How to Change Oil 2011-2019 Ford Explorer

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In this video we’re going to show you how to do an oil change on this ford explorer let’s get into it i’m going to remove the drain plug use a 15 millimeter wrench make sure you have a drain bucket underneath and take the plug out and let it drain now with the drain plug you want to take the seal off just use a pick or a screwdriver and you want to get a new seal

Now take a new seal and put it on the drain plug it’s all the way around now we can reinstall the drain plug and you want to torque that to 20 foot-pounds just take a rag and wipe away any of the excess soil now you want to move the drain bucket underneath the oil filter and you can use an oil filter strap wrench or if you have an oil filter claw take that off or

Even a cup loosen it up take it off by hand i’m just going to let that drain a little bit wipe that off a little bit and take this off the rest of the way let it drain out and you want to take a rag you just wipe down where the oil filter is going to amount to make sure the seal for the oil filter is not up there you can check the old oil filter and just make

Sure the seal is still there you don’t want to double gasket it so there’s that take the new oil filter take a little fresh oil on your finger and just wipe the seal it’s good that’s going to help it so the next time when you go to replace it that filter will actually come off get this threaded on then once it’s snug go another quarter turn that’s good now you

Want to take the oil cap off on the oil cap should tell you what type of oil you can use these may be all a little bit different then you want to take a funnel and for this vehicle this is the 3.5 liter we’re going to put six quarts in and just take the funnel out put the cap back on and now i’m going to start the vehicle for 10 seconds now we shut it down let it

Sit for about two minutes grab the dipstick and you want to wipe it off first reinstall the dipstick all the way down wait about three seconds pull it out and take a look and we can see where the oil level is you want it closer to the top part of these hash marks so we’re going to add that extra half a quart and we should be all set put the funnel out put the

Cap back on pull it out again and we’re right there that’s exactly where we want to be good to go when only the best will do demand trq the only company that lets you view before you do trq is committed to offering the highest quality aftermarket auto parts that are engineered for peace of mind thanks for using and viewing with trq

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How to Change Oil 2011-2019 Ford Explorer By TRQ