HOW TO Install RAM 1500 (2019-2022) Running boards

The Ram 1500 Running Boards :

What they do y’all know what tj2 smooth treasure on and what you are looking at here is the 2022 1500 ram 1500 hemi e torque laramie all my dogs making moves if you were looking for if you were looking for a do-it-yourself video on youtube this is going to be the full in-depth do-it-yourself video um and you won’t have to go anywhere else because you know

How we do it on the channel treasure one tj two smooth mr fix your car i’m gonna show you step one through whatever of how to get this done yourself so link will be in the description below if you wanna buy these for yourself uh without further ado get a little b-roll and let’s get started boom um nope so step one so um if you have if you are if you’re on your

Truck if you’re at your ram right now if you get down under the truck you’ll see that all of them come with these pre-billeted all the way down the side screws that are already in the frame of the truck so any good kit that you get to put your running boards in will have brackets that fit these screws now that being said um i think the brackets are universal so

Technically you could probably do this on like a silverado 2 or you know one of those nissan trucks um but this is four ramps so if you have that ram you’re gonna see three screws um placed three times along the side here and it’s also gonna be on the other side of the truck now what you have to do is place the bracket and i’ll grab that in a second on each one

Of these um up and down truck so there’s three on each side with eight millimeter which is really one half it says eight on paper but one half um inch bolts so you’re gonna bolt these on with one half inch bolts and you’re gonna need an extended uh socket so let’s do that start that like so boom very simple very easy make sure you get your washer your bolt

And this is a lock nut so once it’s on it’s on um you probably have some kind of uh leeway to get it off you know with just pure muscle but you definitely want to do it right the first time just gonna take some elbow grease y’all yeah could you grab me like a shirt or something for me to lay my head on hey i’m telling you baby you’re beautiful your whole body

On food that mean your haters instead you kill em with shots in the head you should be able to do pull-ups from this thing boom that’s one i’ll take y’all through the rest of them in a second like how long i’ve been patient i’ve been patient i’ve been waiting in the space that i’m in florida baby sort of made me want to spend more time the more you make me

Correlate the clock spin jet skis hop on and don’t debate me caught away vibe would it check the time only been five minutes grab the waste ride with it trade you wanna trace songs to tell the truth i ain’t too far from getting too drunk in them hallways with my and then i stumble home to you i mean what i’m supposed to do these are coming home to you and you

Understand it too cause no other men will do what i’m prepared to do yeah cause when i was there for you they were scared of you but i don’t fear cause girl i was here for that year we spent in them trenches gunshots over fences police are checking in windows tell me do you remember burning pine in december was the coldest winter i thought i found me a winner i

Told my baby beautiful telling a baby your whole body on funeral word to the wise get an impact drill you gonna get to the same destination just faster boom we got one side down that’s exactly how it should look you should be able to literally step on these things do some pull-ups hang and dry your clothes that’s very very tough so again like i was telling y’all

Earlier you know you might want to just get an impact drill because you’re going to do the same thing with your your the power of your your hands but you’ll get there faster so anywho let’s do the other side got some real so you so you’re going to have these little t-bolts here 10 millimeter t-bolts that look like this and you have to place them

Along these grooves place it in sideways slide them undone this has like a little cutout here you place it in right there slide it on down now the top one the first one goes down here second one goes right here third one comes right here because there’s no cut out on this end place a ball like i’m sipping the coffee kept her clothes you were doing the most

A loving us killing us awfully run it up and running back to your bank break it up pull it out of the bank reinvesting you double up if it’s dirty money clean it out insane and i’ve been shipping them out going hard ain’t no such thing as a job hate is so good if she caught herself squirting i think i just let it oh um uh not only will you need the socket

For the front end but you’re also gonna need a wrench for the backhand because as you can see this wrench excuse me the socket does not fit past this part of you see this edge here this solid edge of what supports the step but the front end you can go as tight as you want you can almost break your wrist doing it with this right here you’re gonna need a wrench

Look at that you could use it that’s a little stiff you know get in and out of the truck no problem you’re not out here

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HOW TO Install RAM 1500 (2019-2022) Running boards By TJ Too Smooth