HUGE PROBLEM WITH FORD F150S (THIRD time this happens..)

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Good monday morning to everybody i hope you having a fantastic day it is currently almost 10 o’clock in the morning and we’re actually going to start off this day by going to the liquor store i know it’s early i’m not gonna start drinking my wife needs rum and bourbon and she’s gonna make eggnog and then some other fancy pantsy couture cake that she does so she

Needs alcohol in the morning and what we’re actually gonna do is take the wraptor and there’s a reason for that there we got to talk about right now now og subscribers will remember this because i’ve made two videos about this initially when it happened and then when it happened again so what i’m just gonna demonstrate this get on the truck here i’m just gonna

Drive off and of course now it’s not doing anything probably because it got a little warmer but as soon as i was gonna drive off earlier it said a right rear passenger door open so basically once again i’m having an issue with one of these suicide doors you see how it’s not closing completely so i promise you if i drive down the street with this truck now i’m

Gonna hear this running board open because it’s thinking that this door is open so it’s not the running boards fault it’s the actual door latches which is a pretty well known problems with these f-150s yeah see it’s not closing properly yeah and see if the running boards not going up because it thinks that the door is still open so it’s only on the passenger

Side see right now it says right rear door ajar which is incorrect although it is sort of correct because it’s not completely closed but it’s not like the door is wide open and yeah the running board is down back on up here yeah i know it’s roughing oh now it went up i don’t know if the camera you guys catch that but the running board did indeed go up so yeah

We’re not going to drive this truck right now after up into the liquor store and by morning booze for cakes then we’ll jump in this truck in probably go to moon township for and try to get the sandal alright let’s jump on the raptor okay i love this feature my wife five foot nothing i’m 6 foot 2 so it’s very nice to just be able to push a button and have my

There you go okay so we got that taken care of now i actually got a recall notice for this door latch thing in the mail not too long ago and i pretty sure that i threw it away cuz i was kind of like i that they took care of that must be some mistake it’s not a mistake and the thing and i’m sorry for my confusion i actually think is for the rafter as well

Although nothing has happened to the raptor anyway anyway let’s just go to minute tasha port alright so we’re back home there’s my truck with the running board down i know it’s a pretty minor thing but this is so annoying i’ve had this fixed twice this is the third time and it happens again so last time they fixed it like all i remember was that they had like

Smeared a bunch of goo on this actual latch thing here yeah you see there’s still like goo residue in there so i don’t really know exactly what it is they do but you know they’re gonna have to do a better job and do it again okay now i actually think it closed now just because the trucks been a little warmer yep all right cool it still needs fixed though so

Off to the dealership so yeah i mean it is pretty cold 26 degrees but it’s not as cold as it can get you know in january in february last night was definitely really really chillers probably in low 20s that’s most likely why this door latch issue happened and the other times when it has happened it hasn’t fixed itself like it has now sort of i mean that will

Happen again if it gets you know really cold and when it happens you drive around and you get a constant warning message on your dash saying one of your doors is open and now when i have these running boards you hear them go up and down all the time alright once again here we are man township you guys follow me on instagram actually posted yesterday it was a

Picture that facebook reminded me about it was a throwback to the first car i ever sold and of course it was here in 2013 here we are in 2018 alright so here we are pittsburg views my personal mechanic this is not his fault in any way but see for a third time now the doors now the frickin door i know demonetised now it’s stuck so this is the third time huh

This is happening third time they’re done at this point it’s not your fault but this needs fix i’ve taken it here too wide the first two times i lost my cable disconnected from the handle that’s typically why i don’t i don’t know what the fix is i’ve gotten another recall on this i think i might have thrown it away cuz i was like yeah you know that yeah i’ll

Just door that’s best on a freezing latch okay what is it typically the kit is a cable there’s a latch at the top latch at the bottom and there’s a handle cable goes to both of them and the cable pops out of the interior and typically what happens i can’t say it because this morning the issue was and that’s how it starts the issue was i could open it i closed

It and it like he kind of it banks but it doesn’t close completely i get in the truck and now that we install these running boards all of a sudden the truck thinks that this door is open which it sort of is yeah and the running boards go right here and go back oh really up and down it’s annoying brian yeah pertain to this one fourth street all right so you know

I’m such a douche bags i just come down here i know annoying huh well bit it’s not work so last time it wasn’t brian he was working on my truck he was another person so again it’s not his fault i might come here yelling on him i’m just pissed off at the product right now this is getting kind of annoying every winter this happens right every winter yeah alright

So removing the panel here find the issue see they shoe right there see the ball of that cable i’m supposed to be in this notch see where it is up there so when you pull this handle it pulls the cable released so what i’m gonna do okay but that happened like it wasn’t like that this morning it was just that i couldn’t completely close the door and then it seems

To have that this seems to happen after a while every time where it gets what is it yeah lockdown there but it’s still like yes so this whole wire thing or a cable yeah i’ve seen this obviously the first time this i haven’t seen this happen but i’m not sure why it causes so basically where i just put the cable back in the knotch right doesn’t have an issue so

That’s what we did or just trying to get this cable war alright but what are we doing about the last part though like in here and then that pork is last time they smeared a bunch of freakin goo in all there yeah that’s the part of the recall for the freezing yeah all right so just like that we are back from the dealership and currently everything is working

Just fine however we have not addressed this latch issue quite yet on a super cab there’s a latch up here and then also up here on a crew cab you just have one in the door right there now i did drop in kind of unannounced i didn’t have an appointment or anything like that so i have indeed set up an appointment for the actual latch issue however we did fix the

Little wire that sits in the door handle so to stop my complete rambling here and repeating myself the issue is fixed for now but i’m sure it’s going to come right back if we have a really really cold night which i think we’re gonna have tonight so we’ll see tomorrow if this works and i love this truck to death but yeah these minor little issues that happen on

A regular basis during the winter time they’re definitely annoying but off to more positive news next week ladies and gentlemen this truck will indeed be supercharged so we are looking at getting around 600 wheel horsepower we will of course do a dyno session and everything so close to at least 700 crank but yeah this thing is gonna be so powerful going to new

Smyrna beach as you guys know to visit vmp performance getting there stage 3 supercharger kit on the f-150 i know a lot of you guys have been waiting for this for a while including myself but next week will have twice the power in the f-150 so that’s gonna do it for today’s video i wasn’t actually planning on filming today i had a whole bunch of other stuff

That i have to take care of but then this happened again and of course i’m gonna talk about it so if you guys enjoy the video give it a thumbs up leave your thoughts in the comments below if you’re stopping by for the first time and you haven’t already and you want to please subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the next one bye bye

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HUGE PROBLEM WITH FORD F150'S!! (THIRD time this happens..) By AutoVlog