Hey guys welcome back to electrical carried back life thank you guys for watching and subscribing to the channel if you guys have any of the following three vehicles guys fiat 500 class of 200 dodge ram promaster guys with the 2.4 multi engine guys and your time to figure out how often should i change my timing chain stay with stay with us guys and we’ll explain that

Today now in the menu it says not that even it’s not a serviceable item so you shouldn’t replace it but we’ve seen guys so many engines with timing chains fail because not of because of the chain but because of the tensioner guys timing chain tensioner not tensioner is hydraulic tensioner make sure the same till the end we’ll explain what that means and how they

Get wore out and we’ll explain how often we think you should replace the chain tensioner and all that now as you can see the engine is out because we guys have practically probably close to 100 videos on that engine alone and we want to show you with the great detail where everything is located on that engine where every bolt is located so you know how to replace

Pretty much anything we’ll put quite a bit of water guys and we do all that so we can save you as much money as we can guys so please subscribe to the channel and like the video so let’s go ahead show you what we have here if you want to see the video for the timing chain replacement and timing marks we have it on the channel one will be shoulder video explaining

Timing marks and installation one is that whole video from start to finish about the timing chain replacement and that takes quite a quite a bit of time but it’s doable guys it’s not as complicated as other vehicles if you’re not need any special tools or stuff like that so this is the chain chain is pretty heavy-duty on that engine check it out pretty heavy-duty

Chain you have only one camshaft because you have the variable timing on the intake shaft but on this side you have only one camshaft and these guys actually helps why because there is less stretch on the chain you can see the chain goes all the way and all the way around the camshaft if you have a duo one you just get quarter of the corner of the camshaft gear

This one it probably catches about it early so there will be less stretch and wear on the chain that way so probably that’s why ok they put in the manual not to replace it and it’s pretty thick too even though i’ll recommend guys to replace it every 100,000 miles okay you probably don’t need to but we’ve seen engines failed about 150 60,000 miles however guys

Timing chain tensioners okay that’s different animal oh those things they do get wore out and we’ll explain why i will remove this one in a second this is a hydraulic tensioner what it does guys oil oil pushes the tensioner out to get the slack out of the chain and when you turn your engine off you will not have oil pressure here as a result that will be holding

The tensioner to the point okay that it cannot compress more just a little bit until the cute stops and that’s it now what will happen guys aki that dude gets wore out if it gets rolled out ok the chain guys ok that timing chain tensioner will compress okay let me see if i can turn it i won’t be able to you guys can pass almost all the way yeah and as a result

When you start at the engine for the first few seconds that timing chain will be loose and there is always a possibility to jump the timing and completely damage your engine and need an engine rebuilt on your engine so that will need to be taken care of guys now another thing that tensioner is oil hydraulic oil tensioner guys will remove the two bolts quick ok now

I want to show you ok what it looks like on the back so let’s show me now guys what it looks like okey if you replace it you guys have to follow the procedure it’s a special procedure to remove the tensioner that explains about the timing and order that came but i hear guys it’s filled with all you can see this is all canal this is all lit all the black stuff here

Okay this is from or not being changed too often okay definitely guys okay check it out that stuff built in the tensioner as a result it may not work properly guys another thing it has an oil seal inside that can fail guys as well and the spring it gets soft sometimes too ok you can see that spring guys okay it shouldn’t be so soft guys i can compress it pretty

Easy in those teeth if they get wore out over that dude gets wore out you’re done guys you can jump the timing so that timing chain tensioner guys i’ll recommend don’t go over 100,000 miles on those guys we usually really place ours at around 80 on some cars even sooner but usually 80,000 to 100,000 miles i’ll recommend every to go over them okay more than actually

More than 100 check out okay i’m trying to focus okay well here that change spot okay you can check it all in the one on the other side that’s being wore audience and here’s some wear on it already as you can see so definitely needs to consider that that chain if you replace the tensioner in your to that point it place it chained to you guys it won’t take you much

Morgan it’s not much more expensive but you have peace of mind that everything is good with your energy the other than that you practically can go up here without replacing the chain for a longer period then the tensioner so hopefully the video will be helpful thank you for watching and see you guys next time

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