How to Remove Headliner & AC Vents Ford Transit Passenger Van

How to remove the Ford passenger van headliner, cabin lights, and the plastic AC vents. Everything is being taken out of this 2018 Ford Transit Diesel Van to build a home on wheels. This is a 15 seat passenger van, 350HD, High Roof, Power Stroke, Turbo Diesel, Extended, Dually, Camper Van, Conversion that will be my Tiny Home, and traveling RV Van. I try to show all the steps and details to make it easier for the next person converting their van. Follow along at

So i’m going to show you how we’re going to remove the headliner and we’re going to remove the ac vent let’s get started these things here we use our trim removal tool come underneath that’s gonna just pry right out if you had a hands you would use both of them max that’s crazy talk get out of here see i just pulled right out so now we remove these

Two and when you come up in the middle you’re gonna have to pop that one there now you can see how they just pop right out there’s two clips up in the front is the plastic on the side right here from the other side you’re gonna have to lift this off of here and then off of and here you start pulling it down there’s nothing else connected up here you

Can see the actual air conditioning vents right there pull it down a little more all right now we can see the wiring right here so we’ll try to take that wiring out we’ll go ahead and unclip that and then we’ll get this whole piece out looks like nothing else is connected so let’s reach up here and get this disconnected all right so then when you come up in

The ceiling you’ll see these clips right here you’re just gonna unclip them from that and then it doesn’t look like anything else is connected so we should be able to just slowly pull this big piece down all right so now we’re gonna try to wiggle this down wait a minute charlie this thing’s like this thing’s recording me well you know how you can make it stop

Recording you just actually turn it around like that that’s amazing huh all right so now this up here we’re gonna have to pull this too so see what charlie didn’t say something they decided to take the bag out for it and then come to the front okay let’s try that how you take that thing out with the trim removal tool all right and this is the back panel here

It also has these orange clips which hold it up into the ceiling we have another connection right here we got to take off so it just pops off pops off there for these things what you need to do is you need to just pop these out and these come right off so before you try to pull the ceiling down just come right here come under here pop this side and it comes

Right off and now we can get the ceiling down and then we can replace these after we put up the new ceiling so now we’ve got the whole headliner removed right here and you can see how the ac system basically comes out of here and then it splits and then it goes along here to give air to all the different passenger seats then we have the electrical cable running

Through here and then we have the airbags running through here so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna actually remove the ac system from up here so we’re gonna take out all this plastic right here and then we’ll break down this part take out all the plastic from here and then get it down to the bare bones this thing removed here so we can actually get this

Out so let’s go ahead and get that done next what you’re going to do is you’re going to pop these out right here and can’t see down there but there’s a little bolt that we’re going to have to pull out so we’re going to go ahead and pop all five of these pieces now we got all the bolts removed pull it right out comes right out and now we have this exposed so

Now we’ll be able to go ahead and pull the rest of this piece out and expose the ac unit now we got this piece out we should go pop this out take a look that’s the ac unit right there what we’re going to do is we’re going to just go ahead and build a little steel cage around it to protect it and then that way it’ll give it some airflow and then we’re going

To go ahead and reroute the ac and make our own ac lines you can actually see like gaps like that kind of inefficient once we make our own lines we’ll make sure everything’s sealed up and taped up so it’s going to be a lot more efficient than what they’re running right here all right so now we’re going to pull this side out same thing it’s going to have

These clips these are the clips that are holding it in so you just gotta pop these out right here now i actually want to keep this piece right here because it keeps it nice and clean looking but what i want to do is come back here and we’re going to go ahead and insulate this what we’re going to do is we’re going to remove these ac vents and you can

See they’re connected by little clips in the back and these just pop right out so we can just go ahead and pull pop that right out then we come down here and disconnect it just like that white boys to get the rest of the ac venting out you got these clips right here so we’re gonna have to pull these out so basically take two screwdrivers come underneath

Pull that out another one on this side come underneath pull that out down here you have a clip in it so i’m gonna have to pull this clip out like that and it feels like you’ve got another clip on this side once you get that clipped out see right there we have another you could cut the ac lines but then you got to get it recharged i’m not going to mess

With that i want to actually keep the ac while i’m driving and we’ll run it to areas that we can use the ac thanks for watching the video i hope you learned a few things please consider like and subscribe and we’re going to add some more videos on how we’re converting the 2018 ford transit van into a little stealth tiny home camper wow

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How to Remove Headliner & AC Vents Ford Transit Passenger Van By Chillie