Is this the best twin turbo sound from a car? The Aston Martin 5.2 V12 sounds utterly incredible! I blast the DB11 to a tunnel to listen to the brand new engine!

What’s up guys merry christmas and welcome to supercars of london welcome to one final video with the aston martin db9 i’ve enjoyed it so much with weekend before christmas i feel that it is my gt to document as much of my experience as possible with this car and this is one video that i’ve wanted to film ever since aston martin uploaded a sound teaser of their

Brand new 5.2 litre twin-turbocharged v-12 and in this turbocharged era of supercars and the exhaust tone slowly diminishing or slowly getting quieter aston martin have still managed to keep the traditional naturally aspirated v12 sound that is so famous and well-loved within the aston martin brand oh oh finally we are in the interior of the db eleven

About three hours after i film the intro you have just seen i have had mega issues with the gopro however for some reason this weekend anything that has decided to go wrong i don’t feel that bad about it because i have such an amazing interior that most of these problems have gone wrong in so i’ve been stuck in the m25 traffic didn’t seem to mind being in such a

Lovely place lots of things were going wrong with this camera which is very very frustrating however none of that seems to matter because i am about to talk to you guys or not that actually talked that much to you guys about the sound that this aston martin produces and the best sounds come from sport plus this video is going to span as many minutes as possible of

The footage that i have accumulated over the past three days of me driving this car and this is sort of like a follow-on video from my weekend with the aston martin dbs tauf on a sunday morning drive taking this car out to some fantastic country roads and putting it through its paces this car is set up for a gt comfortable cruise and i have to say it is the closest

Thing to perfection of a gt cruiser however because i’m such a sound nut my passion for exhaust tones come from central london where all i really was fussed about was seeing the supercar and hearing the supercar most of the time hearing it before i saw it so when aston martin were thinking about going down the twin-turbo route i was incredibly worried for them

Because ferrari have attempted it and to be honest in my opinion they failed on the sound from the ferraris are all about the drama and the passion which you get from the naturally aspirated v8 and the v12 sounds the f12 the four five eighths the 430 s the 360 challenge for dollies the 430 scooter is the four aaa to me does sound how a ferrari should sound and i

Know that they put it down to the turbocharged sounds and maclaren’s have obviously come on the scene with their twin-turbo v8 as well and i’m growing to like their sound they never really had a naturally aspirated sound that was just familiar with everyone apart from the mclaren f1 this video i basically want to try and bring the sound and passion from the aston

Martin dbs into the camera and into your guys is if you haven’t heard one of these in the flesh then hopefully this video will do as close to justice as possible without actually hearing it in person i said that i wasn’t going to talk too much but i feel that there’s so much that i could talk about alas the martin could do the talking for me let me know if the

Comment box below if you have heard a ferrari california t versus the ferrari california and the amazing new sort of rumble that this car gives on the when you’re coming down the revs it just got and i very difficult for the camera to pick up but i do hope that some of my camera angles have picked up the sound that you get when you basically coming down the river

A because it is absolutely phenomenal oh okay well whilst the windows down weirdy steaming oh picks up speed very very quickly the power delivery like the gt cars of aston martin of old is very linear but very smooth until the top end and now obviously being turbocharged you do feel ever so slightly an extra surge in power if you wanted to squeeze your foot down

Catch a gap on the motorway and then you probably dropped down a few years and anyway we’re now cruising over to the heathrow terminal two terminal 3 tunnel where is my end destination because i want to hear this car through a tunnel i heard it through the infamous hatfield tunnel i drove it through there this is the footage however i had absolutely no idea that

My journey took me through the hatfield tunnel until i literally got there started to recognize the road and handed my camera to my girlfriend just so that she can record that because that was the first time that i took this car through a tunnel but the hatfield tunnel isn’t the best tunnel to pick up the sound because it’s 3 or maybe 4 it could be 4 lanes wide

Or it could be through go remember however however many lanes wide it is that obviously doesn’t help with the echo because the walls are wider the heathrow tunnel is only 2 lanes so everything is a lot more enclosed meaning that the echo is going to be emphasized even more less here will the d be 11 sounds like in a confined space cool ooh hahaha that may not

Look like i was enjoying it there but i was having to concentrate so hard i’m not breaking traction in this car in such narrow lanes that yeah i took it easy but now we just go round this roundabout and i’m back this is the worst idea ever i’m stuck in so much traffic at heathrow i can only do one tunnel run i have to find another way home there’s so much fog that

Like all of the planes are delayed some of them are canceled too many cars this is not how i intended on signing off from a video that i was looking forward to film so much but i’m stuck here for a while so thank you for watching subscribe if you haven’t already merry christmas happy new year and i will see very soon for the next supercars at london video that

Probably won’t include the db 11 it might be actually because i filmed other bits with it so thank you for watching we’ll see you soon jazz guys

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