking for a rear view mirror what else do i have oh fuses look at these fuses and some air vents okay that’s okay what is this oh yeah here we go my bill of sale um i don’t want to show my address or randy’s

Address they towed it i think it was for a hundred like a hundred and nine dollars which is like the deal of the century other than the car itself being the deal of this century okay i have keys with a little wire sticker okay do they work they do work okay look at this okay we’ll have to get this reattached there is an issue i got an issue with my center

Console and i’m missing a button what’s under here though i don’t even know okay see my little knob i’m missing a knob right there i can’t get it to go back now oh that’s great i just broke something i just broke it okay that see look how cool the little glove box is that still works i need a star any of the headlights around this is heavy i don’t have a

Battery oh wow i just looked at the engine oh no oh mike mike should have looked at the picture wow oh my how long has it been this is this oh gosh all right let me put the hood up just stay right there there’s not even a battery i don’t even have a battery oh my goodness gracious i got room for a battery look at all that look at all of this holy moly okay

Is there oil foreign there is oil that’s a good sign that is a real good sign that’s a real bad sign oh my gosh holy moly so mike needs a battery i thought there would be one in here and i could jump oh oh oh gee mini christmas look at all that oh gosh what do i do can i even try to start it will it even turn oh great googly moogly great googly moogly

Should i steal the battery from the s6 s500 and just see if it starts let’s see what’s in the trunk oh okay i got car parts in the trunk these are from an old old diesel like a 300d i’m guessing maybe what is this from is there a car part one one three look at that right there there you go these headlights do not belong to this car but that’s okay i’ll take

Them i can sell them and make tens of dollars what’s under here wow oh oh that’s in really good shape it’s flat but the wheel itself is in good shape when that’s a score look at this wow okay i don’t even know there’s oh you want to smell this thing has not been running i can’t even get it off hold on i can’t even get it off i’m sure there’s no gas there

Can’t be and this doesn’t work does this this one works maybe it’s just lock you know if you stay inside it’s a good car that’s the first time that’s been opened in a decade probably as it won’t even open though that’s as far as it’ll go okay you got to be very skinny to get in the back seat of this car that’s all the room you get oh mike what did you do what

What other kind of car could you get for 175 dollars i don’t know we’re back with a borrowed battery yeah randy had this in there and there was some spark in it so i just want to see what happens okay hopefully this won’t go up in flames i just want to see what happens and we’ll try the important window but that right there scares me fortunately the firemen lives

In just down the street is what i’ve been told okay let’s just see i don’t even know if there’s power we’ve got the power let’s find out nothing nothing and nothing okay wonderful wonderful marvelous is this connected maybe okay oh oh you’re kidding me oh oh okay she’s in neutral and she just tried to start you’re kidding here we go again you ready let’s

See if you can see the engine let me hold this up here hold this up here all right here we go you’re kidding me we just need gas foreign oh my goodness okay now let’s go see if we can steal some gas all right well we borrowed a gas can from randy i got these out of the s-500 and i’m just gonna see what’s in here oh okay that’s really bad oh my goodness that

Stinks okay so we’re gonna put some gas in here and then we’re really gonna give it a try i it’s it’s unbelievable that this thing is going to start is real look at the leaves look at the leaves okay here goes the gasoline well that didn’t work oh bugs okay i need i need a screwdriver or a pencil one screwdriver there we go and a little bit of gasoline let’s

Just see what’s going to happen this is dirty okay in real time here’s say a little prayer because this car is going to start i don’t know let’s just see what happens oh wait i don’t hear the fuel pump i think we need a fuel pump well there is your air filter housing there’s the problem yep this little fuel distributor we’re not getting fuel okay in or out

So we need a fuel pump there’s no use working anymore we definitely need a fuel pump so we’re going to go back to the big town get a fuel pump and look it even worked see there we go yep thanks mercedes for throwing in the little tool that i need yep it’s perfect if only i had a fuel pump i should have brought one because it’s probably the same as in the 97

I don’t know 97 would be the same as 85 i don’t know they use the same fuel pump forever but look at your oil filter wow all right something tells me there’s life in this little girl even though some of the fuses are gone gotta come up with a name for the dirty girl whoo bronze betty i don’t know i love the interior i love that i can peel off the back window

Tinting like nothing ugh but there’s a lot of work ahead of us on this car so much work with the air filter back on i want to protect anything from falling into there if that’s even possible okay and then we’ll make another video come on sit sit sit perfect kind of doggy what do you think of my purchase 175 dollars for a non-running pos mercedes 190e through

The pos and in there just to see if you were paying attention i don’t think it’s going to be a pos i think it’s going to be a pretty good purchase a pgp yeah i know pos this is a pgp people yeah i think it’s going to work i’m a sweaty mess i’ve done some videos at iaai this morning then i came down to aarhq gave my best at the old 190e she beat me today i’ll

Get her next time i will i will get her next time i’ll get myself a fuel filter a fuel pump an air filter uh uh fuel relay maybe see what else i can find and then she’s going to start and a great big old thing of sweat is just about to drop right into my eye and it burns like the devil okay so with that we’re going to end this video we’ll pick it up when i get

All the parts and we’re gonna hopefully have a running driving on two good tires two bad tires 1985 mercedes 190e i picked up for 175 bucks plus auction fees okay folks have a great day we’ll see you again very very soon bye

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How Bad Can A Cheap Benz Be?? By Monkey Wrench Mike