How The 2023 Lexus RX Compares To The Volvo XC60

How The 2023 Lexus RX Compares To The Volvo XC60.

How the 2023 lexus rx compares to the volvo xc60 the 2023 lexus rx comes in four boisterous powertrains and the 2022 volvo xc60 has refresh design details both of these crossovers are here to dominate the luxury segment compact crossover suvs can be characterized as a blend of sporty dynamics due to their monocoque chassis and everyday practicality for 2023 lexus

Has given the rx a facelift and some revisions on the inside a strong rival to the rx can be the 2022 volvo xc60 which rules the luxury crossover segment with its large target audience we pitch these two sleek looking suvs and find out which one is better if any the 2023 lexus rx is injected with some fresh design and advanced technology than its predecessor the

Lexus armed with an abundance of features needs to take on one of the best vehicles in the segment which is the volvo xc60 the rx most significant upfront change is the addition of a new spindle grille although this grille is bigger it masks its size very beautifully as it merges into the body seamlessly the vehicle also has full led headlights and the signature

Lexus drl besides its front hood offers two creases imparting a muscular stance lexus claims that the 2023 rx shall have a 2.36 inch longer wheelbase and a 2.36 inch shorter rear retaining the overall length as its predecessor also electronic door handles found on the newly launched suv are a feature that enthusiasts will surely appreciate another significant

Change at the rear is the full led tail lamps that run from one end to the other the all new alloy wheels are available in 19 inches and have a dark gray machined finish besides 21 inches wheels also shall be available in premium color variations the design of the 2022 volvo xc60 is relatively contemporary but it now gets the company’s new logo on the grill

The logo is finished in black and houses the 360 degree parking camera with radar sensors for autonomous driving the led headlamps continue to come with thor’s hammer drls and are a visual treat most design elements have a chrome finishing but the sportier trim trades that for a piano black finish the wheels have an updated design and the dual tone finish makes

Them stand out the top trim gets 21 inch wheels that fill out the wheel arch as well at the back the volvo retains the signature design elements like the vertically stacked lamps and the bold volvo badging right in the center of the boot lid the interior layout of the 2023 lexus rx is very familiar to the other trims available in lexus lineup for starters the

Interior will have six colors and four ornamental grades available as options and the full leather seats offer tremendous support in terms of tech the car maker offers a 14-inch multimedia touchscreen infotainment system and a relatively small 7-inch digital driver display there is also the inclusion of a panoramic glass roof multi-color ambient lighting and a

Heads-up display the volvo scores well in terms of the interior as it takes most of its design elements from its elder sibling the xc90 the quality levels are phenomenal and the clean lines give the cabin a typical scandinavian flavor the central infotainment system is a comparatively small nine-inch unit and a newly integrated software that comes standard across

All trims and offers enhanced features thus the latest google-based software supports android auto apple carplay and wi-fi hotspots the 2023 lexus rx comes with four engine options out of which three are electrified a 2.4 liter turbocharged engine powers the base rx 350 trim produces 275 hp 317 lbft of torque and uses an eight-speed automatic transmission the

Next engine on offer happens to be for the rx350h which is a 2.5 liter inline-four hybrid this engine produces 246 hp and uses a continuously variable transmission by sending power to all four wheels although it might be down on power it is much more fuel efficient thirdly comes the rx 450h plus plug-in hybrid vehicle whose details are not shared by the company

Yet lastly a top of the line rx first f sport has a beastly performance and is powered by a 2.4 liter turbocharged engine paired with a hybrid system this engine produces 367 hp and uses a six-speed automatic transmission sending power to all four wheels in the lower trims the car is offered as front wheel drive and all-wheel drive is available as an option

Volvo also offers three different powertrain options namely the b5 b6 and t8 and all of them are mated with a standard 8-speed automatic transmission and are available as an all-wheel drive the standard engine is a 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged unit mated to a 48 volt mile hybrid system producing 247 hp the second engine the b6 also has a similar 2.0

Liter four cylinder as the b5 but the addition of a supercharger increases the power output to 295 hp lastly the top trim uses b6’s supercharged engine and combines it with a couple of electric motors resulting in a combined power output of 455 hp overall the 2023 lexus rx is a complete vehicle thanks to the added engine options and refreshed styling the volvo

Xc60 does manage to hold its ground reasonably well against the lexus the company is also known to make some of the safest cars on the planet and the two vehicles are neck to neck in size power and design you

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