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How To Diagnose Power Window Problem – Is the Switch or Motor bad?

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Brought to you by 1a auto calm your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the internet hi i’m mike from 1a auto i hope this how-to video helps you out and next time you need parts for your vehicle think of 1a auto calm thanks okay so turn ricky on so you can see my driver side power window motor is not working okay so i’m going to diagnose

What’s not working here i’ve got a test light make a good ground with the vehicle and here’s my switch i put this i just took a switch off the door panel and put it on here this first we want to find the power wire so i’ve got the key on on the vehicle so there’s the powers on the vehicle and you can see that okay there’s power there just probably not hit the

Metal my light comes on i have power there okay so at this first step i’ve confirmed that i have power to the switch if you were not able to find that you have power to the switch then you would need to look for either a break in the wire between the body and the door usually if you pull the little boot back that protects the wires that run from between the body

In the door you’ll find a break in a wire the other thing is you could have a blown fuse but you’ve kind of ruled out step 1 you’ve got power to the switch so power is getting to the door okay there’s power going into the switch but nothing’s happening alright so if i look here at my power window motor i’ve got a orange with a white stripe and i’ve been orange with

A green stripe coming out of switch orange white stripe orange green stripe so i can probe the orange with white stripe see i’m holding the switch let’s switch out so power is going to the orange with white stripe power is going to the orange of green stripe so now at this point we’ve ruled out the second thing which the switch we know the switch is good power is

Coming into the switch you activate the switch one way one of the wires lights up you activate the switch the other way the why are lights up so the switch is doing its job it’s directing the power from the main power supply to whichever wire to run the motor that you want ok come down here pull the back of the orange with white stripe you can see power is going

To the motor powers going to the motor so there’s nothing wrong with the switch it’s got to be the motor okay so i was able to deduce that it was motor because i know there’s power going into the switch i know there’s power coming out of the switch and i know there’s no brakes and the wires between the switch and the motor because when i flick the switch i’m able

To light up the light at the connector at the motor so it has to be the voter that’s bad okay we can confirm that pretty easily we’ve got our new regulator with motor heaters in 1a auto we’re going to press down on the tab here disconnect and then connect that right here and you can hear very easily as soon as we hit the switch this motor is working thanks for

Tuning in we hope this video helped you out next time you need parts of your car please visit 1a auto comm also check out our other helpful how-to as well as diagnosis videos

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How To Diagnose Power Window Problem – Is the Switch or Motor bad? By 1A Auto Repair Tips \u0026 Secrets Only Mechanics Know