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How to Change Engine Oil for Chevrolet Trailblazer Duramax 2.8 LT

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Engine Oil Change for Chevrolet Trailblazer Duramax 2.8 LT

Today we’re gonna be using hyundai disel ultra 5w30 100 percent synthetic and then vic oil filter also 27 mm socket wrench this is 27 mm also oil additive fertuga oil and metal treatment always check your car manual to know the proper amount of fluid you’re gonna change trailblazer 2.8 needs 5.6 liters of oil for the engine oil and we have here six liters of

Oil and oil additive of 320 mm says here you can only use 5w30 oil don’t use don’t use other oil only 5w30 fully synthetic open the oil cup so the oil can go down easily just leave it like that we are under of our trailblazer front side and we’re gonna use 15 mm socket the oil we’re gonna drain is about six liters so you need a bucket that can hold six liters

This oil already around 10 000 kilometers now we’re gonna leave this open for two hours so we can extract all the oil out to remove the oil filter there we need to remove the air filter first you can use 5 mm allen wrench this is 5mm then we’re gonna remove this we change our air filter every 15 000 kilometer run right now it just run 10 000 kilometers so we

Can still use it for 5 000 more before changing it always clean your air filter valve this is the oil filter then we’re gonna use 27 mm socket ten thousand kilometers needs only 5.6 liters of oil we have here like 6.3 liters so we can use 400ml we have 400 in them excess we can use the excess oil to remove that the dark oils there also here so it

Will go down to the drain plug on the car shop you cannot do this they just they just change this unplug and change they get they don’t clean it all but if you know how to do you can you can do it at home much better clean it after so there will be no dirt always use a clean cloth because you don’t want any debris to go inside your engine like sun this is

Just a bit tight you need to force it and then clean this also clean the dirty old oil old oil english for more there’s an old o-ring here you need to replace this also there’s a new one to your newly bought newly bought oil filter so you should change this so check if it’s aligned because it may leak if not then put the new oil filter tight it with

Your hand first so you know if it fits perfectly it’s good then use your 27 mm socket wrench tight it’s not yeah that’s it don’t tighten it too much because this is plastic it’s not metal to metal always clean your air filter before you put it back see so you see hello dharma fans i’m maintaining my carved armament so you see i’m cleaning it you

See you see it’s clean now you see also the rubber part only so you see in the rubber part then we put this back you place it properly before you close you see you need to do this huh not just put there and then close you need to make sure you make properly properly placed then put this nice and clean don’t tighten it too much you need to just close

It and then move to the other one before you tighten it you need to close the tree first there and here just tight it’s not there don’t tighten it too much because this is plastic you can damage the thread that’s good you won’t wash it too much don’t forget to tight this huh then this one this is our oil after 7 hours because it rained the oil is still

Good this oil already run 10 000 kilometers we can still use this oil to lubricate your motorcycle parts especially the chain before closing the drainage plug make sure it is well clean so you know if there’s a lick let me put the oil and we’re gonna use 15mm we’re gonna put this first pertua oil and metal treatment before we put the engine oil this makes

Your engine oil life double it’s entire friction next the 5w30 fully synthetic hyundai check them oil was still here it’s full so before we start the car we need to remove the this one change engine oil soon that’s the alarm of the car when you need to change your oil to remove the warning we need to turn this up and then step the throttle three

Times within five seconds then the warning is gone it’s going back it’s gonna go back after ten thousand kilometers again it says you need to change oil after 10 000 kilometers let’s start the engine it’s all good also don’t forget always record your mileage when you change oil transmission oil or any thank you for watching please subscribe to my channel

Youtube channel we’re gonna make more videos to maintain your trailblazer hey i’m richard and we’re gonna do that and we’re gonna do change oil for trailblazer 2.8 duramax automatics before changing anything so you will not overflow always check your car manual before doing before always check your car manual i put up always check your car manual before

To know the amount of fluid you need to use always check your car manual to know the proper amount of fluid you need to use

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How to Change Engine Oil for Chevrolet Trailblazer Duramax 2.8 LT By Richard Biana