How to Change Spark Plugs on Audi TT Mk2 NGK PFR7S8EG

This is how I’ve changed spark plugs on Audi TT Mk2 2.0 tfsi (2007).

Hey guys changing spark plugs should be a regular procedure for maintaining your car you should change them every 50,000 kilometers if i’m not mistaken i will replace my stock bosch spark plugs with these ones so first what you need to do of course you need to remove the engine cover now locate your spark plug igniters i think this is the term you want to remove

The wires typically you want to push this pin down and then pull the plug out i will show you one trick so guys like to like really really hardly push these things out but the simple trick is to push them inwards press this let’s call it a button down and then pull it out you will find this trick a lot easier so press it a little bit inwards push this down and

Out simple if these things are very very stuck you can help yourself out with a big screwdriver but be really really gentle you don’t want to break this thing so just put it in and then turn it a little bit and then push the whole thing out but still again saying if you pour the virus out a lot then you will not be really able to unpin this thing so it’s better

To push it in and then out like that when all of them are done you you want to pull them all out simultaneously put them away and now you want to remove this igniters typically you want to grab it and pull straight up if this gives you hard time then you can use screwdriver but again be really really really gentle it must go straight up pry it up from this side

A little bit and then from the other side push it up with your hand this is one second work more with your hands then with the screwdriver a dolly you pull up these things by hand set of tools like this includes everything you need to remove your spark plugs one very important thing is this long extender and another one is the socket like that which has a rubber

Thing inside it and then this thing actually grabs the spark plug which means that you’re able to take it out without any issues so you also have kind of magnetic special socket spots they’re pretty expensive so i prepared the wrench with the extender and this socket so this is one you can see that this socket is firmly holding spark plug in place now repeat for

The others well this one is really really really bad look at this think this must have been replaced already oh my god in with the new repeat this for all four of them it says in the new box of the spark plugs that this should be torqued down to 25 to 30 newton meters or if you don’t have torque wrench then make it snug with your hand and then turn it for one

Half and a little bit more it should be 1/2 to 2/3 turn you will find all this information on the box of the new spark plugs anyway now when all the fuses are back in their position and torque down properly we can return this igniters just place them in make sure they go straight and now just push them in return the wires make sure they all go in at the same time

Now return the engine cover and let’s try this out let’s see how the new spark plugs are doing okay good luke’s pretty good works fine a lopping chance riches good that’s it that’s how you replace spark plugs in your audited that make two thanks for watching and see you next time

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How to Change Spark Plugs on Audi TT Mk2 NGK PFR7S8EG By dr. sunka