How to protect your Rivian, Tesla, and other vehicles | TWRAPs and Avalon King Ceramic Coat

In this video, I team up with TWRAPs and Avalon King to best protect my new Rivian R1T.

What’s up youtubers it’s your girl shannon from evie and chill and by now most of you know that our rivian r1t has finally been delivered y’all i waited a year for this truck to come in but now that it’s here i want to protect it as quickly as possible so that’s why i’ve teamed up with t-rex and avalon king and using their great products together to help protect

This truck uh so now let’s go over these products here and let’s go over why they’re great together and i’ll get into the application process so i’m no stranger to paint protection film ppf or ceramic coating in fact my model y performance has ppf on it it’s in the suntec dynomat which is why it has that stealth look which looks so sexy but people that costs seven

G’s and then we had it fully ceramic coated and that was another two grand uh so as far as protection goes i mean that is as good as it gets but again that is nine thousand dollars on top of what the vehicle already costs and that’s a lot of money now when i think about the rivian the rivian is an even bigger vehicle so that means it’s probably going to cost even

More than that can you say cha-ching now after spending a ton of money to even buy the rivian there’s no way i wanted to drop another nine g’s on it but now i really don’t have to and again that’s because of traps and avalon king so trap makes this ppf product that literally you me anyone can apply and they make them for all of current tesla models and for the

Rivian r1t and r1s what’s cool is that they take the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle and they make a film that you can apply in like 30 minutes y’all that is super quick and you get long lasting protection and going along with the whole diy protection theme this is where avalon king comes in they have a brand new product called armor shield light and again

This is something anyone can do now for us we have always had our vehicles ceramic coated and people that has always been a process you feel me drop me a comment if you have ceramic coated to call yourself because traditionally it has always sucked you know what i’m talking about you have to clean your car put it in a sterile environment spray it on wipe it off in

Small sections you practically tear your rotator cuff just trying to buff it off and then you have to let it cure for a few days but no more people you do not have to do that any longer and that is with armor shield light you literally spray it on like any car detailer and then you wipe it off that’s it i’m going to explain a little bit more about that so you fully

Know what i mean so let me explain to you in further detail what i did to my rivian so on this truck i’ve already applied the ppf products now you probably didn’t notice and honestly that’s a good thing because it means it kind of looks like it did when it came from the factory but let me take you in a little bit closer and you can see here let me flip the camera

Around now the most vulnerable part on any tesla or rivian has got to be the front i mean hello that is the face of the vehicle uh but this is going to be the most vulnerable area to rocks getting slung up on it or bugs or whatever but you’ll see as we get in we’ve got the t-raps ppf all across the front here uh and again you’re able to do this yourself so you’re

Saving a lot of money but let me get in a little bit closer to here so the whole front is protected so they send you these pre-cut pieces and you basically line it up with whatever your piece you’re trying to do whether that’s the front uh the light bar the headlights these lights here literally the whole front is protected we even have a piece here on the charge

Port so we’ve got the whole front of this protected with ppf again literally like light bars headlights charge port door the whole front is protected now i do think i am going to buy one more piece that goes on at the top of the hood here i think that’s going to be super important because even though it rides high rocks can still get up there now let me take you

To the back because you know we gotta protect the booty we don’t want anything unwanted back there okay uh back here again just like the front we protected uh the light bar they have pieces that go on the bottom on the top of the tailgate on the side of the lights here now let me explain to you something that is genius look here this piece of ppf is so imperative

And let me explain why to you i don’t even know if you can see this piece here uh but this is so important and watch this uh so of course as we know the tailgate powers down now when you want to close the tailgate you have to come and you have to pick it up and close it but you’re touching the painted piece every time you go to close it now if you’re like me maybe

You wear rings or watches or jewelry whatever the case may be sometimes that metal comes in contact here and that is not what we want to happen so we want to keep this piece super protected and that ppf piece is a great way to do it now i’m going to show you something else that traps thought of which is genius people i did not even think of this uh and then once

I started applying it i thought hello how smart is that that is protecting the door sales and let me show you people the door sills are such an important piece that needs to be protected because every time your shoes come in and out of the vehicle you can be brushing up against the paint here now i think you can probably see it we have a ppf here starts here

And ends here and i didn’t even realize this until i actually started applying the ppf but we actually already got a scratch which is really unfortunate i’m really kind of sad about that so we put this ppf on that way no more of these scratches will happen and again you can see how these pieces of film are literally like cut to fit your rivian they even have a

Cutout made to go around this little hole here i’m going to try to keep things appropriate but my husband is good at filling holes okay i’m sorry i didn’t say that i didn’t say it but let’s make our way inside the vehicle and let me show you something else traps has thought of and that is protection for the inside of your vehicle and i i am talking screens so

They have a screen protector for your main screen a screen protector for your driver’s display and what’s super important for us is a screen protector for the back seat and this is the matte screen protector here and this piece is super important to us because people we have a four-year-old and our four-year-old y’all i love him to death i promise i do but he

Is always bringing rocks sticks toys anything he wants into our vehicle honestly a lot of rocks and sticks i don’t even know why we buy him toys anymore because he’d rather just play with dirt uh anyways he brings those things into our vehicle and he loves to touch the screens so we want to protect them from getting scratched and every now and then when we drive

Uh something goes like flying through the car so again we just want to have that extra little bit of protection um and if it can protect against a four-year-old uh that will do the job for me now in just a second i’ll show you the application process but first let me tell you why products from traps and avalon kings armor shield light are best going to protect

My rivian and hopefully yours as well let me talk to you a little bit now about this ceramic coating and what’s really cool here people is that this can be applied even when your car is still wet from the car wash that’s right people you can apply it when your car is still wet or when your car is dry or at any temperature literally any temperature that is really

Really cool uh so i’m already interested in this product you get protection similar to regular ceramic coating all the hydrophobic properties and it’s significantly less expensive a bottle of this is going to set you back either 29.99 or 19.99 depending on the size bottle you buy and it takes just a fraction of the time to apply now i know for us we’ve always had

Our vehicle ceramic coated and this rivian is going to be no different since we’ll be using this product here now we’ve also noticed a significant difference in ceramic coated vehicles and protecting against bird droppings uv rays even cleaning them and then it continues to look clean afterwards and just so you know this lasts three to six months so you can just

Reapply it a few times a year and that’s really easy and what’s cool is that you can apply this on top of the ppf that you just put on your vehicle so it’s literally like double the protection and what i think is best about this product is the fact that there is no cure time people did you hear me no cure time you literally just spray this on like you would with

Like a normal car detailer spray and then you wipe it off that’s it you don’t have to wait for any cure time and you can apply this on any surface so like any parts of the car the door the trim the windows whatever and your vehicle is going to be looking fresh so i feel really confident in saying that by combining the ppf from traps with the ceramic coating from

Avalon king i think my ribbian is going to be protected for a long time so with all that being said let’s go ahead let’s rewind the tape and let me show you the application process of both these products so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna get started it we’re going to start by ppfing the front here now we’re going to wait on the ceramic coat until the ppf is

On now the first step here would be obviously to clean your vehicle step one of probably like any project to your car and day two was out here earlier with the foam cannon you can see some of the remnants here he’s actually working his way around the vehicle to dry it now we’re on to step two let’s take a look and let’s see what’s in this box and it comes in this

Really cool box here so shout out to traps that’s awesome and when we open this sucker up it says made with love in california that is cute they’re a family-owned business how could you not support a family-owned business in america okay so taking a look inside let’s see what we’ve got we have this squeegee that we are definitely going to need and then we have

The actual piece itself this is what we’re going to be applying right now and then it comes with this little bottle here i already have it filled up with water this is going to help a smoother application here so that’s what comes in the box so we are going to go ahead and we’re going to get started but actually before we get started let me just state the obvious

Of course if you have a garage that would be the most ideal setting somewhere where it’s enclosed where you’re not going to be out like the air and a lot of dirt and debris that could be floating around however at our house here we don’t have one so we’re going to be putting this on in the elements that’s why j2 literally uh just washed the car and we’re going to

Be applying it right now so let’s not waste any time uh let’s get this protected foreign on pretty smoothly and honestly pretty quickly now i like to think it went on so great because j2 and i have had plenty of wrapping experience i mean we’re not like eminem no just kidding not that kind of rapping but we did wrap the ev6 ourselves and i like to think by the

End of that we got pretty good at it but actually i think that the reason this piece went on so smoothly is the fact that t-wraps is actually designed for like the average person who wants to protect their vehicle who wants to do it themselves these pieces they’re not designed for like your professional ppf installers they’re designed for people like you and me so

That’s really cool and let me show you what i mean um so normally with some ppf maybe it gets like so crazy that you have to like disassemble some of the panels and take pieces off so you can like tuck the ppf behind it but with t-wraps their pieces here they’re actually first of all they’re cut out for the actual piece of the vehicle that you have but then their

Pieces come right up to the edge of the vehicle so i hope that’s coming across on camera okay but they’re designed just to come up right to the edge so you don’t have to try to like pinch it in or tuck it behind anything it’s designed to cover just that one specific area all right now one thing i did want to show you here is that once you do have it installed and

Again they have their directions you can look them up on youtube and stuff but since you’re already watching me let me just show you myself now see we do have like a little bubble here and most of this piece went on without like any bubbles it lays down pretty quickly but if you do have a bubble we want to make sure that we get rid of these and some bubbles will

Kind of fade out in the sun but you want to try to get rid of most of them through the application those pieces kind of dried out so let’s re-wet it uh here we go we just use our little squeegee we’ll spray that down use the squeegee so the squeegee will glide and then we’re just going to push the bubbles out to the edge so they come out and i hope you can see

That really well but we’re just removing these bubbles here and here’s a good bubble right there can you see that let’s get you out of here there we go just like that so now we’re just being proactive in protecting other parts of the vehicle like the front because i mean people as much as your mama told you looks don’t count looks do count and the first thing you

See in this vehicle is the front of it so let’s make sure it stays nice and pretty so again like i was saying this is super easy to do we’ll just do a little spritz and then we will wipe it just like this and this was super easy like i said it’s just like a normal car detailing spray you would use and what’s really cool is that of course it’s going to make your

Car shine but you’re also getting those really protective properties and then we’ll flip this over we’ll give it one more wipe down and look at that that is beautiful ah i love it that is perfect look how shiny that is look how that blue is look in my eyes boom now i’m going to work my way down and do the rest of the body of the vehicle but again what’s really

Cool about this product is that you can use it all over the vehicle so we’re talking trim the windows the trim up here doing that piano black we can even use it on the wheels and tires so again it’s super cool product it’s going to take me a minute to apply so i’ll probably fast forward some of this footage but again i’m going to keep working this body well that

Is how i applied it the ppf and the ceramic coating don’t forget t-wraps makes products for current tesla models and the ribbon r1t and r1s and avalon shields product you can use that on any vehicle so look in the description below of this video and you’ll see codes where you can get discounts for yourself uh do yourself a favor do your car a favor you are worth it

And your vehicle is worth it all right well that is all i’ve got for now don’t forget if you’re new to the channel do yourself a favor hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on future videos and if you’ve already subscribed please do me a favor give this video a thumbs up so it gets out to more people well that’s all i’ve got for now thanks for watching i’ll catch you next time

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How to protect your Rivian, Tesla, and other vehicles | TWRAPs and Avalon King Ceramic Coat By EV \u0026 Chill