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How To Make Your 12v OUTLET STAY ON Inside Your RAM Truck – TruckTalk #28

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In this video we show you how to quickly and easily make your 12v outlet stay on inside your RAM truck by spending less that 1 minute quickly popping the hood. This will make your 12v cigarette lighter or auxiliary outlet stay on even with the ignition turned off!

How’s it going everyone so today’s video it’s gonna be super simple but this is something that i’ve owned a ram for a while now and i’ve never really heard this before but i stumbled across it the other day i wanted to share it with you guys so as you guys if you guys have a newer ram you’ll know that there’s not really any auxiliary power other than the media port

That stays always lit or hot or active so you almost have to have the ignition turned on i like to on my vehicle lease i like to run the power cable i don’t like wires messing around in here so i plug in my cell phone to the back outlet back here so basically like i’m saying if unless you have the ignition turned on you don’t have power so right now you can see my

Phone it’s not charging right now let me go ahead and show you something super simple you guys can do in about two seconds and you can change that so again just to clarify with you guys my phone is plugged into the back port here on the back center console the cigarette lighter and you can see right here it’s not charging let me go ahead and show you guys how you

Can have that back cigarette lighter on all the time so the trucks not on right now you can see ignition is off this is how easy it is you go to the front pop the hood open your fuse box there’s these two push tabs here and you’re gonna flip it open you’re gonna see here fuse 9091 so that’s the number f 90 and 91 and basically you can see you can jump the fuse

Over so if you grab that fuse wiggle it out and move it over one position so it’s like that now now all of a sudden that’s cigarette lighter the rear cigarette lighter is always gonna have power so if i go back to my phone chuck still off you can see my phone’s charging right now so that’s it guys super simple and you can make that rear cigarette lighter always

Have power like i said i usually run my cable to the front through the center console just so i don’t have any wires to expose in the front so guys i hope you find that helpful do give me a thumbs up for that one i am i’m really happy that i found that apparently it’s in the owners manual somewhere i’ve never heard of it maybe you guys have already heard away you

Know about it but if you don’t i’m assuming you gonna like it as much as i do because now i count my phone charging like i have something charging i can do basically whatever you can do with a cigarette lighter you could do it without the ignition off on this back port here so like i said i usually run the wire through so that i don’t have wires in my console here

When i’m you know driving or operating my vehicle but again guys give me a thumbs up for that one have a great weekend thanks again for all support you guys have been giving me i’m gonna keep the content coming headers are now on the truck currently for when this video is made so we’re gonna be going to the track with those headers they’ve made a difference so far

But if you guys stopping the channel for the first time be sure to subscribe turn on that bell notification beside it check out the instagram page boosted motorsports at boosted motorsports and check out the other videos on the channel for performance maintenance modified videos all in ram i also have the viper stuff on there so lots to come guys we’re gonna keep

Going with the ram and more vehicles in the future thanks again for watching we’ll see you next video

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How To Make Your 12v OUTLET STAY ON Inside Your RAM Truck – TruckTalk #28 By BoostedMotorsports