How to Replace Rear Shocks RAM 1500 2010-2020

This is a video tutorial on how to replace the rear shocks for a 2010-2021 RAM 1500 Classic. Doing this repair yourself can save you hundreds of dollars not to mention you know the job is done correctly. Thanks for watching!

Hey everyone welcome to car pros my name is ryan and today i’m going to show you how to replace the rear shocks on a 2014 ram 1500. before we go any further i want to mention that you are going to need a special tool for this job that special tool is one of these it’s a 21 millimeter crow’s foot wrench this will be integral and removing the inside nut for the top

Of the shock so you’re going to need one of these you really can’t get around it and it makes the job a whole lot easier i’ve left a link down below in the description this exact one just go ahead and order it um unless you want to sacrifice a 21 millimeter wrench by cutting it off you know you can hold it in there because it needs to be you know decently short

But i recommend just buying the right tool for the right job and then you’ll have it forever and if you ever need to do it again or ever have anything tricky that’s 21 millimeters you can just reuse this crow’s foot wrench so with all that out of the way let’s go ahead and jump in okay so we’re on the driver’s side of our 2014 ram i’m going to go ahead and remove

The inner fender liner there’s about a dozen or so eight millimeter fasteners that you can just remove there we go slides right out just like that so i’m going to do next is with the front of the truck supported with a screw jack or if you’re doing this on the ground to jack stand you could use a floor jack too in this application just make sure you don’t hit

The sway bar what we’re gonna do is just compress the springs a little bit on the rear end so it’s a little bit easier to get the bottom shock mount bolt out now we’re going to remove the lower shock bolt 21 millimeter for the nut 21 millimeter for the bolts perfect because we put took the tension off of it using our jack it’s really easy to remove the bolt so

Here’s the top bolt for the shock right now around back right where my fingers are there’s a nut and it’s really difficult to get to because on this particular truck it’s the long bed so the gas tank’s in the way maybe on the shorter beds or maybe the four doors you don’t have this problem but uh it’ll work either way so we’re gonna have to do so i got that shock

Out and uh i didn’t show doing it because it was pretty uh dark and mysterious i actually didn’t go from the back like i thought originally because the gas tank’s in the way there’s really no way to get a any kind of leverage on there and i was kind of hoping it was like a body mount welded in there but it’s not it’s a nut and bolt it looks just like this this

Is it here so what i did i’ll show you i have this ratchet that has a right angle head so you can get it into places like this and i just swiveled it around backward to me on titan and put that on and held it in place and then i buzzed it off with my impact gun and that was able to get this nut and bolt out so our shock has been removed fully do that for both

Sides hey everyone future me here and uh what past me doesn’t know that the tooling you actually need is a 21 millimeter crow’s foot wrench but i can actually slink back there and hold on to the nut like this you might want to use a better implement than just the screw handle but this is how you can grab onto the nut and loosen it or tighten it they do include a

Little teeny tiny tool but i tried using it and it just rounded right off all the special tools don’t work very well at all so what you want to really want to use is one of these bad boys so here’s our replacement unit on the right these are custom made king shocks for this exact truck if you do get custom-made shocks uh note that they do say left which means

This is the driver’s side so they differ side to side however i will put a link down below in the description to the stock stuff i recommend the stock stuff but we are putting these bad boys on today all right so we’re gonna replace our shock and our bolt there we go put it on like that there we go got our finger tight for it now so now we can see that our

Replacement shock on the lower isn’t quite there so we can give our floor jack a couple more pumps until it lines up just like that perfect let’s go ahead and replace that bolt and that on there i’m just gonna leave the finger tight for right now just make sure that the crow’s foot wrench is on there solid and then we can tighten it up perfect just like that

For those of you that might be wondering why we didn’t mount the reservoir up to prevent it from you know rocks or something hitting it the danger is you see this bed brace you know support if the spring compresses too much this distance might close and then you risk this for sure smashing into here and damaging the shock um because you gotta imagine this being

All the way over here so it’d be like this it hit that really easily so just in case you’re wondering then we can tighten the bottom shock now if you are getting a custom thing like this make sure that the longer shank is inward so the shock lines up that’s according to the instructions then we can tighten this up if you have a stock shock like you most likely

Do it doesn’t really matter you can go in either way as long as the thick part is on the top again two 21 millimeter implements perfect and then for the inner fender liner it’s a little bit of an involved process try to feed it in best you can you know firm but gentle i find it easier to get one side in and then just kind of bend looking careful these fender

Liners are side specific so don’t mix them up and they have a propensity to break like all the time once you get on this inside brim you can then kind of move it around where you can get some bolts in but don’t tighten them all down uh you know tighten them down a little bit you don’t go all at one so i’m just going to start them like that i can’t get the entire

Wheel in the shot but basically put them in so they’re a little loose that way you have a little bit of play when you’re putting in the rest of the bolts and don’t go too firmly without your tightening these they’re just eight millimeters uh and you know they’re just screws into little clips so don’t think they’re like a nut and bolt thing in fact i just have

My little electric screwdriver and i have it clutched out at number five which is insanely light for this little screwdriver finish replace all of our bolts once we have all our bolts replaced we can just go around and tighten it down i found what really helped is kind of pushing it in like this and then up and in and getting the inner fender liner on this nice

Rim here and just kind of feeding it around that was really helpful uh on installation and removal and of course before you go anywhere just make sure that your shock is properly installed looks great this or my truck i probably wouldn’t install the wheel liner um it does keep rust out of it if you live in a rust state but we’re here in the desert so it’s really

Not that big of a concern so make sure you put all your bolts back where you found them looks great it’s not wiggling around it’s not going to flap in the wind looks amazing and so these shocks work perfectly with our stock springs king made sure event when we order them and again if you’re ordering stock shocks you don’t have to worry about that at all because

It’ll all just match up and be perfect so very cool thank you so very much for watching that’s how to replace the rear shocks on a 2014 ram 1500 i’ll also say it’s a pretty good idea to do all four corners of your truck at once so it’s a good idea to do the front and the rear shocks the front coil overs and the rear shocks it might even be a good idea depending

On the mileage of the truck to replace the springs in the rear as well those do tend to fatigue a lot quicker than leaf springs like on a conventional truck setup so you might want to replace those as well and once you’ve done all that it’s a good idea to get the truck aligned thank you so very much for watching make sure you subscribe and i’ll see you next time

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