How to connect Android Auto to BMW X1 Multimedia System 2023

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Hey guys what’s up welcome back to a new video today i’m inside the new bmw x1 2022 model or 23 model and i want to show you how easy is to connect your android phone to the new multimedia system the same way you can connect your apple phone so let me show you guys first of all you need your telephone actually your smartphone because the telephone it doesn’t work

And you have to activate your location and also the bluetooth once you do that then you go to the media right here let me show you you go into the menu then you have to go to the android it will show you android or apple carplay and you go actually to press one of these depending which phone you have and then all you have to do it’s just searching for device in

This moment also if you go to your device in the bluetooth settings you will see one second come on you will search down here and you will see the bmw 79982 you just press once you can see the dan s10 plus it’s there on the screen and you can actually press it and it will ask you do you want to connect it and then you press ok also here you want to pair it yes

I will pair it then wait a few seconds then you have to wait a few seconds now it’s just trying to connect it says they’re trying to connect this take a while and right now it’s successfully connected and let me show you also on the screen all over here and aloe again and then wait a second come on come on come on come on and then ah we have to continue in here

On the screen just like that it’s just simple it’s very responsive this multimedia system from bmw the new one and here we are guys it’s just connected you don’t even need to touch your phone you can leave it right here and it’s working and right now we have the android you can see that here on the side we have kind of the media here on this area and then the map

It’s just on kind of third of the screen but it still have a good visibility from the driver point of view of course you can use the voice command from the steering wheel here you have a microphone so you press it three seconds you can set how you want to activate further assistance ah yeah right yeah right right right right you have to activate it i have to go i

Don’t remember additional speech assist i think i have to activate it from here yes and then it will work but i have to go back let me go back to where i was here and then now it should work you can set how we want to activate further assistance yes come on man long press here i have to say google assist and then yeah long press let’s try again navigate to paris

Navigating to paris yes the the for the car actually tell you what you did wrong and what you should do uh you tell me to uh configure it or to choose how to use the voice command the great part is and i have a very very very good news for you guys the map you can see it also on the cockpit now the android map and the apple map can be seen on these here how cool

Is that let me start actually let me start the car to show you um how this is working let me put yes now the great part is that you can see it directly on the screen how cool is that this is the the google map from android and it’s just incredible i love to see this kind of android connection or apple connection on every every car so the visibility will be awesome

And i like it i like it i like the fact that it’s here on the cockpit so if you ask there it is the voice command is working just perfectly here you have also this media thing on the side but overall it’s very simple it’s very good and i like the fact that it’s crazy responsive this this new multimedia system from bmw it’s very very responsive this is my favorite

Thing other than that it’s very simple you go here to the menu if you want to go back to bmw press bmw you have all the apps and facebook and all the application that you have it in the phone even spotify map whatsapp or whatever you have installed it there you can see it on the screen and this is it guys i don’t know if i missed something but i think this is all

It’s super simple to use and very fast and yeah if you want to go back you go simply back by pressing this one here and you are back into your normal menu so guys this is how easy is to connect your android phone or apple phone with the new multimedia system from bmw x1 and also it’s kind of the same ultimate system on all the new bmws that will come on the market

From today on i hope the video was useful if you want to see the full review with the new multimedia system i have a separate video on my channel so check it out probably it’s already on the channel if it’s not click the subscribe button to see notification when that video will come out also guys if you wanna see the full review with this new bmw x1 check it out

On this channel it’s already there so thank you for watching don’t forget to like share subscribe stay safe and see you soon in the next one bye guys

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How to connect Android Auto to BMW X1 Multimedia System 2023 By SDA Dan Cars