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How SAFE Is THE Lucid Air ? The Untold Truth

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How safe is the Lucid Air? What makes the lucid Air more safe than other EVs

Hello and welcome back just how safe is the lucid air that’s the subject of today’s video the world is experiencing an unprecedented shift from the traditional fossil fuel cars to the more acceptable electric motor powered vehicles more and more auto manufacturers are transitioning to hybrids and even full ev products in lieu with changing trends with this change

In trends there has been more technological advancements in the overall functioning of cars and it triggers concerns with regards to the safety of these evs in today’s video we explore the safety features of the lucid air dream edition and we ask the question just how safe is the air sedan hello and welcome back to air media your one stop shop for updates at lucid

Motors evolutions in the ev industry and latest tech advancements if you find our videos enjoyable then be sure to subscribe to the channel liking a video youtube learns your preferences and suggests similar videos to you comments are also appreciated and are featured in our upcoming videos well then let’s get back to it the ceo of lucid motors peter rawlinson

Has referenced his air series with the mercedes-benz s-class series and even though he sees them as his competition it is actually the model s that stands out at its more apparent rival no doubt tesla has made tremendous advancements in the ev industry as well as in producing sufficiently safe evs for the public with more familiar safety standards in place that’s

Somewhat less than we can see for the evening newcomer lucid air therefore let us assess just how safe the air is as part of its advanced technological design lucid air features its advanced driving assistance systems dubbed adas which includes collision avoidance traffic jam assist and a lot more these ada’s features come in a package called dream drive be it

The base or the pro versions which comes along with a ton of driver assist features knowing full well the capabilities of the tesla fsd lucid went considerably geeky to present features that would rival its tesla counterpart now the purpose of today’s video is to assess the general security of the lucid a and not to compare the air’s security with teslas we have

Made a video in the past where we compared the lucid dream drive with the tesla fsd if you like to know how they match up one against another then be sure to check out that video link in the description and in the end of this video in any case lucid air safety suit comes equipped with key features like surround view monitoring blind spot monitoring systems forward

Collision warning headlight assist rare cross traffic alerts with cross traffic protection alerts for distracted or drowsy drivers as well as other driver assist safety features deviating from tesla’s approach of expanding self-driving technologies lucid has taken a different approach to safety which involved helping drivers to be more careful and vigilant lucy

Doesn’t assume to do the driving they just help the human driver to be safer in their driving to achieve this the air comes equipped with 32 sensors that help to create a visual representation of the world around the car as well as 14 visible light cameras 5 radar units 4 surround view cameras ultrasonic sensors and the lidar technology which is to be included

In the dream drive pro package lucid’s use of lidar makes it the first use of the technology in cars in all of north america with the capability of creating high resolution data with an ultra-wide field of view that would be far more reaching than the human eye the dream drives blind spot monitoring system uses the s21 speaker stereo system and surround view

Monitoring cameras to detect other vehicles in adjacent lanes that may be difficult for the driver to see the way it works is when there is an oncoming car on say the left side of the car an audio alert will be sounded on that left side of the car and even when the driver’s hands go off the steering an alert goes off prompting the driver to pay more attention to

His driving and in the event that the driver fails to take control the brakes will be applied automatically and the car would slow down until it comes to a stop the air surround view monitoring feature provides the driver with a 360 degree birth eye view of the car generated from four cameras that are installed at the front the rear and the sides of the vehicle

Each of these cameras could be viewed individually or combined into one image that appears to be a view from the top of the vehicle called the bird’s eye view this gives the driver the ability to see all around the car in one single image the air safety system also packs an advanced forward collision warning and deterrence feature as well as alerts for distracted

Or drowsy drivers this car safety feature helps to prevent drivers from being drowsy or distracted which is a major cause of highway accidents to assess the state of drivers the air’s dream drive uses an infrared driver camera to monitor the head position the eye gaze and the blinking of the driver this when combined with the engagement sensor that detects the

Instant when the driver’s hands go off the steering makes it possible for the air to assess whether the driver is distracted drowsy or totally focused if the air detects that the driver is being drowsy or fatigue especially when there is an accident hazard looming the driver would get flashing lights and audio alerts to call his or her attention and in the event

The air loses control or the driver fails to regain control of the steering wheel after the audio visual warning the braking system of the car is automatically engaged which reduces the speed of the car until it comes to a stop and then there is the headlight assist features which help to automatically regulate headlamps based on the lighting condition around

The air all in a bit to make the driving experience much safer rare cross traffic alerts with cross traffic protection features also ensure the safety of drivers and passengers of the air sedans especially when the car is in reverse mode and the gift keeps on giving the air also comes equipped with more common safety features that would work in consonance with

The lucid specific features listed above like the automatic emergency braking traffic light recognition pull out control traffic drive off alerts autonomous parking assist and maneuver comfort braking even the air’s auto pack features have been infused with such security adaptations to make the air one of the safest evs in the market and you can count on the

Response time of the air in discharging its safety features the dream drive makes use of a high-speed in-vehicle data network called ethernet green which connects four computers at each corner of the car this high speed network allows communications at gigabit speeds ensuring that the air is swift and efficient in engaging security features there is also room for

Over-the-air updates of the software to ensure air sedans operate with the latest software technologies so there you have it what do you think of this video is the lucid much safer than the tesla models let us hear your comments and opinions down in the comments section below and if there is an eevee you’d like us to review a topic that you’d like us to explore

For the channel then feel free to send your suggestions to our email address link in the about section of this channel as always airmedia will continue to bring you all the latest updates and news on lucid motors ev evolutions and general tech advancements just ensure you subscribe to the channel and hit on that notification bell for new video alerts and if you

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