Hyundai Bayon On The Forecourt

The all new Hyundai Bayon is here – a new crossover built on the i20 platform with a hybrid power train and choice of gearboxes, the perfect family SUV at a great price.

Thank you good afternoon and welcome to a rather overcast silverdale apologies i should have done this this morning just didn’t happen i ended up doing a multitude of other things however the light’s perfect now so this is a new hyundai beyon completely new model it’s built on the same platform as the i-20 it’s got some rather interesting design language

Especially where the daytime running lights are we’ve got leds on ours and we’ve got a premium now one of these starts out and i think this is a rather impressive price for a crossover 20 530 pounds this is closer to 24 and a half i think it is but it’s pretty specked up the other thing is they’re all mile hybrid so like the i-20 when these launch you could

Get high manual transmissions you could get something else better i can remember what it is oh by the way when i spoke about the i20 about a week ago well i didn’t realize that you’ll now see actually in the full review sorry a comments just coming baffled by the event goodwood revival interesting to answer that in a moment no the i-20 launched for the 1.21

Liter etc etc but like this they just like paired it down to a one liter so you can either get 100 ps or a 120 ps but they’re all mild hybrid these still get a six-speed manual and a seven speed dct oh it’s locked itself which is quite interesting considering it hasn’t got keyless entry or key let’s go if you want that you go for the ultimate yes it looks very

I-20 strange that isn’t it the other thing that really astounded me about this is it seems to be far quicker and according to our press sheet we’ve got the 100 ps like the i20 which makes no sense whatsoever i’m also getting 48 to the gallon in this as opposed to 42 in the i20 yeah i’m gonna have to look into this but this is pretty damn rapid we filmed the

Full review yesterday that’s why the seats are still down now yeah it’s a little bit dark can get a lighter interior but i think the seats are still black the thumbs up sounds like the loudest chopper in history is now going to go right overhead bear with me as far as the crossover goes it’s got good looks impressive capabilities decent ride height sadly no

Four-wheel drive that would have been fun it’s pretty rapid as well not on paper but when you drive it that’s a benefit for one liter three cylinder with a turbocharger and then an electric motor it makes all the difference especially pulling away so that’s the other thing about this is you feel the power through the gears got driving modes the steering wheel

Heated seats in the design well yeah a lot of hard plastics it’s not surprising i mean the price brackets it’s amazing what you can pick up for 20 grand now digital cluster and a 10 and a quarter inch screen and that six speed lovely gonna take a look in the boot and this is where you’ll find actually let’s look at the back i think this is my favorite feature

To be honest or design aspect and wait a minute press some buttons it might do some lights so yeah the led rear lenses the light bar doesn’t illuminate which is a bit gutting apart from that i think this is the best part of it to be honest i love this rear end especially with the smoke glass let’s open the boot you can tell i’m not used to no keyless entry on

Vehicles there you go decent sized boot and under here the mild hybrid system it’s fun it’s agile it’s nimble it’s got damn good price it’s far roomier than you give it credit for i mean i’ve got decent leg room even at six foot three and that’s in the rear so there you go the hyundai beyond now this week we’ve got an isuzu d-max video coming out when three

Of us go exploring bootle fell and coney fell according fell in two v-crosses and an at35 so all isuzu d-maxes that was quite an interesting day i tell you so we’ve got that video coming next week we’re off to an s-cross launch in a brand new honda civic so we’ve got lots of things coming up back to this for a second then if you’ve got any questions or want to

Know anything more about it please comment below and i’ll endeavor to answer them apart from that this week we’ve actually got no cars i’ve got time to catch up on some video work with the bam consuming we drove it all the way back from wetherby down the country roads yeah it’s far more agile than nimble and peppy than you’d give it credit for and there you have

It so thank you for joining me and have a great rest of the day bye-bye

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