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How to install a dash cam (Camera) in your Bolt EV

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In this video, I explain how I installed my Dash Cam (Camera, Insignia) in my 2022 Bolt EV LT. I go over where I placed it, how I hid/ran the wires and more!

All right guys so i’m sitting passenger side in my 2022 bolt ev and i figured that i would make a quick video um highlighting how i installed and ran the cable or wire for this uh dash cam that i set up uh reason i’m doing this is because i actually was looking for videos and guides or anything on how people ran their wires on their bolt ev and the only thing i was

Able to find is somebody that tapped into the power from their um rear view mirror their digital rear view mirror on their premiere i don’t have a premiere i have an lt so if you have a premiere and you’re looking into this you might want to see if you can find some resources on how to do that so you don’t have to run a long wire but if you don’t have a premiere

Or you know you’ve got a bolt that doesn’t have the digital rear view like i do i’ll show you how i ran mine so basically it’s super simple see the cable running from the dash cam dash cam going up here and then you can see it runs into this little plastic housing that is behind the dash cam i just continued to run along that then what you want to do is you want to

Take the wire and you want to tuck it in underneath this headliner so you just want to keep tucking it along the top of this headliner keep going keep going keep tucking it you’ll get to this break in the um the trim you’ll want to pull this out it’ll just pop out you’ll tuck the wire all underneath through here and then you’ll see that you’ve got this molding or

This plastic molding you’ll want to continue to tuck the wire all the way down through here i’ll open the door so you guys get a better visual you’ll hear traffic and then i continue to tuck that wire and then you can see it pops out here look underneath i just tucked it and continued to run it all the way underneath the glove box and then it comes back up here

This is literally so these two spots this right here and this right here are the only two cables you can see and then it just runs right into the cigarette lighter so super simple you i mean this literally you just pull it a little bit and you can tuck the wire underneath the headliner you can literally just shove the wire up there this you just kind of pull out

And tuck it and then these you literally just tuck the wire underneath so it’s super super simple you can tuck any excess wire down in this hole that’s here you can hardly see it but that’s basically what i did the wire is longer so i just tucked any excess wire in there now you might be able to do a little cleaner of a job if you can find a way to tuck that wire

Down in here run that wire down along this um and then maybe you can find a way to tuck it in here as well i’m not too worried about it i didn’t want to get too crazy with it but if you’re really really worried about any cable showing at all i’m sure if you follow this um kind of get creative when you get to tune this section you can make it look even cleaner so

Again this will work with any wired dash cam that you got to run a wire for um this is i i’ve never done this professionally i’ve ran a couple dash cams a couple backup cams um when i was younger but it’s super simple this is probably one of the easiest cards i’ve ran a wire like that through so yeah feel free to comment like subscribe whatever you want to do

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How to install a dash cam (Camera) in your Bolt EV! By Roni