H&R Lift Springs on the Ford Bronco Sport

Initial impressions of these springs.

Good morning everybody it’s time for a little on the way to work unboxing the back of the truck i’ve got something that i picked up to make our trip north later on a little bit more pleasant for everybody involved we’ve got a set of ancient r lift i wish i ordered from a local tuning company called park auto in kitchener they did a great job of getting them

In for me in an expedient time things are of course difficult to get and they manage to do a fantastic job they will be installed tomorrow and we will see what it brings for us well it’s tomorrow on the way to the shop to get the new suspension system installed at least the springs what i’ve been told by people on various sundry forums is the combination of

The bronco sport i have and the springs i’m having installed starts off initially fairly stiff but rather rapidly turns into something a bit more supple particularly on the bumpy bits so besides a bit of a lift it looks like i’ll be heading towards a smoother ride on bad roads and light off-road which is exactly what we’re looking for couple of people in the

Family have back issues and other things that make them a little bit susceptible to both roads so having the bumpy roads be smoother and more comfortable for everybody is going to be a clear win the other thing that’s very strange about this car is how low the lift gate is i’m six foot on the button and routinely smack my head off of the off of the lift gate

Having the bigger tires has helped alleviate that a little bit but the extra three centimeters from these springs is going to make an absolutely massive difference should really really help considering the fact that i’m one of those fortunate people who were unfortunate depending on how you look at it who is post concussion not hitting my head is high on the

List my list of priorities is actually one of the reasons why i’m lifting the vehicle never mind smacking the low hanging fruit under the car not hitting my head is a huge bonus so we’ll see how this plays out i’ll update further once everything is installed okay so here’s what it looks like after the lift springs are in you can see the gap above the wheels

Is much better the proportion of wheel well to tire is much better it’s definitely a lot higher off the ground visually that’s what we’re looking at now well it’s been several hundred kilometers since i’ve had the springs installed and i can say that i’m very pleased with them as expected the overall ride quality has improved immensely i’ve done one fairly

Decent off-road stint which i’ve posted in another video which demonstrates that the additional clearance and smoothness of the ride is definitely there so i’d call it a win just an fyi if you’re having somebody else do the work on these things it’s 2.5 hours for the front and 1.8 hours for the back for shop time that’s the flat rate amount if you’re having

Somebody do that make sure you work it into your budget so that you can cover that expense it’s also advisable to get an alignment done after messing with the suspension now i haven’t had that done yet uh it will be happening before my friend and i take off on our big trip later on in this summer the shop where i had the suspension installed did not have the

Alignment specs for a 2021 ford bronco sport yet and we’re unable to get a hold of them so i’m having that done at the dealer when i have the pre-trip service and inspection done just seems like a smart move to protect the integrity of the suspension its various components and the tires so do budget that in as well i was very fortunate when i had mine done

To get 25 off the cost of the springs themselves i got them from park automotive in kitchener they’re located on park street as you may have guessed and they were again as i’ve mentioned before quite able to get the things in despite coving shortages took a little while but that’s why i ordered them well in advance of our trip my goal was to have them installed

And debugged and tested thoroughly before we headed up into an area where there is no possible way of getting a rescue excuse the camera shake i’m going up very heavily corrugated gravel right now and uh it’s actually not intruding into the cabin that much that’s a credit to the tire spring strut combo i think it’s much much better than it was in stock that’s

For sure up until now i’ve made these springs seem like they’re sort of god’s gifts to springs uh there are a few things that i would like to have with them i would actually prefer them to be a little softer than they are i understand they are a compromise between on-road and bad road slash off-road performance but if they were a tiny bit softer that would

Actually help in terms of pure comfort and the rest once these struts wear out there should be some good aftermarket things in place so that i can swap out the stock dampers for something that’s a little bit more robust depending on how things fit that something might just be the dampers from a broncos sport badlands everything i have read says that it is a

Much more subtle riding vehicle than the big bend that i currently own we’ll have to see what that looks like when the time comes thank you for watching it’s very much appreciated

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