How to change the oil in a Sprinter

Hey everybody so basically when we bought this when we bought this sprinter and they had just done an oil change on it so it doesn’t technically need one but you know i’m the type of person that i want to be in charge of my own maintenance so i don’t really trust other people with maintenance on my vehicle so i’m gonna go ahead and do it all over again just to

Make sure it’s done right start with a clean slate we’ve already changed the air filter and the fuel filter so just kind of doing all of this routine maintenance all at once and starting fresh so that we can be good to go while we’re on the road so let’s start by the engine is cool so that’s step one for for changing you oil make sure the oil is i make sure the

Engine is cool and all of the oil is cool so we’re gonna be we’re gonna hop under the sprinter and drain all of the oil first and then we’ll be changing the oil filter and replacing the oil so this sprinter takes 12 and a half quarts of oil be sure to check your owner’s manual because some of them are a little bit different so be sure to check your owners manual

For the type of fuel and how much fuel not fuel i’m sorry oil how much oil it takes and it’s really important not to overfill your oil so twelve and a half quarts is how much we’re gonna do today so let’s get started okay so i’ve got a bucket here to drain all of my oil into got some shop towels because this is always a mess and then i have a ratchet and some

Sockets i think this is a thirteen millimeter but i’m not positive so i’m just gonna bring all of these underneath there with me okay that’s dream okay so we got that out and we’re just gonna let that drain okay okay so the next part is to you remove the old oil filter so the oil filter is actually down right under here under out of this little air intake so

It’s gonna be easier to use a cap oil filter wrench so i couldn’t find one locally that was the right size it should be 84 millimeters so i couldn’t find one that was actually that goes up to you i think 94 millimeters so this should work so i stick that down in here adjusted not a whole lot of room to work down here which is why you need this cap style those are

Rather than the typical like belts that you you often see just because there’s no room to work down here so you can’t get that belt to tighten up so i’m actually only getting like maybe an eighth of a turn on this but it is turning so okay so that is the cap of the oil filter so we actually won’t remove that that’s gonna go back on there this is the actual oil

Filter oops go out of there okay so that is the oil filter and that’s what we’ll be replacing okay so on this cap there are two o-rings that need to be replaced but come with the oil filter so i’m just gonna take those off and replace both screwdriver here okay and then this whole cap goes inside the oil filter and screws right back on when you screw this down

You don’t need to um you don’t need to get it any tighter than just hand tight i’m gonna clean my hands off so i can get at least hand tight and you should feel it when it’s completely locked down okay and now we’re going to put the clean oil back in and then we’ll be done okay and the last piece of this is to refill the oil so like i said we’ve got twelve and

A half quarts to put in here put a funnel in here so fill anything and well twelve and a half quarts so this is gonna take okay we are using mobile 1-0 w 40 there’s several different weights that that you can use for these burners so just be sure to check your owners manual to make sure that you get the right kind so there’s there’s like i said there’s several

Different brands and different types different weights oil so you can choose whatever works best for you and there we go we’re done so that is how to change the oil in a 2007 dodge / mercedes sprinter thanks for watching guys and be sure to subscribe to our channel for a more van life and adventures from us and we’ll see you next time bye

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How to change the oil in a Sprinter By EXPLORIST life – DIY Campers