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How to turn off Ford Transit cargo lights without cutting anything or a switch

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What’s up guys it’s johnny gone with john if you’re new to the channel so i’ve made a couple of ford videos for the transit here and i’ve gotten the same question from thousands of people and i actually thought about i would like to be able to open these cargo doors without having that light stay on all the time see unfortunately uh it doesn’t have like your normal

Switches that you would find on any other vehicle on this ford transit and it’s something that apparently has been searched for millions of times on google because when i looked it up i was a bit overwhelmed with the rabbit hole on how to do it there were all these people that said you got to cut the wire make a switch disconnect the light just no no look it’s

Simple it’s just uh any other car you know out there you use the relay switch there’s a electronic relay switch that tells the computer that you know the door is open uh just like any other car you just gotta find the switch so that’s where i came into play uh for you guys i didn’t find anything on the forum other than cutting the vehicle up so this is what

I did i went around and looked for the relay switch inside of here i looked inside the door frame one thing i thought is it might be magnetic so i used a magnet and tried all around the door frame looking for the relay switch to see if that’s how you turn it off and make the stupid light go off so you don’t kill your battery and uh that didn’t work either so i

Did the next logical thing and thought i’ll just download the schematics off the internet uh they don’t want that information out there so i did what anyone would do at this point i called ford to see if i could get the schematics for it turns out that’s proprietary information so um i took the door apart yeah i mean you know so i took the door apart looked all

Inside of here for any electronic wiring that wasn’t speaking or light or speaking speaker or light related um you know nothing like that obviously there’s a door lock that you know still doesn’t turn the light off but it does operate stuff with inside the door itself but the lock mechanism so here’s what i found inside the door there is a wire the wire does run

Not to the well to the lock yeah but there’s a wire that runs to the latch see this latch right here look at this thing see this there’s a wire that runs to this latch that is where our sensor relay switch had to be so what it is is when the latch is closed it tells it that the door is closed therefore the light can go off on its own or on the timer or whatever

So i found a tool that was close by in my hand and i closed the latch two clicks one click two clicks that tells the computer that the door is closed wait wait don’t turn off this video yet this is important i’m not responsible if you try to close this door like this you could potentially break the plastic part in there and damage your door so what you need to do

Is make sure the door is unlocked and just open the handle when you open the handle it turns the latch back to its position so the door can be closed safely and function properly without breaking otherwise that piece of plastic is going to hit that piece of metal over there and you’re going to have a bad day so let’s test this theory out two clicks over and you

Can see the light is on waiting for the timer to go off so that the light will go off up there but if you got the keys in your hand you can hit the lock button and the computer should think the doors shut then your light goes off no problem so here i did a little bit more digging for you guys just to help you out if you want to open all the doors and have the

Breeze blow through this is what’s going on each door doesn’t actually need a sensor from an engineering standpoint and you know logistics of a company trying to save money since this door has to be closed in order for that door to close and latch properly this doesn’t even need a sensor so i’m thinking we should be able to open this one without the light coming

Back on let’s see what’s going on in the back all right so our lights on when we open up the door i’m thinking that this will be the door that has the sensor on it like we said a second ago the other door really doesn’t need one so let’s try this two clicks we’ll hit the lock button lights went back off it’s that easy so we should be able to open this other door

And technically now you can turn the lights off on your ford transit without cutting anything splicing anything installing a switch nothing at all and you can easily put it all back together so your doors will close correctly obviously and then your lights are back on for the next time you’re at work and need the lights so i’m going with john if this helped you

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How to turn off Ford Transit cargo lights without cutting anything or a switch By Gone With Jon