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How To Install 2006-2014 Lexus IS 250, 350, ISF Tail Lights – NEW VLAND STYLE

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In my opinion, the most OEM looking tail lights that the aftermarket has to offer for the second generation Lexus IS cars.

So i just got my beeline headlights from i’ll exercise up and i’m really excited on boxes so let’s get started all right so we lifted the top off here and this is what we got doctors brush so this here i think that’s a passenger tail light so again i wrap this plastic that’s a blemish nope so i think it’s this one’s alright let’s have a look at close up at the

Seams which a lot of people have said are no good bad i mean none of this is visible i mean right there pick that up it’s not the best but when you’re mounting it that’s definitely not gonna be visible i’m okay with that top here there’s no scratches put this one away so this one here i believe is the driver’s-side corner carefully so far so good i can see a

Little bit of blemish here you can catch that the camera a little polish there won’t would go a long way rather than that i don’t see any major scratch is the first gonna remove the fasteners that holds out this trunk liner here pry it with the flat-head screwdriver as much as you can outwards and after you’re gonna take a smaller screwdriver and certain here and

Then pop it out and it should just come up very easily so i’m gonna do that for the rest of these and okay what i found that you only need to unclip these three clips here on this side there’s some velcro holding inter please disconnect that hold enough room here to unplug this white tail light plug here and also give me enough access give you enough access for

The four 10 millimeter bolts and you have to remove so these two black ones here and 200 years here’s a comparison of the rears you can see here that little hexagon bolt hopefully that doesn’t get in the way and melting it flush here’s the om one see there there’s no hexagon bolt just melts out flush just something to consider you definitely want to make sure

That the gaskets are in the holes okay in the trunk is going to be a little bit different we need to basically unbolt this 10 millimeter here and also remove this clip over here just two things now that we have the liner pulled back what we want to do is remove these 10 millimeter bolts there’s three of them one two three and then we’re also wanting to basically

Attach the plug there which is hidden down below okay finally got the headlight out one thing to note though is that this yellow piece here it’s very tricky and a she bolts or hold on to the head without a knob there so you’re gonna have to apply some force to pull it out to get it out of that yellow fastener got one side done okay guys we finished

Installing the lights now let’s test them out this finnish install my taillights in the car here took me about a good half an hour just because i hadn’t done it before i found that using a big flathead screwdriver to remove those plastic fasteners was actually a lot more difficult than it actually looked i recommend you guys to get a proper tool to pry them

Out each side taillights i found that you would only actually need to remove three of the fasteners and then on the trunk itself you probably only need to remove two of them to get you enough access or room there hopefully this helps some of you guys out there to install your own tail lights on your lexus is or isf for that and i’ll see you guys again

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How To Install 2006-2014 Lexus IS 250, 350, ISF Tail Lights – NEW VLAND STYLE! By KanDo