Hyundai Builds New INSANE Factory In South Korea

Hyundai Motor Group will invest $5.5 billion in a new factory to produce electric vehicles and batteries from 2025 in the US state of Georgia. Recently, the company’s CEO Jaehoon Chang made a shocking announcement by unveiling what he called Hyundai’s secret electrification roadmap promising to invest over 16 BILLION dollars in EV-related projects, all in an attempt to take control over the EV market. But the most important is that Hyundai wants to build a better factory than Tesla Gigafactory, this one will be called the Hyundai gigafactory. According to the South Korean automaker’s plans, they believe electric vehicles will become highly profitable in the near future, Hyundai and sister companies: Kia and Genesis have recently even taken the U.S. market by storm with their never-before-seen surge in EV sales following their unveiling of a robust lineup of future electric projects. The company’s plans for the future were highlighted by the introduction of SEVENTEEN different electric car models by 2030, including 11 Hyundai brand models and six luxury Genesis vehicles, Genesis even announced plans to go all-electric by 2030. So, In today’s video, we will see how Hyundai makes Tesla’s competition gigafactory called Hyundai Gigafactory. Hyundai car factory is insane so let’s take a look inside the Hyundai factory. This Hyundai factory will be located in Korea.

Hyundai recently made a huge announcement one that’s destined to drastically alter not just the south korean but also the global ev market as a whole but how exactly is hyundai taking the ev market by storm and why should you be excited for the future of electric power transportation join us as we uncover how hyundai aims to flip the tables on competitors like tesla

And dominate the ev market with their upcoming gigafactory we all know hyundai in fact if you travel anywhere by car or public transport chances are pretty big that you see at least a handful of cars manufactured by hyundai every time i mean these cars are everywhere nowadays due to its build quality reliability safety and affordability now let me bring you up to

Speed with this company because it plays a big role in this story founded in 1967 the south korean car company quickly grew from its humble beginnings to one of the world’s largest and most recognized car manufacturers having sold almost 3 million cars just in 2021. ever since its conception the company spared no effort in branching out seeking investors landing

Contracts signing deals and eventually owning about 34 percent of the kia corporation as well as its very own luxury vehicle division genesis motor an electric vehicle sub brand ionic clearly not lacking an ambition by this point the industry juggernaut now sets its eyes on dominating the electric car market hoping to wrench it from the hands of tesla who until

Now is still by far the most dominant electric car manufacturer holding almost 70 percent of the market share in the united states alone to get an idea of how ambitious hyundai’s plans are and how difficult taking on an industry giant like tesla will be it’s important to look at the history of tesla and how they managed to become the apex predator of electric cars

We all know today when it comes to the ev market it’s no secret tesla and hyundai have been going at each other’s necks for quite some time always innovating and improving on their electric car designs with hyundai managing to earn a loyal following among the eevee loving community due to its reliable products affordable prices and great performance tesla however

Remains another beast entirely constantly remaining ahead of the competition in a league of its own almost every since capricious entrepreneur and primary shareholder elon musk assumed the title as its new ceo back in 2008 somehow managing to skyrocket tesla’s growth in ways previously thought to be impossible under elon’s leadership the one small-time american

Independent automaker quickly cemented its place as a pioneer in the electric car market by unveiling in 2012 what would soon become its signature flagship luxury sedan the model s the model s quickly proved to be a major hit with auto buyers ranking best in class for every category relating to electric sedans and receiving a near perfect 99 out of 100 score from

Consumer reports while also being crowned as the best car ever tested the tesla model s now sits as tesla’s longest running ev in production to date that’s not to say tesla’s success can be attributed solely to the model s on the contrary tesla recognized very early on that it was tapping into a marketplace with a lot of potential and room for growth and capitalize

On its short-term newfound success with the model s by building large factories called gigafactories to produce everything under the sun pun not intended from light panels and solar batteries to fully functioning electric vehicles the first such factory opened in nevada 2016 with more factories being built in new york and china later on and many more planned in

The future as of this year tesla has six gigafactories all over the world and they’re working on building more fast forward to 2022 and many still credit tesla’s cinderella story of extraordinary success and substantial growth of the company’s market capitalization which now rests at an astonishing 910 billion us dollars by the way to its ingenious foresight and

Taking over the marketplace while while it was still an infant capitalizing on the lack of any real competition at the time to include its growth in many ways that benefited the up-and-coming car company and allowed it to hog the spotlight for more than a decade now with all that put into perspective it’s no wonder tesla’s south korean counterpart falls short of

Replicating even a fraction of the success tesla has amassed over the years but the slumbering titan of the car industry hyundai is finally awake and believes a change is long overdue recently the company’s ceo jehoon chang made a shocking announcement by unveiling what he called hyundai’s secret electrification roadmap promising to invest over 16 billion dollars

In ev related projects all in an attempt to take over the ev market according to the south korean automaker’s plans they believe electric vehicles become highly profitable in the near future stating by enhancing competitiveness in our hardware and software capabilities with an expanded lineup battery electric vehicles will become very profitable this was followed

By yet another announcement where hyundai pledged to become a globally carbon neutral entity by 2045. hyundai and sister companies kia and genesis have recently even taken the u.s market by storm with her never before seen surge in ev sales following their unveiling of a robust lineup of future electric projects the company’s plans for the future were highlighted

By the introduction of 17 different electric car models by 2030 including 11 hyundai brand models and six luxury genesis vehicles genesis even announced plans to go all-electric by 2030 ditching new combustion models completely by 2025. at the same time sibling brand kia intends to include eight battery electric vehicles in its u.s lineup by 2029 among the new

Hyundai bevs there will be three sedan models including hyundai ioniq 6 in 2022 six suvs including hyundai ioniq 7 in 2024 one light commercial vehicle and one new model yet to be revealed all of this coincides with yet another announcement hyundai made recently regarding their desire to produce almost 2 million battery electric vehicles annually come 2030. a huge

Leap from the previously set goal of 560 000 evs by 2025 which is estimated to achieve a seven percent share of the global electric market it looks like tesla may have just toppled off its solar-powered throne soon enough rest assured elon musk is not happy at all with his company’s position as a worldwide number one electric car manufacturer being under threat

And he’ll no doubt be putting up a fierce fight by announcing his own projects an attempt to hold on to his company’s monopoly over the market so far tesla has been awfully quiet not much was heard from the company regarding the future other than the announcement of the model y model x model s and tesla cyber truck whatever its plans may be tesla’s efforts fall

Awfully short as hyundai is not only striking first but striking hard as well how hard do you ask well hyundai is planning on breaking grounds for multiple new ev factories all over the world including the united states which has been widely regarded as tesla’s personal backyard since the dawn of time starting in the early 2023 construction of hyundai’s full ev

And electric battery producing facilities is set to begin in georgia shifting gears and becoming fully capable of sustainable mass production by 2025. it’s worth mentioning that this somewhat vicious assault on hyundai’s part isn’t just the company being greedy and wanting a bigger piece of tesla pie as it also likely has to do with the declining sales of internal

Combustion engine vehicles due to the schedule banning of such automobiles and a handful of marketplaces the world over so hyundai’s aggressive efforts to better incorporate battery-powered vehicles into its product lineup may not be an optional detour but a necessary one to ensure the pump company continues to prosper the battle between the two colossal entities

Will unquestionally be fierce and lead to a plethora of new amazing inventions and innovations that will undoubtedly benefit all of humanity so this exciting news sheds a favorable light on the future of green environmentally friendly modes of transportation moreover you may even fast forward humanity on the road to ditching co2 emitting cars completely helping

Us put a stop to air pollution and hopefully reversing some of the damage caused to our planet’s delicate climate over the past few decades and that’s not to mention of course the many improvements to design and function we are bound to witness as these two companies give it their all in an attempt to one-up each other and come out on top now if you’ve come this

Far into the video you may have noticed we believe hyundai has the upper hand right now and that’s not just a lucky guess and what appears to be hyundai’s attempt at a clean 1-2 knockout hyundai unleashed one of its most ambitious plans today the construction of a colossal ev only 5.5 billion dollar factory in its very own home south korea the very first of its

Kind to open in the country in almost three decades the south korean gigafactor is estimated to produce a whopping 300 000 electric cars annually to put that into perspective tesla with all its factories and facilities scattered all over the u.s germany canada and even china can only currently muster a measly 1 million cars per year meaning hyundai’s gigafactory

Alone will be worth about a third of tesla’s annual production the question is will hyundai’s plans for a total domination of the electric car marketplace succeed or does tesla yet have an ace up its own sleeve to put its competitors foolish ambitions to rest once and for all only the future holds these answers for now all we can really do is speculate one thing

Is for sure however the final outcome will almost certainly be in favor of you the consumer and i don’t know about you but i feel there’s never been a more exciting time to be an eb enthusiast thank you

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