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Hyundai Elantra N Owner Gets A Ticket Over Stock Exhaust, Police Says To Sue The Dealer

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Hello and welcome to the channel if you haven’t done so already make sure to like and subscribe i appreciate that so much so there it goes here goes another one hyundai elantra and owner gets a ticket over stock exhaust police says to sue the dealer hmm it’s not dealer’s fault it’s not the the only people that are fault of this is the state of california because

They allowed these vehicles to be sold here if they don’t want these vehicles or if they have to be within compliance they should be talking to the manufacturer it’s up to the manufacturer to make sure these vehicles are compliant it’s not up to the dealerships it’s not up to the consumer because the consumer doesn’t make the product the consumer just consumes

They buy the product so it’s up to the manufacturer to make these cars legal for you to own and be able to drive it and not have any issues dealing with the cops now once you start going aftermarket and modding your vehicles that’s one thing but if completely stock nah man but anyway we’re doing another react video so let’s do this i got my you know my headphones

Already so let’s go do that right now i mean literally a day or a few days after i made this same video comptail dodge challenger hellcat owner it’s illegal to use the red key as it makes it too loud those cars are already too loud even on the lowest mode it doesn’t matter what mode you’re in it’s already too loud so man these these these cops are just but this

Is the worst one the other one was an idiot but this one is worse i mean much worse but you’ll see what i’m talking about so let’s go ahead and hit the video hopefully i got sound i got sound why am i getting pulled over i know hey guys a motor officer can write hey officer how you doing doing okay hey what year is this vehicle uh 22. why is it backfiring uh

It’s making a noise i know it’s how it comes stock really yeah you can check under the hood if you’d like oh no i’ll just send you to the state rep and what they’ll do is send you back to the factory you see that what a you see those words there what a dick i’ll just send you to the state ref and you can send it back to the factory that is how they come from

The factory bone stock all right i’m not the one that made these vehicles i didn’t design it all right state of california approved for the vehicle to be sold here stock just just like the hellcats the mustangs and the camaros all those vehicles are completely stuck and they’re loud as hell the california state of california approved for them to be sold here so

You can just stop harassing people and giving them a hard time for absolutely nothing ah come stock really yeah you can check under the hood if you like oh no i’ll just send you to the state rep and what they’ll do is send you back to the factory and we’ll see you back to the factory shut the up you don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about this is a

Stock car man this is how they come all right yeah it’s higher than 95 decibels so the what that’s how they come all right i’m like i said i get it like that hyundai ships them like that um all those other cars too mustangs especially the v8 ones they’re they’re higher than 95 decibels even if you’re on the low settings except maybe mustangs when you know you

Can open it up a little bit and go louder but it doesn’t specifically say for you to but anyway man just give me heated just a little bit whatever is it in track mode yeah it is because i send you the state ref all right stay rapper here in california they’re going to suspend your registration okay you can’t drive the car you got to go take it to the state rep

They’re gonna look at it they’re going to sneak back to the dealer dealer has to remove the track options you have to pay for four thousand dollars once that’s been done you go back to the state rep to verify all the track modes have been rude you cannot drive this on the road with the track mode oh i can’t oh i’m sorry i didn’t know that well you won’t be able

To anymore you’ve listed lost this you’re going to spend about seven grand on this car right now go ahead and get me the registration i don’t need to look under the hood okay you can’t track rally motor illegal on the road i’m sorry i didn’t know that like your money not mine right right they tell you this at the dealer if not they don’t tell you a god let me

Rephrase that they don’t tell you a damn thing in the dealer when you’re purchasing these vehicles you’re not signing anything at least from from my knowledge of purchasing cars for over the years and i purchased some cars my when i purchased my type r they didn’t tell me anything they didn’t tell me anything i don’t even know if the car was in compliance you

Just get the car you sign it then you you know financing all that stuff and that’s it they don’t make you sign an additional paperwork letting you know like hey you you can’t use this mode on streets get the out of here on some of these cars it doesn’t even change the exhaust notes the exhaust does not change on how loud it is some of the cars are already just

Loud it doesn’t matter all right so they’re just hassling people left and right for absolutely no sense especially if you’ve done nothing wrong and you have a completely stock car they should just know that all right you can go ahead and pop his hood check it out you can even go behind the freaking exhaust you can see whether it’s modifying or not you can tell you

Know google it up look what a stock exhaust looks like on a hyundai elantra and or any other vehicle but this car this cop man grade a the other one was just a dumbass you could sue the dealer for the money so you want your four or five thousand dollars back sure sure yeah they didn’t tell me that no i’m sure they did they’re required you cannot operate track

Mode on the road okay yeah they didn’t tell me that well then i would sue them all right for this ticket okay yeah you’re gonna have to get the insurance sure but yeah man um all i gotta say is just be careful out there guys if you have any of these modifying vehicles because they seem to be out for blood if you are in the state of california you can vote with your

Money um make sure you are participating in any kind of um uh propositions or anything that can affect you and the way of living the best thing you can do is you can vote for all these different legislations and then also you can write to your congressperson right to your your dick head over governor you know newson you can write to him not like he’s gonna give a

I mean at the end of the day california only cares about money and padding their pockets and making your life hard that seems to be the goal in the state of california here um we don’t like common sense we just like to make our people you know give them as milk them as much as we can because that’s what we do here give you the highest prices in gas highest cost of

Living high a housing just everything here in this damn state is expensive as and if you’re not making within like a hundred thousand dollars a year or more you’re struggling that’s just facts but yeah and this happened in riverside oh jesus ah so anyway so then he goes to the state ref like the guy uh told him to he goes to the state ref he puts it in um i

Guess puts it in uh sport mode he should have just had him run it in normal mode from what i hear it’s illegal for them to run in any other settings than the normal settings because that’s what the car goes for and you can change i don’t know it got a little bit more advanced for me there like there’s a whole reddit um where it’s just yeah it’s just it just over

My head a lot of jargons there but the highest decibel that any vehicle in the state of california has to be within 95 decibels and anything higher than that you have to go back to you know stock obviously if you have your car mounted um now the difference between this person which his car is not as loud as the hellcat um i think you know the other cop was not

Much of an you know but he was still a dumbass but he wasn’t an about it was the google you’re gonna be paying four thousand dollars seven thought man it’s a stock car what can you do all right what can you do you can’t do anything to a stock car the exhaust has not been modified it doesn’t look like it has any intake or anything like that that’s not supposed

To be there it’s completely stock so so anyway he takes it he passes the emission he fails the um the uh the noise i think it came up to about um 103 decibels or something like that on the reddit page and then uh he took it to the dealership and then the dealership actually you know went through and they said that the car is completely stock customer states he

Received states referee on vehicle van blah blah lunch or vehicle caused by a customer state he got stopped for modified exhaust on his stock elantra and authorities gave him a state ref on vehicle that is not modified there is no way to put this vehicle there’s there’s not modified there modified there that is not modified there is no way to put this vehicle back

To stock form vehicles already stuck in parentheses the vehicle is already in stock so why the hell are the cops wasting all these money time resources to stop people for exhaust noises when they could be fighting crimes people that actually need police help domestic violence uh robberies all these different crimes that could be going on instead we’re getting pulled

Over and being harassed for exhausts yeah that makes complete sense that’s a nice way for them to you know utilize our hard-earned money from the taxes from people that pay their taxes yeah that’s that’s just amazing it’s great good job california i truly hope that there is a lot more backlash people out here even if you’re not invested into this community um

It’s it’s just we’re just trying to live we’re just trying to enjoy our life we’re not just trying to bother anybody but we just especially from a car that’s completely stock how are you gonna return something that’s already stocked back to stock ah so we go um this is just from like yeah i’ve been reading all these this is posted from the um from uh from the owner

And so he goes on to say update on the situation i got a while a while ago i took the car in for the state of inspection and it passed smog but failed exhausted was reading at max 102 decibels on an average of 98 decibel the state inspector really trying to make it pass knowing that the car is stuck and tried several readings from different angles but the pop from

The exhaust would spike the db reading by uh three decibels and exceed the 95 passing limit after the inspection i took the car to the dealer and they rode up the confirmation letter that the car is stuck aside from providing me that letter they weren’t able to help in any way the suggested they suggested that i could get a muffler silencer temporarily to pass

The inspection seems that i’ll be having to take this to court i’ll update everyone when that happens in case you haven’t seen the video which we have edit the inspection was done in the sport model at least for dct model there are still very slight pops this is what caused me to fail the test i never mentioned end mode to him when he asked what the loudest mode

Is i said sport he put the car in sport after i showed him how and rev the car himself and wouldn’t let me touch it during inspection as of now i’m waiting for hyundai corporate to get back to me until then i can’t even get the car inspected again because i need to show proof that the work was done to make the car or the to the car and it is now fixed the car is

Fixed there’s nothing wrong with the car the exhaust is fine bureaucrats bureaucrats man so there’s a couple of options like i said talk to your legislations talk to your governor talk to anybody in your city state in order for us to make any kind of changes because then we can’t the how are all these companies are going to stay in business and make aftermarket

Parts for state of california you can’t sell any of those parts because why risk it when i’m gonna have to take them off in a few months or so it’s kind of like window tint what’s the point when you’re gonna have to take them off when you get pulled over by a cop but anyway i think i kept you on long enough um i really do hope that everything works out for this

Gentleman um it’s very unfortunate um that’s why my type r is sitting in the garage at um i just bring it up once in a while but anyway you have yourself a very blessed day and uh have a good night

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