Hummer H1 vs G63 + Jimny + L200: TUG OF WAR

It’s tug of war time again, and Mat’s brought in one of the strongest cars EVER to grace our screens – the Hummer H1! This absolute behemoth weighs a colossal 3.6 tonnes, and it’s going up against Mat’s beloved Mercedes-AMG G63! Sound like an unfair battle? Well, Mat’s got a couple of friends coming in to join him! But will it make a difference? Stick with Mat to find out!

Hi everyone matt watson from carlisle here so i’ve got a really weird video for you today i’m sat in the mercedes amg g63 and behind me is a hummer h1 and we’re gonna have a tug of war so this car has a four liter twin turbo v8 with 585 horsepower and 850 newton meters of torque it’s got a low range automatic gearbox with four-wheel drive diff locks it’s got

The works it’s a serious off-roader built on a ladder frame chassis wow and it weighs in at a quite heavy two and a half tons that hummer though that weighs in at 3.6 tons it’s also got a 6.5 liter v8 diesel down on power compared to this it has 197 horsepower that’s all it has 583 newton meters at all obviously it’s got four wheel drive and it’s got a low range

Gearbox just like this mercedes obviously for this took a while we’re going to be running them in low range mode to see what happens now before we do please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit that bell icon to turn your notifications on so you won’t miss any of these rather bizarre and fun videos foreign because if i put the diff locks on i lose

Traction control and i kind of need traction control to help just meter in the power i’ve lost in this g because of just spinning up the wheels before so i don’t want to try and break traction right in let’s get on with this tug of war okay take the strain three two one heave come on oh i’m definitely going no no no no no oh right that’s enough of that i

Think we know what happened there got destroyed by the hummer unsurprisingly do you know what i think i need a little help from a little friend right now i’ve got the assistance of a suzuki chimney so it has a 1.5 liter natural aspirated petrol engine with 101 horsepower and 130 newton meters of torque it’s got all-wheel drive it’s in low range mode that one’s a

Manual gearbox not sure that’s going to really matter too much what will matter though is that it weighs 1.1 tons which when you add it to the weight of this which is 2.5 tons we’ve now got 3.6 tons which is the same as that fat ass hummer so let’s see if that helps okay let’s take the strain three two one heave come on come on we’re definitely going backwards

And now i’m just digging a hole come on no ah another victory for the blooming hummer i think we need even more help we’ve added a mitsubishi l200 into the mix so it has a 2.3 liter turbo diesel it’s got an automatic gearbox four-wheel drive a low range mode which it’s in it’s got 150 horsepower 400 newton meters of torque and it weighs 1.9 tons so we’re ahead

On weight we’re ahead on par we’re ahead on wheels we should be able to defeat the hummer once and for all let’s find out okay guys let’s do this three two one eve eve steady heave heave come on we can do it come on can’t make it budge no i’m going to call this off we can’t beat the hummer ready guys let’s have another little go now three two one pull it’s

Like pulling a brick wall glitchy right that’s enough of that the hummer will not be moved so hummer what happened could you not pull us forward no i couldn’t over hunched if i was in high range i might be able to because at the moment it’s close to redlining and i don’t want to do any damage to this tank as stupid as it sounds okay new rules everyone going

To high range mode okay let’s see if we can beat it in high range three two one heave come on no nothing’s happening no one’s going anywhere it’s just stalemate anyway we tried didn’t work but there we go make sure you subscribe to this channel for more stuff like this hit the bell icon to turn your notifications once you’re alerted when we make a new upload

And why not follow us on instagram at carlow cars thanks for watching i wonder what that light was on oh okay we ready guys film guys

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Hummer H1 vs G63 + Jimny + L200: TUG OF WAR! By carwow