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How LOW Could Lucid Go ? Lucids Tech Advantage Must Watch

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I will be going over Lucid Motors (LCID) and talk about how low could Lucid go and what fears Lucid is facing right now despite the tech advantage. This is a must watch video. #LCID #lcidstock #lucid

Foreign fans welcome back to financial journey so today i want to give you a good breakdown on what is plaguing lucid what is happening behind the scenes to cause it to go down in addition to that i just want to give you my take on that on how low it could possibly go but before i get into any of that you guys know the deal by now hit that thumbs up and subscribe so

It’s greatly appreciated with that let’s get right to it so hopefully everyone is having an amazing friday live checker is going at the very bottom of the screen currently down 5.7 percent 7.4 million for volume 18 is the average and 812 000 shares being purchased by institutions on the secondary market so one very good takeaway from just seeing this right now a lot

Lower volume and technically over and above that a lot less institutional volume so when it comes to it though i’ve really noticed that basically since last wednesday institutions have been really taking a step back on their purchasing both on the secondary market and also dark pool so this is all the transactions on the dark pool as of right now and unfortunately

They fit on one screen so it’s definitely a step back from what we’re used to so let me know your thoughts on that some people don’t necessarily even care about this so it is what it is outside of this we’re still in this crazy market when there is possible good news it’s still seen as negative so looking here we did get non-farm payrolls it came in higher than the

Forecast which was 250 000 and the actual was 263 000. so we get good news and it’s seen as bad because now the feds have a little bit more ammunition to raise rates and the next time the feds could possibly raise the rates it’s going to be on november the 2nd and that’s something that a lot of people are very fearful and technically about the geopolitical issues with

Russia so there’s a lot of things plaguing the market and it just sucks plain and simple but over and above that more specific to evs there is a little bit more fear because it does look like gm and ford are really ramping up on their production and when it comes down to production it’s one of those sticky scenarios that lucid is stuck between a rock and a hard place

We have amazing technology but unfortunately a lot of other evs are spending a lot of big money ramping up their technology so we have an advantage but i don’t think that advantage is going to last forever so this is why we need to get our product out there so we get a good name for ourselves because if gm and ford continue at the rate they’re going to be they’re

Definitely investing a lot of money on technology and they have the capability to produce a ton of vehicles so they’re going to be the ones more so in the foreseeable future to possibly worry about over and above tesla so let me know your thoughts on that but that’s basically what’s causing a little bit more of a plague on fear on the ev market and technically the

Broader market so let me know your thoughts on all of that but technically a lot of people want to know where are we going in the short term so i’m just going to look at some of the technicals so it does look like we are in a little bit more of a sell-off as i explained on my last video we bounced off of this resistance as we do and then unfortunately we haven’t

Actually gone into the higher percentile of the boiling event since uh looks like mid september so definitely shows that it’s very very strong resistance and unfortunately even further more so on the technicals we’ve always failed to get over that 50-day moving average unless we have some very good piece of news but that’s only briefly and so on the actual chart

As of today it does look like stochastic is now inverted so red line above the block showing a bearish sentiment momentum number of retail investors are just getting out and we’ve definitely held a very good amount of retail investors previously so the fact that they’re getting out today is a little bit more concerning rsi is at 39 as well and on the actual chart

Like i said we’re just breaking down on the technicals plain and simple whether it be the next cpi data that does save us which is coming out on the 13th if it does show signs to be curbed then yes the broader market will definitely go on a nice rally based on that information but if it is negative this is where a lot of people are saying how low could lucid go and

A lot of people out there will give you a lot of price predictions and things like that but based on technicals and in order to do technicals you have to look at previous data so the only load that we do know as of right now is 13.25 so in reality that was i believe in may when we did hit that low of around that 1325 so we know that there is very strong support at

That stage outside of that though if we break below that 1325 which it could come possibly next week a lot of people will assume but technically there is no known it’s just a free fall at that stage and it does and is very scary for a lot of investors especially fundamentally lucid is a very good business just it’s a little bit more of a bear market well not little

But you guys get what i’m saying it just sucks it’s a right company just wrong timing essentially that’s a very good way of putting all that but personally if we do break below that 13.25 range then we’re just going to be following a little bit more psychological levels so those are typically whole numbers so we’re around eleven dollars eleven fifty twelve dollars

You guys guess what i’m saying outside of that though we do not know where the next support is if we like i said break below that then we’ll know a little bit more information going forward but outside of that is just anyone’s guess so in reality i personally see around the 12 range being the next thing to watch for and the next support level keep in mind though

If we do have failed cpi data it could go down very fast and very aggressively so i think right now shorts are definitely taking advantage of a lot of this fear and doubling down so that’s one thing that i’ve really noticed with lucid is that shorts are getting very very bold so again it’s one of those things short suck in the grand scheme of things they’re just

A little bit more uh vultures that’s how i see them they see a lot of fear and they pounce keep in mind when shorts are technically increasing their position they’re adding selling pressure which again just adds a little bit more of a domino effect to the broader fear so it just sucks in the grand scheme of things what you need to do find a good company average

Down if you can obviously that’s only if you can keep in mind i’m not a financial advisor do your own due diligence at the end of the day these videos are for entertainment purposes only but in the grand scheme of things i personally feel years from now whether it be 2025 or whatever it is we’re going to be significantly higher based on this so again it’s one of

Those things that like i already mentioned lucid really needs to get the production down pat hopefully the q3 and q4 earnings will be a good representation of that and where loose is going and like i said we do have a very good tech advantage over a lot of other evs right now but that will not last forever so we definitely need to pounce while the iron is hot i

Don’t know if that’s a saying or not but still hopefully everyone’s having an amazing friday and planning for a good weekend but as usual make sure you guys hit that thumbs up and subscribe as i was greatly appreciated if you do like my channel let’s support the growth take a look at my memberships link in the description below or just hit the join button at the

Bottom of the screen with that appreciate you guys watching let’s all make a lot of money on lucid

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