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How Do WE Sleep In Our Jeep Wrangler?

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While we were on our 16 day adventure throughout Colorado and Utah we had many folks reaching out to us on social media and in messenges wondering how we actually slept in our jeep since there is rarely footage from inside the jeep.

What’s up guys and welcome to this episode of down south off-road and outdoor as always there’s my lovely queen so we’ve been getting some questions from the viewers because when you look at bella this is how we overland with bella you’ll notice we don’t have a rooftop tint on there and there’s no trailer in sight so people have said how do you do it because

You’re so big how do you guys both fit in a jeep wrangler and while kim will attest yes i’m huge i’m big um let’s do a little walk around of how we roll up to the trail so first and foremost i guess our ruck rack our ruckrack houses our trasharoo um what is it potable water or gray water drinkable water but it’s water that sits outside our poop room as many of

You guys know it you know i just is a room that attaches to our awning up on top of the side of the of the jeep or when we’re in more public places so then we have a place to dress also get us some shade and also well i mean those have come in handy already yep here is our second water tank and that’s the end it’s our drinking water and before you run out and

Buy this tank it’s a piece of and it’s from iron man so iron man 4×4 manam tell you that it’s been a complete disaster on this trip however we’ll be in search of um this is our trapdoor and it has our refrigerator in it and this um um platform that my dad built it’s a custom built built platform and there’s plenty of storage all back into these compartments um

That we just kind of took away there’s my pea bottle but yeah you can just talk so much stuff in there so then on top of the platform we bought this little mat and that’s because we kim uses this thing as a damn truck most of the time so we put this pad here to keep to protect the wood so and there we have our electronics bag our cameras our computers our dirty

Laundry you’ll look up if you saw kim’s packing video that is our jeep attic it has everything it’s a catch-all it catches everything but it’s used primarily we have our reflectix up there we also have our coats up there and hoodies up there and then when we go to uh bed at night time then we also use it as a catch-all for like our phones and the lights and the

Lanterns and things of that nature this video is getting me okay so let’s show them how we roll with our bed all right so i popped it into widescreen mode so this is how we roll with our big six inch mattress this is a big six inch mattress we roll it up like a taco kim got these awesome straps that she puts on and so as we’re rolling around the trails that’s how

It’s all packed up that’s our pillows our blanket and our bed so once we get where we’re going we put the stuff that was in this seat in the front seat and we’re ready to go so you’re going to pop it open it’s very happy right now guys so so now with it open like you said we’ve got it folded over like a taco and i have it strapped and i just pop those straps

And then it folds down into we’ll show you how we actually crawl in there and sleep a little bit but we’ll have to have clothes on lame youtube lame so this is um if you’ve seen the pack out video this is what i call the garage and this has our chairs our table it goes all the way to full length of the jeep so what’s really cool is back in there i also have our

Air compressor i have a first aid kit i have a battery it’s a rechargeable battery pack to jump off the jeep in case the battery dies and just some other odds and ends that get shoved back in there as you can see there’s still plenty of space yep in addition to that we have our camp kitchen boom fully loaded down and then we have a table this is where we have

All for the week and then also our kitchen dishes and cooked with the stove we have the genesis jet boil that we use and this will be out pretty much most of the night and we’ll be our hangout area until it’s time to get in that area all right so we’ll come back and show you guys how we break that down and uh and get in there to sleep if you’re lucky you may

Get a nip mine not hers so this is a continuation of the video we started last night but we started having deep conversation by the campfire and forgot to finish so we’re getting all the stuff out of this side you can see the bed still strapped up so kim is getting everything she needs out of the refrigerator for supper tonight and we clip the little door with a

Bungee genius right it’s our little trap door it’s clipped up what are we having carne asada so meat avocado cheese and that’s it i can put that down you can go back and so then the next thing we do is we make sure anything in our electronics cubby that we were charging we go ahead and get that out and we’re going to lay that other side down all right so so

We’re going to throw our pillows up front and i told you kim was like a squirrel she has like 17 of those things all right so now she’s just going to unsnap i’m gonna go around to the back side and help push it over you don’t have to she could do it on her own but i don’t want to be a punk so i went well so you can see we roll it out with our sheets and

Everything on it there it is guys put our bed down so there’s plenty of room i’ll sleep with my head there and so if i really need to super stretch i just run my foot right in between the seats so now you can see we’ve got our mattress unstrapped and it’s rolled out so it comes right to the end you have to slam it a little hard but it comes all the way to the

End so our pillows will go here and we just sleep and it’s super super thick feels like sleeping in a hotel and it keeps this extra close for all those extra close occasions i just made it dance for you babe so anyway so guys seriously that’s how we sleep um there’s still plenty of room believe it or not there’s still enough room to do things right babe yep

Because we do things in there hey hey you tell them they’re gonna think fine guys so anyway that’s how we sleep in the jeep should we add anything else that’s it what should they do babe what should they do babe like this video subscribe to the channel and ring the bell so you’ll get notifications when we post our next video that sounded so serious for the face

That you had you had a happy face but then the voice was serious all right guys we’re going to bed well not really not really but we’re going to bed and oh and look at her back out so there’s plenty of room see

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How Do WE Sleep In Our Jeep Wrangler? By Down South Off-Road and Outdoor