How quick is the 2022 Maserati Ghibli Trofeo? Plus Exhaust Sound

There are few cars that stir the soul like a Maserati “Trofeo” does… a hand-built 580 horsepower engine, loads of carbon fiber and an exhaust note that seems to come directly from heaven! Come ride along with us as we drive this Ghibli Trofeo on some country back roads and quickly fall in love with this Italian machine – there is only one word that can describe the feeling… Bellissima!!!

This is the newest breed of italian stallions maserati’s new for 2021 trafeo lineup the quattroporte trafeo the levante trofeo and the car we’re driving today the ghibli trafeo ultra fails get a ferrari-derived 3.8 liter v8 engine making 580 horsepower that’s nearly 600 horsepower in a compact sports sedan well time to get into the beautiful ghibli and see

What all the fuss is about okay paul it’s definitely not a ferrari because i don’t have the start button on the steering wheel but it is a beautiful maserati yes it is the ghibli trofeo very very cool the 580 horsepower trofeo i know 580 horsepower sound like it’s startup the engine start is on the left which is a lot of porsche and saab few others very muted

Inside yeah we closed the door it surprisingly got really quiet yeah this thing is very much a luxury car you’re definitely not riding in something that just you know stuck a big engine into a really cheap car but now we want to find out how it handles okay and how it feels well let’s talk a little bit about the inside of this car before we go anywhere okay um

Beautiful carbon fiber oh my gosh yeah the carbon fiber we saw this on the levante um the carbon fiber work in maseratis that’s unbelievable yeah i mean it’s really really nice including giant oh column mounted to in carbon fiber yep you’ve got a clock uh which is very cool uh analog clock i should say um you know what you don’t have is like a bunch of we just

Got out of a hyundai there’s no wireless charging pad um you know there’s analog gauges you’re on the right you’re on the racetrack do you really need the trigger no you don’t but that’s what i’m saying like you know you’ve got a claw suede headliner i mean it’s it’s just there’s this is a different animal altogether and it’s one that we really really appreciate

So uh i’m assuming we go like this oh you know what the problem is the exhaust is yeah put it in court so actually let’s go back up into neutral it’s still a little bit you’re in sport with corsa no it’s a normal sport yeah probably have to push the button three seconds there we go oh now we’re in corsa okay so now we are in corsa mode with auto start stop

Off unfortunately it does come with auto start stop it turn it off and it also turned off the anti collision oh good as long as it’s oh and try action control might be off we may have to go back into sport you know corset yeah yeah it did it did just finish raining so especially in that we’re gonna go on a a road that’s got um lots of trees so there’s probably

Gonna be some wet yeah we wanna be we wanna have fun we don’t want to wrap this around a tree yes so oh and just to reiterate we are at a summer drive event uh with journalists and there’s just a bunch of cars in a parking lot and basically we just grab whatever’s available and we just came from lunch so i ran over and grabbed the grab this one uh because this is

One of the hot cars that everyone’s trying to get into so it is um so yeah so our what you’re gonna hear say now are completely first impressions we have not driven this before we just sat in this car for the first time yep we have nearly 600 horsepower under foot uh so yeah there’s that uh let’s oh very nice touch screen by the way so you know you never really

Expect to see great technology coming out of any italian brands they’re always the last to that party i mean they concentrate on things that we care about like driving dynamics and also craftsmanship yes um and but this is really impressive coming out of maserati this touchscreen is huge very capacitive i love it um nice very very very nice pinch to zoom this

Oh and it’s fast too it’s fast and i can re-center um yeah i like it uh so this thing is a hundred and ten thousand dollars as is uh 117 but it starts it starts at 110. so that’s a lot of money yes it is but you are getting 600 horsepower now put that in perspective there’s a lot of cars that are about that much that even give you less than that so i’m thinking

Porsche i’m thinking that lc 500 you know they make less power than this and they’re charging you more money it’s just all about what matters to you do you like the styling of the ghibli do you like the name maserati do you like the heritage that it brings to you like the sound that it makes do you like column mounted panel shifter because you really only get that

Ferrari alpha and maserati do you you know does this thing just speak to your soul and that’s why you would spend 110 000 in here uh we’re about to find out if it really is worth that because i have a twisty road coming up yes looking forward to it and by the way you’re not the only one that’s me driving i’m going to be driving too yes we cannot let our resident

Italian not drive the italian made 600 horsepower sports car no for sure not sports sedan i should say because you actually have four doors and rear seats that’s not especially usable rear seats but they are rear seats nonetheless you know what i mean you can somebody can sit back i mean you know it’s not super comfortable but it’s not impossible like in a back of

Some two plus twos that is very nice i did feel the back end get a little a little bit we’re gonna go back into just regular sport mode just to be safe again not my 600 horsepower car uh seat controls could be a little more intuitive but i can’t really there that’s what i’m looking for okay get a little bit closer to the wheel uh again analog gauges you do have

A center digital stack so this is very uh old-school little yeah old school like four years ago old school right so it’s kind of weird that like that’s now considered old school not totally digital but oh my god that is a beast that is a beast oh my god oh wow that goes that really really goes okay nobody’s around okay i mean hold on we gotta let’s get it all

Right get ready for the green picked it up hold on let’s go ready one two go 4.2 4.02 oh yeah 4.02 so four seconds with two people in the car so we’ll figure 3.8 with uh by yourself wow that’s impressive oh nice and we you weren’t even trying no there was no launch control i’m sure there’s a launch control mode i didn’t use anything other than step on the gas

At four seconds you could hear that ferrari derived engine it’s just glorious now i’m not doing any shifting and it shifts very nicely we’re gonna go over to manual mode and just see how it snaps now we always prefer manual transmissions but if you’re not gonna give us a manual giving us column mounted paddle shifters and a transmission that sounds it doesn’t in

An engine exhaust note that does that oh yeah fast shifts nice it’s got it sits well in the turn well yeah there’s a little bit of lean a little bit yeah i felt the lean it kind of shifts its weight and then it sits down over there so it’s very stable though now the steering is very well weighted in sport mode i think we have different suspension settings okay

So these are the sport shocks now so your two suspension settings regular in sport there’s a there’s a button it has adapted dampers so you’re in a normal mode in a sport mode correct and right now we are in sport with sports shocks so basically two different modes between throttle response steering feel that’s on the regular sport corsa and of course the trash

Control will turn off in corsa mode and then you’ve got your sport shocks now let’s see we’ve got our sport adapters uh yep sports suspension and let’s see how we do in the twisties it does seem to be a hairless body roll yeah body lean it’s not really yeah oh yeah oh it feels good this feels real good how are the brakes let’s find out i think they’re ferrari

Good the abs comes out a little early but again we’re on kind of a damp road right now yeah let’s see if i was breaking here downshift a little bit of understeer let’s just go full manual so i would appreciate a little more exhaust note coming through the cabin and yeah so you hear you hear the whoosh you hear the engine definitely the engine note is nice could

Be a little louder especially you know um there’s no sort of course exhaust the sport and corsa mode does up the exhaust but there’s sort of no full-throated exhaust mode yeah that’s the only thing i would say is it’s missing is it is it does the sound sound is a little isolated a little bit isolated it does feel really nice though and it looks good too you know

Ghibli’s kind of the been treated as the ugly stepsister of the of the maserati bunch because it just happens to be the least expensive sedan and i will grant you the early versions of it didn’t quite look yeah didn’t move up to maserati’s uh design or quality build and there was some there were some questionable first you know early copies but it’s no oversteer

But um they’ve really improved i mean this interior is got to be all new because it’s way leap years ahead of even like the alfa romeo quad uh the quadfolio the julia um this is i love this interior better and that one is nice and integrated but it doesn’t have the big touch screen this has gotten more the quality leather stitching and all that kind of look yeah

I mean if you want a really really impressive ride for six just over six figures you almost this is you should look at this car this is not you’re not gonna go wrong with with one of these and exclusivity as well yes you would not see yourself coming and going a lot in especially uh this version the trophies yeah all right paul is it time yes it is time i think

It’s time to give paul a chance at the wheel i like the seating position it’s actually nice it is very nice it doesn’t leave a lot of room for the maxi passenger but you know what that’s not what this car is all about oh the accelerator it’s like connected to the brain like as soon as you touch it it just instantly yep it’s just really nice from a passenger

Point of view by the way excellent leg room uh i could be very comfortable on a long trip in here how about those brakes a little understeer yep yeah a little understeer that’s a little oversphere paul’s finding the limits of the that’s why we keep it in sport mode let’s run a race track which would we would need to get one of these on a racetrack that would

Be great yeah transmission just shifts so effortlessly that’s one thing you’re never gonna be able to fault maserati ferrari alpha on it their engine and transmission combinations are delightful they’re just absolutely um the best just love them it’s so good this blue color by the way is simply electric yes it really is nice you do not get a giant sunroof but

You do get a sunroof yeah there’s a lot of tree branches a lot of debris on the ground doesn’t make for the best traction i would like to have another heads-up display here because gear selection yeah and you’re in manual mode that would have been really nice yes yeah it gives you the gear indicator down center and it’s a little bit bigger than maybe some

Of the other ones not much it’s just not big enough either oh but it’s just so nice so delightful to drive it’s fun to drive this car and that’s why you buy something like a ghibli trofeo yeah even the regular ghibli though makes 440 or 450 horsepower yeah so once you drive this you’re not going back this is the problem if you don’t have the money to spend on

This car do not start by driving this car go get the regular giveaway but uh yeah because you’ll be spoiled and you’ll be like i mean we’ll get the smells in our faces this is awesome if you if this doesn’t do it if your car doesn’t do this for you you’re in the wrong car and you don’t need to spend that much money to get this on your face because miata’s kind

Of do this to me too but it’s you just have to find the car that makes you smile makes you want to drive it and this is definitely right there at the top of the list of one of those vehicles this is where they need to come trim the bushes back it does shot fine and drive by the way i mean the battle shifters are great and they work awesome yeah translation and

Drive also just really they really programmed it well i mean you can just leave it in drive yeah some cars like you have to go into manual this car is just it they programmed it very well that you could leave it and drive and it probably i’ll drive you yeah well i’ll drive you probably yes indeed but it also won’t leave you hanging it won’t be like come on like

Let’s go right it has this nice low base rumble right it’s not like it’s a uh not like a big american stop sign american v8 rumble but it’s it’s just breaks right nice nice see that right there oh man oh you could carve up the b roads with this thing oh yeah beautiful is definitely a long sweeper oh it loves the long sweepers yeah and the breaks are just oh

So delicious so what do you think brendan because i know what i’m thinking i think that you’re thinking what i’m thinking i want one yeah i i want one of these this is really nice this is right up my alley i mean from the hood scoops that you can see the the the heat extractors on the hood this interior these materials the carbon fiber you can still put kids in

The back if you want to you know take them to the movies or something exactly i mean it is and the way it drives is just phenomenal beautiful love it really nice baby sima it is and this is basically as close as you’re gonna get to an entry-level four-door four-seat ferrari exactly yes so if that’s what you’re looking for go check out this car and don’t forget

To subscribe really appreciate it thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next one take care you

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