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How to fix a Noisy Blower Motor AC Heat Fan

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Quiet a loud blower motor. If your interior AC/ Heat fan (blower motor) is making noise like a card in a bicycle spoke, then you probably just need to clean out the blower motor which is easy and free. Leaves and debris gets in the blower motor and make a clicking noise when the fan hits the leaves. I will also show you how to clean the Evaporator to get cooler AC and get rid of any smells you might have coming from your fan. This video will also show you how to replace a blower motor.

Hey guys chrisfix here today i’m going to show you how to fix this this noise is either due to leaves or some other debris getting stuck in a blower motor or the blower motors going bad either way this video covered both the cleaning and or replacing of the blower motor because both processes require you to remove the blower motor which is really easy in this case

I’m working at 2001 ford ranger mazda beat 3000 but this process would be similar on most vehicles there are two common places to find the blower motor one is on the passenger side here it could be behind the glove box and you just need to remove the glove box or you might have to go underneath here and there’s a piece of plastic you just unscrew a few bolts and

The plastic piece will come right out giving you access to the blower motor the other location is on the passenger side of the engine bay up against the firewall most blower motors look like this it’s a large cylinder the actual motor part is right here and this plate and the motor come off most of these come off with just three or four bolts it’s really easy in

My case i have four there’s one here there’s one here there’s one down there and there’s one right down there on my truck these are eight millimeter bolts in this case we’re also gonna have to remove three bolts one two three to take these reservoirs and tilt it backwards so we could slide the motor out so here all the tools you’re going to need to do this job

You’re going to need a ratchet you’re gonna need some type of extension maybe a couple different extensions you’re gonna need a ten millimeter and an eight millimeter socket and you’re going to need a flathead screwdriver to pry any clips up for the pigtails on the electrical connections we will begin by removing the bolts to the reservoir that’s one the next one

Is right here that’s two now that we unscrew the top two bolts of the reservoir we need to unscrew two last bolt down here which will give us enough wiggle room to pull this blower motor outwards so surprisingly that’s a 11 millimeter nut and not a 10 millimeter bolt just like the other ones so we’re gonna need an 11 millimeter socket something strange happened

I felt a slight pop and i noticed that the boat wasn’t moving anymore but it’s come loose and i think it actually popped out you can see where that boat goes in right in there and you can see where that popping noise was from i guess as i was unscrewing it was just spinning and then it pulled itself out in your case you’ll just unscrew the nut and the reservoir

Will be free to move now let’s remove the blower motor we’ll start by taking the top two bolts off it’s one that’s two so what we’re gonna want to do next is take off this electrical connector to the sensor here this connector has the clip on the bottom you just pull downwards and then as you pull downwards just pull this outwards and then we could just take this

Electrical connection and move it down out of the way the other electrical connection we have to get off is for the blower motor itself you’d actually see my clip is broken they just pop that up like that wiggle it loose one last thing you’re gonna want to disconnect is this wiring harness piece right here that just popped downwards you just push down and that’ll

Just give you way more access over here and it’ll move all the wires and the wiring harness out of the way for when you try to pull this off and then finally there’s a hose here the hose just provides cool air for the blower motor and that could just pop off like that now we’re gonna go get that bolt down there and that bolt down there and then that’ll come right

Out that’s bolt three and that is the last bolt bolt for now this should come right out but before we do that we just want to try to move the wires just so the wires don’t get in the way okay in the actual blower itself there is nothing there’s no debris in here a lot of times that’s what makes a lot of noise but if we look in here we do have some leaves i’m

Pretty sure those leaves were making the noise in the blower motor but i want to run the blower motor before putting it back to make sure that the blower motor itself wasn’t making any noise what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna hook this up t electric and then just turn it on and have it spin and see if it still makes noise so test our blower motor just get your wiring

Harness here watch your fingers i mean i doubt it’ll turn on when nothing’s on but just to be careful plug in your wiring harness to the blower motor should click in so i’m gonna lean this in right here you can see it’s pretty solid so when spinning this with my hand i don’t feel anything doesn’t feel like there’s a bad bearing so let’s go start this up and see

What happens i’m gonna go in the car i’m gonna keep the camera here and you could watch to see what happens hopefully there’s no noise okay i don’t hear any noise this sounds really good so i’m gonna shut this off and we’ll install it so if your fan wobbles a lot and you think it’s the reason why it’s making noise what happens is the bearing could be going bad

Or you just need to push this down to tighten the fan and you can do that just by slipping a socket over and hittin it and just hit it down like that and it’ll just crimp this on tighter but there’s no play in this at all the other thing that we could do is we could check out the motor itself by taking off this cooling tube you can see the motor in there and this

Thing looks like brand-new there’s no debris there’s nothing in here so i really don’t think this is bad if you want it’s like 40 bucks you’re taking it out anyway you might consider replacing it but i’m just gonna reinstall the original one but before i do that i want to show you something this is called the blower motor resistor and allows your fan to work on

Different speeds if your fan isn’t blowing on low then you probably need a new blower motor resistor i’ll put a link to a video on how to fix this at the end of this video right near the resistor we have an evaporator which the air from the blower motor gets pushed through and gives you cold air in the cabin the evaporator is like a really cold radiator and when

Air moves over it the air gets cold you should check your evaporator for debris and also give it a clean i’m gonna vacuum it out and then spray it down with the cleaner vacuuming really didn’t get as clean as i wanted so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna use some type of all-purpose cleaner degreaser whatever you want to use i’m using something that smells good this

Smells like oranges because when you spray it in there it’s gonna make your cabin smell whatever that spray is you don’t want to use something at smell bad you want to try to use something that actually smells good let that soak and then we’ll back you mitt out now although you see right there looks dirty make sure you look all the way in the back you can see all

That stuff back there you want to try to get all that stuff out try my best to get my hand back there here’s everything that i’ve pulled out make sure you get all the way back in that corner you can see there’s even more junk in there okay that feels pretty good just a few little sticks and twigs and stuff but you’re not gonna be able to get it all out but the more

You could get out the better so once you’re done cleaning out and vacuuming out any extra liquids and debris you want to find something like lysol or febreze that’ll kill bacteria and eliminate odor this stuff will eliminate any musty smell that you might have from your vehicle when you turn the fan on just get that in there good and now we’ll put the blower motor

Back in remember to put the cooling duct back on the motor this uses air from the cooling pin to pull the motor okay that’s on all the way now initially it doesn’t matter which way this goes in just get it in and once you get it in place then you could move it around see how it fits in what you’re gonna want to do is you want to line the holes first of all but you

Want this tube to be down at the bottom here where it connects to that hole it’ll only align in one spot this peg goes through right here you can see when you get it on there it goes right through and that’s how you’ll line it very simple after you align it make sure it’s in there good we’ll get a bolt and just hand tighten it so it holds it in place get one more

Just hand tighten it so it holds it in place now you get your 8 millimeter and tighten it up just get them down so all four of them are tight we’ll put the bottom bolts in now one of the bolts goes right behind this vent and the last one screws in at the bottom right corner now we’re gonna just connect all our wiring harnesses the one with the red cap goes on here

Can only go on one way make sure it clicks our blower motor so that clicks and then you just slide that in like that all we have left is to get this back in and i just have these two bolts one goes here and one goes here remember on mine it popped out so what i’m going to do is i’m going to push it forward push it down then pull it back and try to get the snap

Into that smaller hole on the bottom hopefully on yours you could just unbolt it like it’s designed to be unbolted good you heard that pop right in now get your ten millimeter and let’s tighten these down this you just want to snug up you don’t want to over tighten it good same with this just snug it up good everything’s in there nice and tight got all our wiring

Harnesses connected up make sure that we connect to this hose down here almost lift this hose out make sure you put that back on there’s a little stub down here that has to get pushed in so make sure you push that over now with that pushed in we’re all done okay we’re going to turn the fan on see if it makes any noise as you could hear it’s not making the noise

Anymore so we fixed the problem if you have that noise in your car and it’s making that clicking noise almost like a baseball card in a bicycle spoke then you probably have some debris in there and you just need to clean it out hopefully this video is helpful if it was remember to give it a thumbs up also if you’re not a subscriber consider subscribing on the screen

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