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Can Hyundai continue its excellent recent form (making good sensible cars and fun hot hatchbacks) into the world of EVs?

This here is not just one of the most promising new electric cars around but one of the most desirable new cars of 2021 full stop and look it’s a hyundai how did that happen what is it well it’s a hyundai hyundai hyundai i don’t know you may mind up wherever you are in the world the important thing is it’s the ionic 5 from that brand and that means it’s

The start of a numerical family of electric cars and this one is the big family crossover i know it looks like a little 80s hot hatch but this thing would squish a fiesta it’s on a new platform bespoke for electric cars and that’s already being morphed into the kia ev6 and genesis gv60 if you’re tesla or one of the volkswagen ids or mercedes eqs then look out the

Koreans are coming what does it look like possibly the bravest car design of 2021 i love it i love that it’s retro without being lazy i love that instead of making that tired old excuse about playing electric car design safe so it doesn’t scare off your parents they just had some fun with everything pick your favorite detail these mottled wheels the slashes cut

Into the wheel arch this crease down the side the angry robot tail lights it looks like a car that’s been designed to look cool not just to tick someone’s box in a wind tunnel is it practical it should be because this new platform that hyundai and kia have cooked up together to base their new evs on allows for a three meter long wheelbase in the old days you had

To buy a bmw 5 series to get this sort of legroom and yet with a flat floor the ioniq 5 is even roomier and then if i jump in the front then by sliding this armrest cup holder charging tower out of the way i can choose between giving passengers more or less leg room or being able to slide out of that door if i’ve parked up against a high wall now that is clever

And when you recline these electric seats with their integrated foot rests it can even be a not particularly comfortable bed for the evening good night will i get along with the tech at first it’s a bit jarring for a hyundai the gear selector is buried behind the steering wheel and that takes some getting used to and the heater is controlled by a touch sensitive

Glossy window and that can be a bit tricky to see and press in bright sunlight but this pair of 12 inch screens well they’re crisp they’re comprehensive very mercedes looking aren’t they but this one really puts the wide into widescreen and you might be asking your passengers to change radio station for you because it’s a bit of a stretch what’s the gimmick well

This curious pad to the side of the dashboard that’s not an extra speaker it’s actually a magnetic notice board that you’re supposed to be able to stick your to-do list to with your favorite holiday fridge magnet so we’ll just pop that on there yeah it seems you need quite a strong magnet so it’s probably a more sensible place just to put the phone instead then

In the touch screen perhaps a sillier idea really pop into media and we find our relaxing sounds of nature because yes the ionic 5 can pretend it’s a snowy village or that you’re sitting in a noisy coffee shop or even that it’s a rainy day i mean why would you have that we’re in england it’s always raining how big is the battery the entry level ionic 5 has a 58

Kilowatt-hour battery it’s only available with rear-wheel drive and on the wltp official cycle claims 238 miles of range the ionic long range ups that to 73 kilowatt-hours and with one rear motor it’s good for up to 280 miles this here is your top of the line dual motor version having dual motors does drop your claimed range back down to 267 miles but in return it

Should be rapid in a straight line how fast is it well to find out i’m simply going to pin the ionic 5 in a straight line for as long as possible down our straight test track and then use this clever gps box of maps to get some super accurate numbers and we are expecting this to be quite quick because this is the top of the range twin motor ultimate ionic five

305 horsepower that still sounds like a lot to me and 446 pounds feet of torque which sounds like an absolute chunk pretty easy job for me as well all i have to do is foot on brake into drive i’m gonna have the sport mode on because now i’ve got red dials and i feel ever so sporty and here we go three two one launch whoa yep it’s done the old kind of ticklish

Chubby thing which means it is officially a fast car that’s 70 miles an hour that’s 80. that’s 90. oh it’s not even tailing off that’s 100 105. you know i thought it’d get up to 70 and then it would kind of have had enough but no here we are at 115 that’s the claimed v-max go on we’ll keep our foot in 118 indicated lack of runway left ahead indicated so we’ll

Break brakes are good on this there isn’t that horrible kind of fizzy pedal that you get when the regen is playing up and come to a stop the hyundai ioniq 5 managed naught to 60 miles an hour in 4.9 seconds and reached 100 miles per hour in 11.2 seconds yeah that’s really quick hot hatch pace i think you’d need an rs3 to be getting past that certainly not a hyundai

I30 and that feels very rapid it took 13.38 seconds to cover the quarter mile at 108.9 miles per hour i can’t get over how quick these dual motor standard evs are i mean are they gonna have to change the driving test where’s the charging port well this all starts off fairly simple because look unlike the volkswagen id4 and co we’ve got space under the bonnet

For our charging cable and once you are plugged in to the home wall box anyway then you can get a full charge in around 12 hours but it’s worth seeking out a rapid charger because the ionic 5 could accept charge at up to 350 kilowatts and that means when you are plugged in you go from 10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes but the ionic 5’s real trick is not how fast

You can charge it it’s what it can charge for you because it has an 800 volt electrical architecture underneath you can discharge the battery to run stuff like a fridge or a toaster anything with a socket really if you’re feeling really generous you can even rescue a dead electric car is it comfy come to our belgian pave worst case scenario test course and

The ionic’s doing fine i mean there’s nothing complicated about this we’ve got no adaptive magnetic air ride suspension that can predict bumps ahead just got normal tires normal suspension and a chassis that’s set up for comfort and there’s nothing wrong with that don’t be fooled by all the rattling you can hear that’s just all of our expensive camera gear braking

What’s it like on a motorway well motorway specifically it’s actually pretty good nice and stable impressively quiet i mean we’ve got laminated glazing so it is a refined car but now i’m actually out and doing some driving i can show you just a couple of problems with this interior see where i’ve got the steering wheel that’s comfortable for me it’s chopping off a

Bit of the data in front of me so i’ve ended up having to have it a little bit higher and then look at the touchscreen i can’t actually reach the touchscreen unless i lean out of the seat still despite the ionic v not looking like the slipperiest shape in the world there’s not too much wind noise now this really isn’t a sort of autobahn smashing kind of car but ah

Go on then high speed bowl top lane find out how refined the ioniq 5 is when it’s going really quickly getting on for the maximum speed of the car now that’s an indicative 117. it’s actually more grown up than a tesla but yeah the range meter is dropping faster than the trip meter is increasing so i think we’ll call that a day what’s it like in a corner well

It’s quite dull yep not everything the ionic 5 does embarrasses the european old guard with its kind of space ageishness this is not a driver’s car and to prove that i shall now go around corners much too quickly whoa it feels heavy now yep it’s certainly fast the ionic 5 with a dual motor this is a fast car and stops pretty well too but it’s quick in quite an

Owdie-ish way there’s grip and stability and then understeer and absolutely no feedback wherever you go looking for it i am quite interested to see given the brilliant work they’re doing at the moment with high-end eyes hot hatches if the end division can get hold of an ionic five and really turn it into a sports car what’s the real world range well for this top

Spec ionic five with the twin motors front and rear and the bigger battery the claim is 267 miles pretty healthy real world on a mild day at least that’s going to be more around the kind of 220 mark i mean i know it’s amusing to catch honda civic type r’s napping but this car is about as sporty as one of hyundai’s oil tankers so we’d stick with the 217 horsepower

Single motor and get about 250 miles of range what’s the verdict well i’m not sure we can give the complete verdict right now we need to wait about three four five years see which soul better in the end the super played safe don’t upset anyone volkswagen id4 and all of the same again cars that are based on it or the much wackier feature packed ionic five so if

You’re there in the comments in 2025 hello the future could you please drop a note below and let us know who won but in the here and now you’ve got to give it to hyundai for starting its new ioniq family of evs with such an edgy bit of kit they’ve seen the world beyond just using sportiness to sell cars they realise we don’t all sweep down deserted mountain passes

Every day we sit in traffic we park we commute we run errands and wouldn’t it be nice to have a comfortable and spacious machine that did all that but still had enough design touches to make you give it one last look when you walked away because the secret of the ioniq 5 is that it’s not a futuristic vehicle for a utopian vision of tomorrow that we might one day

Achieve together it’s just a chill-out pod it’s a relaxing car for the complicated annoying and stressful world that we all have to live in right now you

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