How to change your oil. GMC Savana. super professional addition.

What’s happening welcome back to another video you’re here in the garage with me caleb the one the only and we’ve got the big old van in here today and i am i’m not doing anything that extreme today i’m just trying to change the oil in my van and i came in here and i’m like yeah i’m just gonna change the oil real quick no big deal it’ll be a real snip snap sort of

Deal but i’m laying here underneath the van right and uh first of all it’s it’s not on jacks or anything guys this is this is just it’s sitting on the ground and you don’t you don’t need to jack it up or nothing you just roll right under here as you please and roll around you got plenty of space and i’m just noticing like i’ve spent a lot of time looking at my

Van i’ve spent a lot of time in my van i’ve not spent a lot of time underneath it and it’s kind of a cool view to be honest uh starting down here in the back you get uh some exhaust pipes you got the drive shaft here gas tank um you can see uh this right here is where that piece i ripped off the other day was rusting and falling off something i don’t think i’ve

Really shown in videos this year is where these uh ford parts are welded on right here you can see over here welted on and then you can also see right here where the old axle was cut off um kind of interesting you got stuff falling on me dirt mud rust but let’s get to business here and uh there’s probably a million tutorials on how to change your oil um this here

Is the oil filter and i know that because when you go to the store and buy an oil filter this is what it looks like so basically i just crawl under the vehicle oh there’s the oil filter all right so then the next thing we need to find i know there’s going to be a little teat here yep that’s the one and we’re going to unscrew this guy and all the oil is going to

Pour out into a pan i’ve got an oil pan right here and it already has some oil in it which is great so we can add to it only the best of the best the napa gold filter and some classic napa oil we’re going to use just about all this somewhere amongst all of these tools lies a special tool for removing said oil filter and as soon as we find that work can begin i

Also need a wrench or something to get the little the little teat as i like to call it to let the oil out and i just i don’t know where anything is in this garage it’s there’s so much stuff in here and i don’t know where anything is oh there we go we got it to move all right now i’m gonna get ready okay you need the wrench at this point no we don’t it just just

Was like rusted on there a little bit it just took a little little beef in the right the right wrench a little extra leverage it came right out all right so yeah gotta you gotta be really careful you don’t wanna drop the tea if you drop the tea into your oil pan um you’re not gonna be happy uh so let’s not drop it and it’s almost out and the floodgates are

About to open there we go this stuff is nasty this uh this oil is blacker than night honestly i don’t even know when the last time this thing had an oil change was but uh first time since i’ve owned it that i’ve changed it so now if i remember correctly which i don’t always do but uh when i take off the oil filter here it’s going to hopefully not dump a ton

Of oil but the filter itself i think does have oil in it so you got to kind of be careful you don’t dump it all over yourself so this thing here just swoops on over the filterino and just get it on there like that and we’re just gonna put this like yeah i like what maybe more prepared for whatever may or may not come when i take this thing off hopefully this

Is okay all right i think i’m just mangling the thing am i just mangling it all right let’s take my little doodad off and i’m just going to put our bare hands on the old gal and sure enough the oil is starting to trickle down and i’ll make it a mess because i didn’t get my pan in the right spot okay that’s a lot more oil than i recollect coming out of this

Thing but actually now i’m thinking about it some more maybe i do remember it being a lot of oil this just makes a huge mess man all right so we got the filter off but bing bada boom um i don’t know what uh i don’t know where to put it now so the last little bit of oil still dripping out um and we’ll let it drip for a minute here and just get the rest of it

Out but one thing we’re gonna do with our dripping oil and take a little dip of it here on my finger we’re gonna lube up our new filter here just like this give it a nice oh yeah look at that still dripping ever so slightly um but i’m impatient and i don’t think it’s that important so we’re just gonna throw this thing back on um could be wrong maybe it’s super

Important i don’t know this is the wrong dealio all right looking at it now i really feel stupid uh it’s pretty it’s pretty obvious i should i should have noticed the second i looked at it that it was the wrong one shouldn’t have even tried to go up under there and just shove it on off like it was gonna work i it’s okay guys listen this is this is a teachable moment

That’s what we’re gonna use this as a teachable moment not for me because i’m a genius and i know everything but for you this is about humility okay and and sometimes sometimes you make a mistake and you can’t beat yourself up over it as much as i’d like to as much as i’d like to punch myself right in the face it’s not gonna do us any good so we’re not gonna do it

Um yeah anyway i guess i gotta go back to napa okay so here we have the one i took off the truck here’s the one that was too small and here’s the one that i just went back to napa and got and uh yeah it um should be the correct one we’re gonna get our little dip of oil here and oil up our new friend stupid piece of junk i’m gonna get this baby on here are

You going the right way anyone uh elo fan um let’s put this line going this way like this and get this freaking thing like that i’m just gonna give it a little twist on there okay so we’re about to pour the oil in and uh it says right on the oil cap the kind of oil you’re gonna want to put in um i assume same would go for all vehicles um certainly in this case

It does it’s a good enough angle for everybody yeah i had to go back to napa because i didn’t give me that stuff that’s part of the reason why i told you to just go to a change place and do it because so far this cost me over 30 dollars and i have to dispose of the oil myself got really dirty drove back and forth and apple twice so it’s just better to just go to

The place sometimes all right so um it’s uh this is five quarts the van actually takes six quarts i know i was saying four and a half quarts this whole time but that would be for a smaller engine uh this is the larger engine uh so we’re going gonna put in luckily luckily because everyone in my family drives essentially the same vehicle uh we have plenty of extra

Oil so we’re gonna put in one more extra quart last quart bottoms up okay we’re gonna move our oil pan out of here and then we gotta get some speedy dry throw some speedy dry down i can’t move this with one hand it’s a two-handed operation okay cup got the uh stuff right here just take that and just sprinkle it around on the oil maybe a little more helps

Soak it all up but i would say we did a successful job up after i was talking to you man you’re talking to me got the oil changed she’s running strong hopefully it appreciates the new oil we put in it it’s actually raining pretty hard out right now anyway that’s gonna do it for this video here thank you guys for watching and uh watching me change the oil in the

Van again i don’t think anyone’s watching this for a tutorial but maybe just like hanging out with me and uh seeing what i’m up to but yup got the oil changed and got the van parked out here in the rain right now and guys you know what rain means rain means mud mud means we’re gonna have a little bit of fun so stick around stay tuned and wait for the next video and we’ll see you there

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How to change your oil. GMC Savana. super professional addition. By Air Quote Awesome