In todays video, i will be letting yall know how much i pay for my 2021 Kia Forte Gtline. If you’re new to my channel, be sure to subscribe, like, & leave a comment. I appreciate it!

Talking to y’all about how much i pay on my 2021 kia forte gt lion um i got this call for trade in i had a 2019 kia rio before i got this one my mom actually helped me get that one i didn’t have credit when i got that one she co-signed for me at one point she didn’t want to uh i’m a little older now i understand why she didn’t want to at first or if you big on

Credit and you know what co-signing means for any uh for any of y’all out there then you probably understand why too although i’m her son i still understood why you know co-signing for somebody is a risk dealing with credit um you know you got to really be big on responsibility but anyway so before i got this car i had a 2019 kia rio radio up all right before

I had this 2021 kia forte i had a 2019 kia rio i’ll put it somewhere uh along the lines in the video and show y’all how it looked uh you can just search it up on google mines was just how i look on google if you do search there might have just ten it had twenty percent on that but uh that’s besides the point uh i’m gonna talk to y’all about how much i pay on as

Far as car note payments car insurance and how much i fill up with gas in it so every week and for the month so on average so i got this call for trade-in i traded in my 2019 kia rio for it rio was worth ten thousand it was ten thousand plus and i owed fifteen thousand plus so basically what they did was they did fifteen thousand minus the ten thousand whatever

Was left they put that they added that on to what the kia forte was worth so this is worth twenty one thousand they added that four thousand five thousand to the twenty one thousand and it came around roughly to like twenty five thousand and nine hundred something basically twenty six thousand dollars so after they did all that that was my total price on my kia

Forte uh you could say 26 000 um that’s a pretty good deal if you ask me especially with the features i have uh that sunroof basically you know kind of did that but uh it actually been about 27 000 but i put down the down payment which was one thousand dollars uh it was asking that first for me to put put down my next cardinal payment so my cardinal payment on

My 2019 kia rio that was uh 389 and it was asking for me to put that down and i was like okay i’ll do that but when it was uh looking into the creditors and stuff trying to get me approved uh some of the banks was asking for a little bit more than that so i said how about a thousand so they was like okay that’ll work so they looked into the system again and i

Got approved by a central federal credit union that’s who approved me to get my kia forte um so i got approved for that i put down my down payment we went over my car no payments which is that 405 and 12 cents uh which not which is not bad it probably would have been lower than that if i didn’t have negative equity on my 2019 key rio so that fifteen thousand so

The ten thousand they subtracted from the fifteen thousand being that i was left with like four thousand five thousand dollars left that’s how much i had left old on the 2019 kia rio they added that on to the forte that’s why the car note is their price i mean it only went up almost 20 some dollars which is not bad and as far as my car insurance that went down

Because of my 2019 kia rio i was paying 366 and for my 2021 kia forte i paid 316 in car insurance that’s weird huh i mean i don’t know how the insurance stuff go i don’t know i’m with progressive insurance i know they give you so many discounts like for instance one of them uh that i have i opted in to get um snapchat and basically amanda says you’re driving uh

I’ve been with progressive it says i have snapchat but i actually don’t but snapchat it amounts to your driving and automatically if you want it you get a discount for that and you know it minuses you’re driving so it’ll grade you if you get a good grade you get another discount if you do bad you don’t get a discount and you also get a a higher rate uh for your

Premium so you know that’s like a lose situation right there uh but yeah so another one is another discount for progressive um what is it uh oh i automatically get my payments taken on my checking account uh automatically so that’s a discount right there so it’s all type of discounts they have but yeah my car insurance is lower on my 2021 kia forte than it was

On my 2019 kia rio so you know it’s like it went up in car no payments only almost twenty dollars and it went low in car sharing so it was like a win-win situation um as far as gas i pay about fifteen dollars every week so you do fifteen times four that’s sixty dollars so sixty dollars a month in gas that’s not bad i know people with these high-end cars are

Probably not even high-end the gas is probably just bad and they got to put a lot in the they’re probably paying way more than that so i’m blessed to be in a position to not have to put that much money towards gas to put in my car so cardinal and car insurance too you know i’m blessed to be in a position to not pay that much i mean i can afford it if i had a

Camaro or something like that i can make the payments but technically i still couldn’t afford if i’m not able to save you know money after i’m done paying on that type of car i mean i’m gonna get in that position one day to be able to pay for a camaro because i do want a camaro one day but as of right now this is my focus right here of my 2021 kia forte but yeah

That’s how much i pay on it as far as the card note 405 dollars and 12 cents car insurance 316 and some change i don’t know what it was uh gas sixty dollars a month fifteen dollars every week so come out to sixty dollars a month uh but y’all really like my car that’s how much i pay on it uh oh my interest rate my credit was good so when i traded it in i got

A good interest rate uh i don’t know what it was i think it was like three or four percent which is really good so i was happy about that too i was really proud of myself uh because when i got the 2019 kia rio like i said my mama cosign uh co-signed it cosign for me to get it and you know i just remember working so hard saving for a car you know because i was

Gonna buy a used car but she ended up co-signing for me to get a brand new car and i was blessed to get that and i love her i love her for that shout out to her um but yeah this you know ain’t gonna say it’s a basic car it’s a four cylinder it’s like it’s not no v8 or v6 it’s a four-cylinder for all my car people out there who know what that is you know uh but i

Can do some stuff to it to you know make it faster um but i ain’t worried about that right now uh they do everything you can for me you can from point a to point b it’s good on gas uh the radio uh sound system is good uh i just know i’m blessed to have it and i might do a little project with it for my future videos y’all see that along the way but that’s how

Much i pay on it that’s how much i pay on it just wait on it i’m gonna do better with these videos and just trust me on it i’m still trying to find this comfort space uh in these youtube videos and just trying to you know get along with it i know it’s gonna take time uh i’m practicing and stuff like that and before i even made this video i did about 10 takes

Because i kept messing up i kept saying the wrong thing and i know when i edit videos i can cut that stuff out but it was just yeah i just had to delete them videos but that was it for this video uh again i paid 405 and 12 cents for my car note 316 and some change for my car insurance and i pay roughly around 15 every week for gas i put 1 000 down on it i got

Approved by central federal credit union my interest rate was uh really low which is good uh that’s about it thank you all for tuning in and i’ll catch y’all in the next video

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HOW MUCH DO I PAY FOR MY 2021 KIA FORTE GTLINE???? By keeping up with james