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How to Change Power Steering Pump Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra (2500 With Hydroboost)

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Hey guys welcome back to another video today we are actually going to be taking a look at the good old duramax here starting to show our age just a little bit it uh it’s having a little bit of an issue where whenever i very first turn it on or the truck’s been sitting for a while it’s really hard to turn the steering wheel left and right and also if i’m sitting

At idle push the brakes in and try to turn the wheel it locks up to where i only go about one turn left and then it just doesn’t want to go anymore it’s like i’ve lost all power steering so we’re going to kind of do the shotgun approach if you will i’m going to throw a power steering pump on this thing and hope that it’s not the gearbox or or the hydro boost

Or something else this is just the best guess here so we’re gonna drive this truck in the shop and i’m gonna show you step by step on how to replace this thing so please do keep in mind during this video that i have i’m gonna try to figure it out as i go along with you guys and give you the steps that i’m taking there’s multiple ways to do this some harder some

Easier i’m going to try to do it the easiest way that i think i can my dad’s had to do this before so he’s given me some advice but i hadn’t really watched any videos on how to do it so we’ll just figure it out as we go along here but really the biggest things you’re going to need are some basic hand tools socket set and then you’re going to need a pulley puller

Because you’re going to pull the pulley off of the pump itself which i went to o’reilly first but they had actually rented things out but you can go rent a pulley puller from autozone o’reilly autozone is where i ended up getting mine but this will help you pull the pulley off um 40 bucks i mean you basically buy it you return the tool but if you want to keep it

About 40 bucks for the set here and then you have to buy your pump too and talking to my dad and he’s talked to a few different people a lot of folks will say that um you know you can go cheaper and at some of the big box store names for auto parts you can buy some of the remands but it sounds like you’re really better off to buy a brand new one if you can so what

We got was a brand new ac delco i’m gonna leave an affiliate link for this particular truck right here i think this is gonna fit basically the the heavy duty three quarter ton one ton trucks whether it’s a gas whether it’s a diesel just double check with amazon make sure it will fit your rig but i’ll leave that down below so you guys can see the part number and

Reference it and ac delco that’s that’s the original oem brand for this truck so it’s gonna be the same thing this had from the factory and i figure if i can get over 220 000 miles with the original fluid then hey that’s probably a pretty good pump all right so let’s go ahead and get started all right so the first thing we’re going to do is let’s pop the hood

And let’s just kind of assess what we’ve got in there i’ll show you exactly where the power steering pump is and we’ll look at what’s the best way to tackle this so whenever we pop the hood i’ve got my little helper here today when we pop the hood power steering pump is right here so to me it looks like you can see some fluid don’t mind that that’s where i’ve

Just tried to flush it we’ve got one here it seems like there’s one down a little bit lower and then if i’m not mistaken there are three in the front one here one down lower and then another one so first thing that we’re going to try just to really really assess this is we’re going to take the belt off so to do that we need our half inch breaking bar it’s been

So long so i’ve worked in my shop don’t know where all my tools are hopefully my health card doesn’t scatter my tools everywhere on earth um but basically all you do is you find the tensioner which if i remember right is right here so put your breaker bar in there you just turn it towards the driver’s side and what will happen is you can relieve the tension

Right up here sorry guys i wasn’t able to show you well just because it’s a it’s kind of a tough job for me being a small guy so i had to take both hands to do it but now that we’ve got the tension off we can go ahead and we can take the belt off of the pulley for the power steering pump here and then we can start assessing the best way to pull this bad boy off

All right after looking at just a little bit i think what i’d like to do is go ahead and i’m going to take this liner out right here i’m just a little splash guard and all it is is it looks like there may be a few uh bolts here but it’s mostly just those little plastic tabs you put a screwdriver in there or something and pull it out and then basically this whole

Thing is going to come out that’s going to allow us some more access to see in here you can pull the whole tire off if you want to allow for more clearance but this truck was having a little bit of a lift on it in the front end i think it may give me enough clearance in there to work anyway so i’m gonna go ahead and start pulling this out next time you see it a

Little splash guard is gonna be out okay i got the liner pulled i think that’s as far as i’m gonna go because this bolt right here is being a pain in the butt trying to get on the back side of it and i think this will get me enough clearance anyway so looking in here what are we looking at looks like that is probably the back of the pump right there if i’m not

Mistaken we’ve got let’s see if i can get in here and look there is a high pressure line yep it’s gonna be hard to see i’m gonna do my best for you guys here there’s a high pressure nut here try to figure out what that is we got to take that off there is a line that runs up front it looks like okay so there’s a fitting right here that we got to take off it

Looks like that’s just a clamp so we can get like a pair of channel locks squeeze that push it off i think we’re going to lose some fluid when that happens so we’re going to take the high pressure line off right here this nut we’re going to take this guy off just the clamp i’m going to set this under the truck try to catch much uh try to catch as much power

Steering fluid as we can and then it seems like up top there may have been another line oh right back here that’s what it was there’s a line right back here once again though pair channel locks so we free those three hoses lines those are all the lines then we can actually move on to the nuts holy cow guys i got it out that was a bit of a more of a job than

What i anticipated not it’s not really hard it’s just frustrating there’s lots of stuff in the way here’s the pump it’s out i’m going to show you on the pump so you can see exactly what you’re looking at in there so this is the whole pump the whole unit with the pulley on it still there’s eight things you have to get this top line is just held on with a little

Clamp that i use my channel locks on squeeze it wiggle it back and forth hose will pull off this one was a royal pain in the butt just because it was tight in there channel locks didn’t want to fit very well what i ended up doing was actually pulling the nuts of the pump off before i got this but same concept put your channel locks on there wiggle the metal clip

Back and forth till it falls off there was this guy right here it was a 16 or 17 millimeter i’m not to be honest sure um what i ended up doing was getting me a crescent wrench adjusting it and once i broke it loose i mean as soon as it broke loose it just unthreaded by hand so that wasn’t too bad then what you’ve got you’ve got a 10 millimeter bolt right here

That’s what holds your little battery connector on so where the wire runs in or you’re going to ground it if you’re going to jump it got two bolts here 15 millimeter that hold it on you got three bolts in the front one two three pop all six of those bolts out and then you can literally lift this thing up through the engine bay however while this part’s actually

Easy this being a diesel with the turbo on it i had to pull the intercooler pipe which i don’t know if uh if you’re gonna have anything in the way on a gas or not but i had to pull this whole freaking thing which oh it’s kind of dark and hard to see in here it came off this boot right here there’s a little clamp somewhere i must still be on the boot i hope it is

Anyway but there’s a little clamp that you have to take off and then i undid it from the top of the turbo right here and then i was able to pull it down through the fender well here once i did that i had enough room to actually work in here and uh get the job done but did i take that intercooler pipe out that was honestly more frustrating than anything for me

I don’t know why it’s just a booger to come out but then you can pretty much pull it from the top here i mean look i didn’t take the fan shroud off or anything that’s what my dad said he didn’t have to do that you don’t have to you really don’t have to it just came right out once i got all that stuff off so now i’m gonna figure out how to use that pulley puller

That i rented uh where to put the thing over here let’s see if we can get this thing pulled or not that way hopefully my new ac del co pump gets delivered today all right i’m gonna work on this see if i can figure out how to use this pulley puller to be honest i’ve never done it before so we’ll find out here it looks to me like you’ve got yeah it does fit on

There okay that’s what my dad was saying you just fit these two sides on it looks like and then maybe push this in well we’ll get her figured out here well that lens is dirty let me fix you guys here is that better good okay so pulley puller is actually simple to use if you have an impact or unless you’re really really strong so i’ve got the pulley off all you

Do to pull the pulley it looks to like is you take this piece right here and what you do is you unthread this all the way down you can see it’s all the way up right now but you thread this bottom part all the way to the bottom so you can see i’ve almost got it threaded all the way down but thread it to the bottom there flush set this on there then what you do

Is you set these little clips on the bottom of the pulley here one on each side that way it puts pressure and nothing can move then you set this ring over the top that way nothing can move at all then you tighten this one down here in this case i put my crescent wrench on there to hold it in place then i put my impact on here and just tightened it down and what

Tightening it down does is forces this stud down in there which pushes it off the pulley like say impact impact saved me here i tried to do it by hand and i couldn’t do it so um i literally just put the impact on there zipped her down and it was good to go so bully puller saved me if you had to if you had to buy one of these 40 bucks well worth it because i don’t

Know how much you’re gonna do it so we’ll clean this up real nice before we take it back to autozone and now i’m all done i just gotta wait on the post office to get here so we can get our new um ac delco pump and put it on pretty excited guys all right guys we are getting close now new pumps delivered i’ve unboxed it it looks like it’s looks like it’s the same

Pump anyway ac delco here um this one looks like it’s maybe some sort of aluminum or something rather than this one all right maybe it was at one time it’s just covered up it peeled off i don’t really know but nonetheless it looks identical the only thing that i’m seeing that we’re going to do is we’re going to reverse the procedure to install the pulley on it it

Looks like we need to take this bracket off here and put on the back so notice i had these two studs here oops there we go and then on the front side it looks like we’re gonna have to pull this bracket off and this one and put it on the pump over here because it’s threaded got threaded slots for those so i’m gonna put everything over here and then we’re gonna

Install the uh the pulley together all right so it’s easy to get back on all i had to do is take this tool uh this part of the tool anyway thread it down in the center of the pulley and then once it was threaded down as far as i could get it i just tighten this guy all the way down that way it puts pressure on it and then start tightening the top up here and once

I start tightening the top or down here really it pushes that pulley back on so that really wasn’t bad i didn’t use the impact for that but now we’ve got everything reassembled as you can see it’s got the brackets on the front and the back now we just basically need to drop this thing in so i won’t bore you guys with that but literally just remember those bolts go

Replace them the three up here the three right back here for this bracket and then connect your hoses on the back your high pressure fitting down at the bottom with that nut right here you can see and then we’ll take these caps off for the other hoses and attach those so whenever i see you guys next hopefully we’ll have this pump on here and we can start looking

At putting the belt back on and taking her for a test drive and then guys once you’re done be sure to clean everything up i i always feel like borrowing the tools from autozone o’reilly i mean it’s it’s like borrowing tools from a friend clean them up before you give them back to them do the do the guy at the service desk a favor so he doesn’t have to clean him up

Or the next guy doesn’t have to clean him up it’s just it’s the right thing to do especially if they’re gonna you have a program like that to loan tools out to you so we’ll get this all cleaned up before we take it back this thing’s ready to drop in place holy cow we are almost there just about as much of a pain to put it in as it is to take it out so i’ll throw

Some of my sockets in here because we’re about to need to take a test drive but it’s going to come back real quick and say guys do not forget before you do fired up you need to top off your power steering fluid so i sure hope i’ve got i think a cord over here sorry about the mess my this place stays messy um oh let me find that cord i’ve got and i’ll be right

Back okay found it brand new here i don’t care what people say super tech it’s good stuff really is good to go um let’s see here so we need to top this off so how i’m gonna do this is i’m gonna fire up the engine um after i fill the reservoir up that is fire up the engine turn the wheel left and right some come out here check it see if it needs topped off again

And uh i’ve got the fender well or the splash guard put back in you may only want to put one or two in there just in case you have issues and want to redo it that’s probably the smart thing to do but let’s take this cap off and i’m going to fill it up start it up and we’ll see where we’re at well as i’m sitting here in the comfort of my house just uh editing on

My good old macbook here i realized that i never recorded any sort of outro for this video where i actually finished topping it off and taking it for a test drive so that helped with my issue of steering left or right but it didn’t completely correct it so guys you saw in the video there it’s the same procedure whenever you’re putting it back in you got to make

Sure to get both of those lines connected that high pressure nut make sure it’s tightened down um if you forget to tighten it down you can crawl in under the skid plate and tighten it there but just try not to forget that one then you got the three bolts on the front the nuts to hold the um power steering pump on then you got the three that are on the side you

Just slap that belt back on there and you’re good to go it’s really not that bad of a job if you have a hand with you and oh yeah and then you got to put your uh intercooler back on if you’re working with a diesel but going back in wasn’t quite as bad just because i knew exactly what i was doing had to reverse the procedure and it is good to go so guys if the video

Did help you definitely leave a thumbs up be sure to share the video with any friends that may be struggling with this job and as you saw there i mean i just had some regular hand tools nothing special you can get the job done and save yourself quite a bit of money alright guys until the next video take care

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