How does it drive? 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Limited AWD

We take the new for 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Limited AWD out for a quick street drive in beautiful Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. There is so much to like here: a smooth ride, robust acceleration and tons of interior space! Watch and see what else this SUV has in store!

All right paul we are now in the sister of the ev6 that we were driving earlier today yes the ionic five the vehicle sits on the same platform as the ev6 and the genesis gt660 and we really like the way that the ev6 handled and yellow this one feels a lot airier yes there’s there is you can definitely tell there’s more space in this car but according to the people

At hyundai kia this is the largest of the three right but also the materials the colors the big panoramic yeah very nice roof it just feels you know in this and we talked about this a little bit in the ev6 the center console has you know this you can yeah this one has yeah so it slides back up yeah and there are some so definitely on the ev6 you can’t do it uh

Otherwise it’s the display is very similar right the ev6 the wheel is very similar to the ev6 so i think it’s a little smaller maybe um let’s put it on full regen yeah high pedal braking just like that i don’t know why that in it it just gives me so much joy okay well lift off the gas and it breaks you love the one foot driving or one pedal driving so perfect

Yeah if you don’t what’s nice is that you can adjust that exactly and you can just adjust it with these uh pedals in the back yeah so on an ev those are not really paddles or more like toggle switches right in a way so but and you can do it on the fly so if you’re heading down like a steep great hill and it’s too much braking you can just like yeah no that’s

Actually a fantastic idea that it’s adjustable on the fly like you said yeah without even moving your hands off the wheel wow this is just so smooth yeah the accelerometer delivery is just so nice it’s breathtaking i feel like i’m in a theater here i know it’s like like like the the dash is so low it’s almost like i’m like watching a movie it is like a panoramic

Uh view out the window of course we are in a very beautiful area in wisconsin which doesn’t hurt but man it’s just like it’s effortless effortless strong power to live it just keeps going and going and going it’s like it’s like one gigantic wave yeah i mean this is probably true in all evs but it just for some reason it feels for some reason it feels very smooth

Here exactly let’s just try from a dead stop and just i’m just gonna wait till it stops there we go and just mash it see it kind of like gives you that little roll out where yeah it definitely has like maybe two or three feet of it’s moving but not yeah under full full power and then like after two or three feet it just it just then it gives you all that power

Exactly so we’ll see if it handles as well as the ev6 does on a twisty road the ev6 is basically billed as the sport model of the two of these yes so we kind of talked about that in the ev6 uh video where through the evs anyway it’s becoming very very apparent the hyundai’s a little bit more towards the um i will say luxury because that’s really genesis’s uh

Category but definitely a more luxurious versus a sportiness of the kia and one thing that when during our breakfast this morning the uh the guy from hyundai was talking about this car and was or suv and was saying that you know with battery technology now they are able to get to an 80 charge in just 18 minutes yeah that is that is incredible because now you’re

Getting so close to like a fill up at the gas station right you know i mean we’re not there yet but we’re getting there where you can go from 10 to 80 in 18 minutes where now you’re back to you know what 180 200 miles of range exactly or more and that’s on an 800 volt charger yeah that’s a 800 volt charger but you’re gonna start seeing more and more of those

Chargers so it it just it keeps getting better and better you know what would almost help the entire industry along is i don’t know if you’ve driven around europe i’ve driven around europe when you go to a gas station in europe it’s it’s it’s not just it’s not like it is here like there’s a restaurant a cafe it’s like it’s a little gift shop it’s like you’re

You’re going it’s a destination almost yeah it’s not just it’s not just a pit stop and if they they could do something like that where you know if it took 18 to 20 minutes to basically fill your battery pack up um and but you could go in have a nice you know sit down at a cafe have a nice latte and then come up and get to your vehicle and it’s basically full or

Almost full people wouldn’t mind it would be like this is a nice break yeah yeah you know i drove for 200 250 miles i’m ready for a break go in use the restroom have a break get a coffee sit down can you see that a little bit more on on like interstate travel right you know obviously when you’re on your way to work you know you you gotta fill up with guys you

Gotta go you know you’re not gonna sit there and wait but but um but we’re getting to the point now where you know give them a five or six more years and who knows battery you charge at 80 and what three minutes hyundai and kia and genesis are right i mean they’re this platform that they’ve developed for these vehicles i i can’t say enough about it yeah they

Are they have a fantastic foundation here and it just can’t go anywhere but up yeah uh and then this interior here specifically on the ioniq is i i don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like this interior i mean again very light very bright the light seats you’ve got um a lot of space inside here very spacious yeah and and then the whole system that they’ve just

Developed for these vehicles everything you could want there’s just nothing there’s what what is it that you would want in a car that isn’t on this thing maybe massaging seats you know that’s about all i can think of and it probably isn’t that genesis we’re probably we’re hoping to drive soon so like besides that like there’s nothing that you’re missing you’re not

Missing any of the things that you need for your your apple car play or your navigation or the augmented reality head-up display that puts the display out you know 25 feet in front of you and it’s the whole thing is just it’s perfect yeah you’re just getting better and better there’s no denying it so so uh we will probably be back with the genesis gv60 shortly so

Be sure to check that video out uh but for paul this is brendan with sons of speed we’ll catch you next time here on our channel please subscribe and hit the like button share with your friends and we’ll see you soon take care you

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