How To Start A Cargo Van Or Sprinter Van Business With TForce Logistics

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Foreign mentor here back with another video all right this video we’re going to be doing a profile of a company actually it is the company that got my got me or gave me my start in the uh final mount trucking business um and it’s going to be t-force all right formerly known as dynamics all right t-force logistics and um this is a company that you can

Operate in if you have a cargo van sprinter van box truck and in your personal vehicle they have a a a carrier uh carrier contracts and they also do medical um delivery all right so um you you can operate you can run this account they have some some accounts where you can use your personal vehicle all right so earning potential is going to vary all right

I’m not going to dive into too much earning potential but you can um well i know with the sprinter cargo van small box trucks for office depot they’re pretty much paying around about a dollar seventy nine per piece depending on 1.75 i’m sorry per piece depending on the market you’re in it’s going to depend on the volume volume usually ranges from somewhere

Between 100 to 250 pieces all right um medical rates i don’t know i’ve never done medical you would have to inquire within i’m just going to point you in the right direction so let’s take a look at the website now and then i’ll be back shortly all right let’s take a look at the website all right we got t-force uh the website is that’s all right this is the company that i got my breakthrough with with the uh in the final amount of chucking industry back when it was called dynamics all right so let’s take a look at them all right they do pretty much everything from your personal vehicle all the way up to a semi truck e-commerce which would be your office depot your

Granger if they still have it they do financial delivery they do business to business delivery they do big and bulky which would be similar to um like ikea when i was doing it for them when they had it back then all right this is a nationwide company they’re all over the place all right so let me show you how to get signed up with them all right so let me

Be honest with you they’ve never been good with keeping their website up as far as hiring all right i’m just going to show you real quick you go up there to opportunities you go a few opportunities we’re just going to view all general wide scope and you see they haven’t updated it in 11 months all right a year year year okay so but they do hire so don’t

Be discouraged there so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go over to um good old indeed and as you can see they have plenty opportunities they’re more um they they’re over here uh more often all right so this is like i don’t know why i’d rather use indeed more so over than their own website um but it is what it is so here you got delivery service

Partners or delivery service providers um and then here’s the scope i’m just clicking in this first market which would be a little market close to me and it’s just giving you a scope what they’re looking for um sprinters cargo vans box trucks delivering office supplies we know the account is office depot all right and then uh general uh what they’re looking

For as far as requirements no earning cap rates are good local area deliveries prior experiences preferred on release a cargo van sprint or box truck this is a monday through friday account here lifting up to 50 pounds must have a smartphone no english valid license 21 years of age and i’m motor vehicle report background check 1099 and ein alright so this

Is for the office depot contract pays about 1.75 a piece uh average piece count ranges from about 100 to 250 pieces and that’s going to all depend on the market that you are in and the route that you receive some routes are going to be heavier than others all right so you know all that depends on those few variables all right so when you get to indeed you

Just want to put in t-force delivery i put in delivery so that it can kind of weed out all the cda owner operators semi truck stuff um and then put your city over here and then you’ll see you know if they have something to offer minnesota maryland you know all over the place they got stuff everywhere like i said it’s a nationwide company all right but they

Also have a lane for medical uh delivery they also have a lane for medical delivery so let’s take a look at that what i’m going to do is i’m gonna put in t-force delete delivery i’m gonna put in medical all right foreign space there all right where’s t-force all right medical logistics so this is for mobile phlebotomist but we want to look for delivery

Hold on medical delivery i know i’ve seen some opportunities all right so let me show you the guys the website first all right so t-force medical logistics so basically um delivery of pharmacy laboratory hospital medical supplies things of that nature this is a different arm to their freight business and they operated like separately even though it’s

Under the same umbrella all right let’s go back over to uh indeed so um for the medical delivery it just requires your personal vehicle you don’t need a sprinter or cargo van or box truck to do this all right just your personal vehicle um rates i really don’t know i’ve never done medical delivery before but i’m looking at this right here in san antonio

Texas uh t-force medical logistics delivery service provider makes anywhere from 300 to 450 a day so there you have it um 300 to 450 a day um doing delivery for t-force medical um which is pretty good money considering that let me take a look at this here let me take a look at this here because that’s pretty okay so one of the north america’s largest

Brokers are seeking to contract with delivery service without using cargo express advance 14 to 16 foot box trucks and 24 to 26 watches for a new contract we have starting up soon this will be for local work around san antonio one thousand dollar startup initiative all right so this particular one may not be for like um um like the prescriptions and stuff

This may be for the hospital supplies they may be picking up and delivering hospital beds since they’re requiring for a larger vehicle and that’s probably why it’s paying a little bit more i i don’t see medical uh delivery paying three to four hundred and fifty dollars a day so maybe this is probably for a heavier medical equipment like medical beds maybe

Medical machines x-ray machines uh things of that nature but the opportunity is here for medical delivery in your personal vehicle all right so t-force logistics just a quick review on the company from my experiences decent company i’ve had some i had some issues with them when we were there um issues were resolved i’m not going to dig too deep into details

Because i want to deter anybody from applying in their market you know issues that we had there um they were due to poor management so every branch and different markets are going to be managed differently depending on who’s there you know here it was just someone new all the time the people that were there were just all over the place and they really

Didn’t know what they were doing i don’t know what this market the branch is by there now but the issues that i had will ultimately resolved for the people that follow me for a while i this is the company that i had to issue with with the non-compete so you know it is what it is it’s water under the bridge but i’m always be transparent with you guys but

Like i said don’t you know use that to deter if you want to apply with them or not because every market every branch is managed by different managers and it’s just at that time the people that were there were just all over the place my issues got resolved um but for the most part you know the money aspect you know as far as what i was able to negotiate

Was top tier you know i’m saying um but you know i had leverage so that’s a a technique that you guys are willing or free to use um but for the most part yeah the money was always good with them you know if it was paid you know what i’m saying um uh and the opportunity was endless i was running nine office depot vehicles a day and three for ikea and i

Always had the option to run more because people would never show up a lot of people wouldn’t show up every day and i always had more vehicles that i could send them so my opportunities at that company were endless and it’s a it’s a big company so you can get in there with your personal vehicle um you can get in there up to a semi truck so i think for the

People that aren’t uh with those cargo and sprinter vans office depot is a good account and they have pieces they have pieces because you’re going to be getting paid by the piece by the dollar 75 a piece all right so the more pieces you have the more money you can make you can make up to about 425 dollars if you’re maxing out about 250 pieces all right so

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How To Start A Cargo Van Or Sprinter Van Business With TForce Logistics By Mark The Mentor