How to Replace Headlight 2007-2013 Mitsubishi Outlander

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In this video we’re going to show you how to replace your passenger side headlight on your 2012 mitsubishi outlander the process is the same for the driver’s side so we’re going to remove these four clips i’m going to grab a panel tool i’m going to pry out it’s a two-piece clip a pry up the top once you pry up the top far enough should come up foreign clips

Out we’re going to remove this plastic shield just lift up and it slides under this front gasket and underneath this front latch so you’ll have to pry it just right up so we’re going to go ahead and unplug our electrical connectors to the headlights squeeze the tab and pull backwards same here excuse and pull backwards so we’re going to take these three bolts

Out they’re 10 millimeter 10 millimeter on my impact i’m going to take those out go ahead and remove this two bolts holding the top of the bumper in they’re 10 millimeters go ahead and remove those now there would be one more bolt straight down behind the hood latch our vehicle did not come with it there should be one more bolt straight down here clips on the

Fender well holding the bumper phillips and another phillips just going to go ahead without pressing too hard unscrew these and then go ahead and get your panel tool go ahead and pry them out foreign and repeat the process for the other side so we have a couple more clips along the bottom of the bumper holding the bumper to the vehicle and the splash shield we’re

Going ahead and remove those now there are some bolts across the bottom also we’ll get those after foreign we have these bolts holding the splash shield in okay with a 10 millimeter socket we’re going ahead and remove these two clips so go ahead and grab your panel tool pry them out once your clips are removed from the sides the top and the bottom i’m going to go

Ahead and grab the side of your bumper there’s some clips in here we’re going to pull out just like that and we’re going to do the same thing on the driver’s side so once you’ve gotten the bolts out from the bottom there’s one more bolt hiding behind here take a trim tool pop this cap off and we’ll go ahead and remove that bolt so with the 10 millimeter socket i’m

Going to remove this last bolt holding the bumper in place and one last electrical connector right here behind the front grille go ahead and squeeze the clip and separate the plug now you’re ready to remove the front bumper if you have a second set of hands have somebody grab a side you grab the other side if not grab it from the center and just pull straight back

Away from the vehicle so once you remove the bumper there’s one more 10 millimeter bolt right here in your headlight go ahead and take that out i’m going to pop this tab up in your headlight will pull straight out we’re going to go ahead and install this headlight we’re going to look for this pin to seat inside here this bracket it’s a seat on top here and this

Bracket to seat on top here you hear that audible click that that pin is in place and this top bracket push over and down now you’re ready to install your bolts i’m going to go ahead and reinstall our 10 millimeter bolts foreign go ahead and connect our two headlight connections push them in until you hear a click now we install our bumper center it up what

You want to do is get your top lined up so it’s resting and you want to thread in these two bolts so it’s held in place while you work around the bumper let’s go ahead and put these 10 mil bolts in don’t put them all the way in give it a little room to wiggle now you can work on the bumper without it falling off the car we’re going to go ahead and reconnect our

Electrical connection in here grab that connector and plug it back in there would be another 10 mil bolt here our car does not have it we’re going to move to the side and clip it into the fenders so now you’re going to grab your bumper and you’re going to pull out a little bit you’ll notice there’s a piece in here has to slide into the groove on the bottom of the

Headlights and this piece here has to slide in here you will here a click and you may have to push in with some force to get pieces to seat foreign like that and it’s the same for the other side one more 10 mil bolt on the bottom to put in here and then snap your cover in place we’re going to go ahead and reinstall these these clips into the fender liner to the

Bumper here are your two phillips head clips the fender liner here goes inside the bumper this tab stays on the outside so we’ll go ahead and line that up now and push your clips in and one straight up top in the process for the other side is the same now we’re going to go ahead and reinstall our three 10 millimeter bolts foreign has had some work done some of these

Don’t line up yours should be fairly easy to line up foreign and reinstall our plastic clips foreign now that your bumper is secured at the fenders secured down below you know it’s not going to go anywhere go ahead and tighten these bolts down foreign once these bolts are tightened down you can go ahead and grab your plastic shield and reinstall that slide

It over the latch handle you’ll have to guide this plastic underneath the rubber seal on both sides and then go ahead and reinsert the four plastic clips this is going to be a general tutorial on how to aim your brand new trq headlamp assemblies okay so looking at your brand new trq headlamp assembly you’re going to see where your low beam is and you’ll see

A little dot right in the center and that is the access point okay so what we’re going to do is we’re going to mark that with an erasable marker just so it’s easier to see next what we need to do is measure from the level ground up to this point and take note of that measurement now we’re just going to pull the car up to our wall on our vehicle we remember that

The measurement was 28 inches for our access point your vehicle may be different but that’s where i’m going to put this tape just above that 28 inches we’ll do the same on the other side okay so let’s just back the vehicle up straight back 25 feet from the wall and now that we moved our vehicle 25 feet back from the wall we’re going to start with our measurement

Here that’s where the headlamp center is we’re gonna go down four inches on the driver’s side on the passenger side we have our line here what we need to do is go down two inches to adjust the driver’s side we’re going to cover our passenger side headlamp if you look at the back side of your headlamp assembly you’re going to see something that looks like this this

Is the adjustment some of these headlight assemblies have one two or even more of them but you should at least have one this is how we’re going to adjust the headlight beam now we’re going to lower the top part of the beam down to just below this line when you turn the adjustment to the right it brings the beam up and if you turn it to the left it’ll bring the

Headlight beam down and this is this way on most vehicles let’s continue on to doing the passenger side all right we properly aligned our trq headlamp assemblies okay and on the quality trq headlamps for a pickup truck the procedure is going to be the same you’re going to find your center dot mark it and then you’ll measure from the level ground up to your dot

So once your headlamps are properly adjusted it’ll be time to adjust your fog lamps you’ll notice on the driver’s side the focal point is all the way at the bottom right now i would like to bring it up so it meets up with approximately the bottom of the focal point of the headlight some fog lamps have an adjuster others don’t the ones that do have an adjuster you

Would just turn the adjustment to the left or to the right to adjust the beam up and down to where it needs to be now with your trq headlamps and fog lamps properly aligned you can drive down the road safely when only the best will do demand trq the only company that lets you view before you do trq is committed to offering the highest quality aftermarket auto

Parts that are engineered for peace of mind thanks for using and viewing with trq

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How to Replace Headlight 2007-2013 Mitsubishi Outlander By TRQ