How To Install Speakers On a 2009-2014 Ford F-150

Here is my 2010 Ford F-150. I decided to upgrade the speakers in this truck since they were blown out from playing load music on long road trips. I hope you enjoy.

Hey guys today we’re installing our speaker system right over here we’ve got the old speakers forward like paid about like eight dollars for these crappy speakers and you can just see that they’re just worn out completely so i ended up getting these nice rockford fosgate prime series pretty good set and you can definitely see the difference on them like look at

The magnets way bigger magnet on the depth and then radius as well and you can see just a lot better shape so we’re gonna take off the passenger’s side and show you kind of how to take off the door panel and install it and then you can do it on the other side as well we’re doing this side first so we can kind of figure it out but let’s go to the passenger side and

Get it done there we go get our 8 millimeter in there and then i don’t have an extension so there you go so right inside here you can see this little lip what you want to do is be able to get some kind of hook in there fit it in there there we go oh my god he broke it pull it out and then you’re set and then we also have another 8 millimeter right there and then

This is a really long screw so it kind of takes a while just nice and slow movements and just pull it out that’s a really long screw so ten minutes later we might have about there we go i do so we got one on the bottom here and then we also have one on this side too as well these two pop out and then we can lift up and take the cover off so now you’ve got this

Screw out this screw and then the two on the bottom and it’s literally just pull it up but make sure you pull it up all the way cuz you don’t want to pop off this little metal bracket that’s inside just pull up nice and easy and then there’s a couple things we need to connect disconnect over here we have just the walk-in mechanism you can see unclip it right there

And then we also have the window adjustment and then just feel for the clip and there we go and we’re just gonna leave on sorry it’s so good ok and we’re just gonna leave on this part it’s not really a big deal because i’m just gonna lift it off and then move it to the side and now you can see we have access to the speaker we got limited tools so we’re just using

An adjustable wrench to take these screws off pretty easy to take out there’s just one two three and four and then once we take this out we can disconnect the connector and it’s really easy because all we have is the connector to the speaker and then i have an adapter that’s gonna connect so we don’t have to do any soldering or crimping which makes life easy and

Reliable as well so now we can pull it out you can see there’s the adapter and then this is how most connectors work you just push that connector in and it comes right out now we got our trashy speaker we can get rid of see we have a thicker one and a thinner one and then same here so you can’t really screw up the connections so you just slide the smaller piece on

There nice and easy it kind of clicks in there you’ll feel it slide in there which is nice same thing just wiggle it on there and then you want to connect it here as well with the connector you’ll hear it click maybe do a little tug to make sure it’s gonna stay on there it doesn’t really matter if it’s upside down or not but if we’re gonna make the rockford fosgate

Logo straight up then we just want to put the screws back in the magnets screwing me up back there all right so we got a go in with the screws in now you just want to test it out make sure it works yeah we’re all set to go looks pretty good and i put it back on it’s exactly the opposite you just want to plug these back in on the bottom over here as you can see

That’s up struggling you know me plug it in oh my god all right we got those both plugged in again slide it back on probably the most fragile part is right here you don’t want to like crack or break this you just want to keep an eye on it it’s probably better to have another person helping you so you got all that easier but where’s that screwdriver okay so you

Kind of want to have it up and then pushed in so then those hooks get all the way into the door and then you can push it all the way down but what spencer’s doing is he’s just lining it up and trying to get that door lock on there once we have it on there then we can push it down and you can see we’re looking pretty good there so all we got to do is screw these

Back in one two three four and we’re set ensure that this door panel is on correctly – because you can’t miss some of the clips on the bottom and to put it back in you just wanna you know good ready use that satisfying click

Transcribed from video
How To Install Speakers On a 2009-2014 Ford F-150 By CluEngineer