How Much Should I Pay to LIFT my Honda Ridgeline Passport or Pilot.

Today we talk about how much you should be paying for a Lift Zkit Install on your Honda Ridgeline Passenger or Pilot.

What is up everybody it’s camping randy here coming to you today to let you know how much you should be paying for your honda ridgeline passport pilot uh lift installation you know that we sell hrg and our lift kits on also uh we have a couple of special you know lift kits for you that hrg made ridgeline store we’re also

Going to be introducing a rear only lift kits so that if you start off with just a front end leveling kit you can then add the rear lift at a later time to save you some money local company here in uh greenville south carolina called carlton off-road they have two locations one here in greenville south carolina one up in greer went and talked to the owner charlie

Cool dude didn’t scoff didn’t laugh at me when i pulled in with my honda he was professional gave me pricing i’m going to give you that pricing and you know if you want to take a drive to greenville south carolina we can hang out and go get your honda lifted his alignments are 100 if you’re just doing the front it’s going to be 350 dollars if you’re going to do a

Lift in the front and the rear say like one and a half and one or one and a half one and a half that’s going to be five hundred dollars and then if you want to do the 200 the 2.5 inch lift kit with the one inch subframe drop and this includes tracks this three and a half inch kit with the one inch drop that’ll be eight hundred dollars okay so use this as a point of

Reference for pricing i think those pricings are fair i feel bad for the folks that are being overcharged just because a tech doesn’t know how to put spacers and you know push down a lower control arm it’s ridiculous that’s pretty much it we’re going to be out at overland expo east uh next week stop by and say hello i’m working with geyser shower systems out there

We’ll be offering free showers in the morning and evening so if you guys come out check out geyser put some stuff down in the comments um you can’t see it right now but hanging that back there on the tree uh i just got the tracks to uh rock sliders finally after a few months uh just had some production issues up there but we’re going to start offering those rock

Sliders on the ridgeline store hit me up in the comments again if you have questions about those but uh those will be installed that’s why i have paint i opted out to paint them myself saved me a few hundred bucks which ended up costing me thirty dollars in paint and primer um let’s see thanks for all the well wishes uh for uh me getting married uh and during the

Honeymoon got tons of uh comments and emails and text messages so uh thanks everybody we had a great time we had to run from hurricane ian a few times but uh and ended up working out really well that’s about it hopefully i’ll see you guys over at overland expo east i have the pricing down there in the description also has an installation map so ben

Actually has a link on his website that you can click on and it’ll find out your location and it will show recommended installation companies near you that you can reach out and call all right everybody have a great day thanks for watching and as always enjoy the adventures

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How Much Should I Pay to LIFT my Honda Ridgeline Passport or Pilot. By CampingRandy