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How to Replace Exterior Door Handle – Chevy Silverado, Chevy/GMC Trucks 1999-2006

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In todays video I would like to show you guys how I replaced the exterior door handle on my 2004 Chevy 2500 but the procedure is the same from 1998-2006 chevy trucks like Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche and even the Cadillac Escalade.

So guys is your boy found came back again and today we’re working on a 2004 chevy 2500 procedures are gonna be the same from like 98 206 chevy’s 2500 1500 basically i’m gonna show you guys how to replace the door handle on my driver’s side which broke so we’re just gonna go through the process of replacing it real quick and shouldn’t be that hard stop we’re gonna

Take off the door handle or the door panel sorry right here as you can see we already have some screws here so we’re not gonna really need leave so we’re just gonna leave the panel just hanging here i don’t think i need to take the coat everything completely off what you do have to take off so you have this plastic cover that goes right here on the door so basically

You’re gonna pull it out from the back and then slide it out through the the hole right there and then we have another cover that goes here he just pulls straight out from these clips right here and then you pull it straight up after that you have one seven millimeter bolt right there and then you have another one right here as far as this one goes it’s gonna be

The lock leader indicator right there so just pull this straight out and then he’s gonna be another bolt right there there is no other bolts here so all we’re gonna do is you’re gonna place straight up and it should pop right down alright so here we have the door handle it’s only three bolts it should be pretty pretty simple to replace mine broke from right here

As far as i’m the panel itself says we already took out those two bolts right there the clips that go around they’re just like little hooks so all we’re gonna do is pull it straight up and what you’ll be able just to take it off this is a phone number for the doorman this one was $35 but i’m gonna try to find a cheaper one on amazon and i’ll put a link right there

In the description so this one we’ll just pull it straight up and then just go around the handle if we don’t have wires for the speaker and this right here but i’m just gonna leave this hanging here i don’t need to think everything completely off so i think i’ll be fine okay now taking this off like i say he only has the three bolts so we have one right here in

This corner while we can get through with here and we’re gonna have to get one through the bottom and get our hands in there ten millimeters and then the other one i’m gonna have to get in through the bottom now from here i already took out those bulbs so it’s completely broken this is the part where you broke up here so he’s gotta undo these little clips here so

In these clips you just pull this plastic piece back so you pop it out that way and then the the metal rod just pulls this way same thing on this red one already pop this one out and then the wrap seam just pop straight out like that and there goes so now they’ll do the same thing with this one it’s kind of hard with one hand there he goes pulled it out and now

The rogers posters straight out now here all i’m gonna do is transfer my lock from here to here let’s have this clip right here to take out the lock just get a screwdriver right here and then just pop it out so here we’re going to cut the commune packet and then this one will just pull straight back and there it is as you can see it just slides in and it’s gonna

Clip on not like that like this just like the other one there you go see clip back into place and all i’m gonna do is put this back on i put those hooks back on and then get my boat back yes and put those clips back on so all in all i’m gonna do is i’m gonna pull the handle here so then i’m just gonna pull the handle here with both hands and that’s agreeable just

To slide it there this one goes back into place we got the bolt there bolt in the bottom and then i’m just gonna put the ten millimeter bolts all around you just put it back on so now i’m just gonna slide everything back in is how you replace the door handle on a chevy silverado procedures goes also the suburbans are gonna be the same way it’s a reverend sample

It’s all the same thing so that’s how you doing if yours is broken the passenger side or any of the other ones are gonna be the same thing the panels are pretty easy to take off and three balls just to replace it alright guys i really hope you got you found this video helpful don’t forget a thumbs up subscribe keep that bell for me sure to china i will catch you

Guys on the next video thank you for watching you guys have yourselves great day

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How to Replace Exterior Door Handle – Chevy Silverado, Chevy/GMC Trucks 1999-2006 By Falcon’s Garage