Hyundai i30 N v Honda Civic Type R – evo DEADLY RIVALS

Hot hatchbacks have never been so capable, fast, or entertaining, but can the new Hyundai i30 N, a new offering that has taken the class by storm, really compete with the bewildering Honda Civic Type R?

We all like a good hot hatch a tivo and there aren’t many come much hotter than the latest civic type-r from honda yet arguably the most intriguing hot hatch at the moment emanates not from japan or europe but from korea and comes in the form of the 271 b a copy 28,000 pound high and i a 30 m performance no the new hot hyundai is neither as powerful nor just as talky

As the 316 bhp civic type-r it’s also 49 kilograms heavier than the honda which doesn’t bode well for it in terms of lap times but then again the i30 n has been built by people who really do know what they’re doing and it’s a c we already know is a peach aidid here by proper edith which might we’re coming useful around a notoriously slippy rocking national circuit

High under first then this is what happened next for a car none of us had ever heard of a year or so ago there’s been an awful lot written about the hyundai i30 n the brainchild of albert fierman who used to run bmws m division we know that we know all about that we mostly know how good it is and it is for first-time effort this thing is blinding trouble is it’s

Absolutely soaking wet today and if there is one little weak spot that has been shown up with the eye 38 it sits out right place on a track because although it’s got 271 horsepower and it’s got the trick and it’s got all sorts of other clever stuff to to make it go as fast as possible it is ultimately a little bit heavy for a hot hatchback it’s quite a lot heavier

Than the civic and the faculty hasn’t got just as much talk and quite a lot less power does not bode well for the i30 ends peak performance around a track like this so that’s what the high end i was like are you rocking a national in the wet before we got this stub which is out has wrote into the honda for a couple of laps such a shame it’s so wet rocking him today

But you cannot do anything about the vagaries of the british weather i’m afraid and in a way as we’re gonna prove the fact that it’s wet actually plays right into the civics hands because this thing is absolutely epic in the wet it is so much better than you expect and so much better than so many other cars that i’ve driven around this rockingham circuit which has

A real tendency for being like an ice rink when it’s just wet so what are we talking about with the civic 316 horsepower a lot less weight than the high end i more talk more trick bits in terms of aero obviously a lot more money it’s five six thousand pound more expensive which you can’t really underestimate and it’s got of a reasonably trick set of continental

Tires on it but nothing you know nothing special nothing out of them the wizards laboratory there’s a standard off the peg tires and look it’s just incredible how how you can commit to the throttle to the brakes to your entry speeds tear up a peg speeds and then ultimately your exits coming we’re seeing the hoenn down a bit no way can you drive it as hard as this

Thing in the way and i suspect that’s going to be very obviously reflected in the lap time i don’t know cars that get developed at the ring the nurburgring tend to be utterly unusable and just really not that great anywhere else other than a nurburgring and that’s that’s possibly the most surprising thing of all about the city time this latest version it’s just

Such a well-rounded usable everyday very competent fast hot hatchback all right then come on let’s see just how quick i can get this thing round the rocking of national circuit our lap starts there even across the start line the civic is pulling quite a bit harder than the highlander simply because it has better traction out of the previous hairpin what you’ll

Also notice as the lap unfolds is how much more curb i could take in the civic in the highlander i had to stay well away from the regular dry line through pretty much every corner because there was so little grip whereas in the civic i could take a much more aggressive line a much more traditional dry line if you like you can also see how much more front end there

Is in the civic and how much later i could break in it and ultimately how much more committed i could be in it through the fast left-hander towards the end of the lamp i had to use the casting line in both because there was so little grip on or near the curb and as you can see even though i completely overdid it in the civic it was still mild up and under at this

Point and then into through and out of the hairpin it murdered the guy 30 n so there you go the frankly brilliant honda spanked the hyundai by over four seconds in the end which is a huge difference given that the muppet behind the wheel of the honda also had a moment that cost it at least participant if not more then again the civic type r is a big event kind

Of car it’s a phenomenal machine to be honest and that’s mainly well-honed i good as it is can’t get anywhere near it overall and for sure the situation wouldn’t have changed at all trapped in bone-dry so for the time being that’s a close but no cigar moment for the hyundai and a vaguely astonished round of applause for the sensational civic type-r

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