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How to Replace 2015-20 Ford F150 Interior Lights with CREE LEDs from

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Step by step install of a Front Interior LED Map Light Kit on a 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Ford F150 series truck.

Hey guys it’s nate from f-150s comm and we’ve got a solution to the dim and dingy front map lights on your 2015 and a ford series f-150 trucks we’re gonna be solving it with our cree xp g2 hyper white hyper bright leds direct replacement kit alright so the installation is easy they’re gonna look a lot better it’s gonna be a really clean hyper white and it’s gonna

Be much brighter so that you can actually see what you’re doing inside the cab the installation again is easy and we’re gonna show you how it’s done right now okay the first thing that we want to do is make sure our interior lights are off here and that we’ve got the dome light button to set to off so that these lights aren’t going to come on alright so secondly

What we need to do is remove this overhead unit from the headliner so you can use your fingers and just kind of pry around the edges and just kind of pull it down i’m gonna use a flathead screwdriver just make sure if you using something like this that you don’t pierce the headliner and just kind of apply pressure down the overhead unit here we’ll just pop away

From the headliner just like so okay so now it’s gonna be hanging by some harness connections here depending on your trim level whether you’ve got the moon roof or a sun roof or you know whatever configuration your f150 is your overhead unit here might appear a little bit different it might have two or three different connections but overall this installation

Removal process is exactly the same okay so i’m gonna go ahead and disconnect these wires here like so okay now that we’ve got our overhead you know removed from the headliner and our wire disc connections made we’re gonna next remove this top plastic piece so that we can get to the lights that we’re going to be replacing first thing we’re gonna want to do is go

Ahead and move this black plastic covering here so pull this wire away now we’re going to use a t15 torx screwdriver here to remove these two bolts liking it here and here except those aside okay and also notice that on the side here there’s a couple tabs that kind of hold it in place so you use a flathead screwdriver to kind of pry this cover off like so oops

Alright so with our plastic covering removed you’ll see the two bulbs they’ll be here so one that here we’ve got the original still installed and this is where we want to get to so we’ve already removed the original here all right so this is gonna be where we are replacing it with our newly upgraded crete xpg two led units okay so to remove these basically there’s

Some black three black tabs here you can use kind of like some tweezers and pull off on them but the thing is we’re not going to be reusing them because the nuke reacts peachy two units have 3m backing so this is what we’re after so we don’t actually need the pins we’re just going to be using a 3m adhesive to apply our new lights so you can go ahead and pry the

Old light away from the housing be gentle about it but and these tabs will just come up as you work them like so better pull it away just like that now to remove this ribbon from our control board here you can just take a flat head screwdriver and on the right and left side just kind of gently pull that little bar out it’s kind of what locks in place and the

Ribbon will release okay so now if you’ve got any remaining tabs here you can use like a some pliers and just pull it directly out and just you want to even surface so we’re going to do that now and then we’ll show you how to install the upgraded crete xpg leds now that we’ve got a smooth surface and our pins pulled out let’s go ahead and take our upgraded leds

And when you’re going to want to go ahead and attach the ribbon so you’ll notice that there’s a gold side on the ribbon and a darker side the gold side is what side faces this control board so you know and there’s the gold side down it’s exactly the same spot where you remove the ribbon earlier and then press this white tab back into place it’s gonna hold it down

Lock it in okay just like so now we can go ahead and remove our 3m adhesive covering there and just put it right into place so the camera can see it there you go yeah you’ll feel it lock back into place and then just apply pressure evenly make sure it’s really secured down there like so and then we’re going to do the exact same thing on this side so it’s a very

Easy direct replacement process here don’t put our ribbon in push the tab back down gold side down on the board line up our led so pressure all the way around it down and that’s it okay now that we’ve got our upgraded leds installed here on this overhead unit let’s go ahead and reconnect our harnesses like so and then we’ll just be able to pop it back into place

Like so all right now moment of truth cut your lights back on oh yeah yeah dramatic difference huge upgrade over the factory lighting they look much much better hyper white light plus they’re much brighter even when we’ve got all these lights on for this video i can already see like the full board i can see around me much better it’s definitely a big upgrade

Over the factory lighting highly recommend this upgrade you can check it out at f150 oddities comm or you’ll find all of our custom led lighting products built specifically for your ford f-150 we truly appreciate your support be sure to click subscribe below and we’ll see you at f 150 days at calm soon thanks guys you you

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