How to remove a Mercedes Sprinter 2021 driver seat plastic trim

How to remove a Mercedes Sprinter 2021 driver seat plastic trim

Guys here today to show you how to stir up a mercedes sprinter 2021 driver’s seat okay first you’ve got these that just see the adjustable and they see all their own bits usually comes pulled out but you need to make sure you there’s no screws so you have a look here you see no place to take this off so this is one it’s not going to come off but you need to do

Here is why i call it the magic tool it doesn’t scratch the blast hit and it helps you to do this this is not a very expensive tool it’s very it’s affordable it’s 20 pound on ebay so you can just buy this and the you tuck it in behind and here we go comes off easily another one just the same principle it might be a bit tricky but you can take it from all the

Angles to make it easier to take out exactly and cool no you need more here we go out as you can see i’m here so that’s say you’ve got the groove and you’ve got that as well so it’s eventually it has to come out that way there’s no other way and now here which is the again yes if you can look down there you will see a wee hole so get that out okay and

You’ve got these clips and this is what says again guys in my workshop they do like this because a bit tricky and i say this very very easy if you look down here you will see this there is a wee clip clip with the bag there what you need to do just pull that clip back up and push forward simple as that okay so now what we’re going to do is take out the plastic

Of the seat on this side for the panels so you need torx i think it talks is 20 30 so let’s see see what we’re gonna get there this one this one is snapped that’s the one you know that’s a bit smaller so it’s a t30 okay d 30 and that’s you not really the longer one don’t lose it never release your screw guys because if you try and put it back together and

You don’t have the screw then it might not work as planned and there’s a weak plastic clip at the back pull that forward and that’s you ready to go i think is there another screw at the front no is that just a clip so there is another clip down there you need to pull that back up lift the z and push forward a long handle okay for the plastic for the plug you

Don’t want to break that so you can take that away just stick that away be careful and try not to snap any plastics because it might damage the seat and then one there as well so here we go and now you can see the inside of the plastic and see what it’s all about so this one again if you snap it you put some super glue there i’ll leave it to dry and that’s will

Be back no problem and you’ve got a clip in the middle you push you push that out so these should go like that okay that’s the one now you start stripping the seed okay same thing push forward to release it from there and off you go so put your plastic aside put your stuff aside these are both the sides without plastic on them okay and this is the original

Seat we had now we’ve got the armory to take off so obviously the armrest that is somehow has to come yep that’s them just another thing there’s not much into it just a wee tiny bits put something behind and it will come if from easily out okay always check what screw it is in case you damage the head and i think this one is going to be r1 which is it’s a

Five mil five millimeter okay let’s give away sugar off you go there’s a long screw long screw and that’s the head of it and once you’ve taken out the screw i’m pretty sure it’ll be easier to just pull off pull off and that’s you ready to go okay

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How to remove a Mercedes Sprinter 2021 driver seat plastic trim By Samco Upholstery Shop Livingston