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How to remove Ford truck rear door panel while door stuck shut

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Updated 2022/08/16 Shows how to remove / install the Ford SuperCab rear suicide door panels while the door is stuck shut (rear door not opening). Usually caused by a broken cable housing preventing you from triggering the latch (door latch problem). Some people call this cab style: extended cab, Quad Cab, or King Cab. This is not for the SuperCrew, Double cab, Crew cab, or CrewMax.

In this video i’m going to show you how to remove and reinstall a rear door panel in this ford truck with the rear suicide doors the reason a lot of people look for this video is because their door won’t open due to a broken cable housing so i’m going to show you how to remove the panel with the door shut but you can use the same procedure with the door open you

Can do all of this from outside the truck or from the backseat after you get the door panel off if your door won’t open watch my video on how to manually trigger the latches if your cable housing is broken watch my video on how to fix one of the cable housing ends for less than a dollar take the two screws out of the window latch take the weatherstripping loose but

Leave it attached at the ends there are a total of eight anchor points in the upper panel two are attached to the door and plastic tabs on the panel slips into them the other six are attached to the panel and they go through slots in the metal part of the door if you have any trouble getting any of the anchors loose spray them with a little silicone lubricant push

And pull on the area near the anchor to get to lubricant worked in then pull the panel loose one anchor at a time you can also use something similar to a pry bar to help get the anchors loose the first three anchors are along the front edge of the door they go through these three holes pull or pry them free there are two anchors here near the front of the window

Pry them free you there’s an anchor at the bottom upper panel that goes through this hole pull or pry it free the last two anchors are near the back edge of the door they go through these two holes reach back to the bottom rear of the panel and pull or pry out then you can remove the upper panel two plastic fasteners at the top of the lower panel the originals

Usually break when you try to remove them these are aftermarket fasteners remove the two screws at the top center of the lower panel lift the lower panel and pull out to remove it now you can do whatever work you need to do to reinstall the panel there are seven of these hook-like tabs on the back align the tabs with the square holes in the metal part of the door

Sometimes the lower panels are a little warped and that makes them a little tough to reinstall so use one knee on the bottom corner one hand on the other bottom corner press across the top evenly with your forearm and then press down with your four on install the two screws in the lower panel the plastic anchors aren’t mandatory but replace them if you have them

Before you put the upper panel back in you can put a little silicone grease on the anchor points so they’ll come out easier the next time you have to remove the panel to reinstall the upper panel align the anchor points and press in on all eight points put the two screws back in the window latch reinstall the weather stripping it really helps me if you share this

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How to remove Ford truck rear door panel while door stuck shut By fixpro256