Hey guys welcome back to how to be bad guys thank you guys for watching subscribing to the channel me to this video guys who show resulted this xbox system okay this is their healing system with all the different actuators that open it no one closed the blends dog recirculation door passenger driver temp on a modern vehicle guys the one with the climate control

Stay with us that’s what we’ll be doing we’ll show you how to manually do that in addition guys we’re going to show you how to do it with a computer this is for pretty much any car guys okay what we are going to do now okay let us show you now we are going to will remove the glove box here once you remove your glove box guys on almost most of the cars okay you’re

Going to be able to get to the heater blower model which is right here now on top of it that’s where it sucks the air okay check it out up there this is where it gets its air form if you have the recirculation valve closed okay it means that you will get air from the vehicle this thing there is a valve that will open on the inside if it’s open it’s going to flip

The valve so it can get air from the outside now check out our door okay the blend dog okay the actuator for the recirculation valve is that motor right there so if we press the button or case you okay see what’s going to happen now okay we’re going to press the recirculation button on and off okay and let me show me now what’s going to happen okay watch now it’s

Going to turn on guys you’ll be able to notice it turning inside and this is the motor okay i cannot show you on the camera but it’s turning so let’s try again to turn it off okay watch now the valve perfect now we’re going to test the passenger temperature okay passenger temperature so if we’re in turkey passenger temperature will be this one right here for the

Climate control and there is one actuator usually that controls the passenger temperature let me see let me get the light here okay it’s this motor right there okay you can see how it moves okay up and down and watch now it’s going to open and close okay you can see how it changes so now i change it to hot you see the things turning go to coat okay check it out

This one is working you have the same motor on the driver side now you access it on the other side usually there is a cover now this is the one that that’s the blind or folder forward okay and the air will go in your feet over the vents of the windshield so if we change the mode now okay check it out you can check out if yours is working or not it’s going to start

Turning so we need to test it at all different positions okay you click to glow in the feed to blow in the face to blow in the windshield so that what this guys so you can see we can test most of the things just looking at them okay without even taking things apart now there are some hidden things guys and we’re going to show you how you can even place all that

Without doing any disassembly okay with maxi sis right here this is maxi sees with the programming device guys this amazing computer so let me show you what we’ll be doing now it works um walking on so many makes and models okay let me just show you some of them that’s amazing so we’ll click vin detection how to detect and it’s going to detect that we have a dodge

Vehicle now you read the vin number decode it and tells us what we have now check it out 2012 jeremy yes now we can go ahead okay and click diagnostics will select control in it will go to body and then we need to click x vac heat ventilation under here guys you’re going to find system check you can do active test and test each of the modules separately stay with

Us until the end i’m going to show you how to do that click ok and the test is in progress what is happening now some lights will start blinking and it will start ok turning things on its own look it’s going to test all different positions here blend or recirculation valve hot and cold so so many things now usually that takes just maybe about not say for about 30

Seconds to do the whole test not bad at all it will be finished in a little bit you can see like right now that light was blinking it stopped so now it’s done see what it says now ok active flag ok false calibration complete – so everything is completed calibration error false which means that we don’t have any errors and check it out now this is front mode this

Is the one where you select where ok the climate control to blow in the feed in the vent passenger temp to means it’s working recirculation valve that opens the air coming from inside or outside the vehicle driver temp we have a real-time as well and the rear mode so you can see guys definitely can test it like that now if i click ok i can go to active test and

I can test each of the elements now manually which is amazing function let’s say i want to even test ok you can do everything the blower motor speed ok blower motor speed i’m going to set it ok f f/a f5 and 80% listen it’s blown now if i want okay let me focus here a little bit cause the light is in the way you can select ok i’m going to select every year font

Let me go to the forum now passenger time actuator this is the passenger time actuator right there so i can go ahead ok open and close that thing all the way now you see how it moves so we have to do this press the buttons here and you can see how many percent you can open and close it man you left them actuator this is on the driver side i will not be able to show

You this one because because we don’t have the cap open there but you can see live data it codes and all that stuff so hopefully guys the video be helpful to some of you please guys hit that subscribe button for more videos and see you guys next time

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