Hyundai Ioniq 5 sales continue to COLLAPSE

Hyundai Ioniq 5 sales continue to COLLAPSE

Yesterday i was walking down the street and i saw a hyundai ionic five and i thought damn that’s one good looking car and it is it’s a great car only they’re almost impossible to get hello my friends welcome to the channel i’m the electric viking great to see you welcome to all the new subscribers welcome back everyone else thank you for supporting us on patreon

Really appreciate your support there if you can support us i’ll put a link in the description below hyundai earning five one world car of the year and world ev of the year both of those titles and i made a video which i was lambasted for critique for lots of people were very critical of this video where i said i wasn’t sure it deserved to be the world car of the

Year because i believe the world cup of the year should be a car that you can actually buy for example for me it wouldn’t make sense if the rematched navera electric supercar was world car there now don’t get me wrong it’s probably the best car in the world you can buy it could very well be but frankly almost no one will ever find out because it is only being made

In a tiny amount right what are they making 60 i think of them well the thing is hyundai isn’t really taking production of the ionic 5 seriously i don’t know why but many reports are saying that hyundai’s ev supply chain is having numerous issues right now now as you know if you’re in the australia you already know what i’m talking about it’s very hard to get an

Ionic five you’ve got to go into a lottery basically get online and they have this thing where you know you can jump online at 11am in the morning and there’ll be a hundred cars for sale and you got in getting quick and you’ve got to click first and if you’re not if you’re not there and if you know i don’t have some amazing bandwidth and get a bit lucky you won’t

Have to get one the truth is they’re very hard to get in many countries around the world not just australia in fact here’s an example in florida there is less hyundai ionic fives for sale than there are hyundai dealerships and that is reflected in hyundai’s earning five sales in the united states with frankly just deplorable what is going on the weird thing about

This is ionic 5 sales were starting to gradually go up now for example here january sales were pretty dismal 989 february vegan improvement 2556 again march 2700 now don’t get me wrong this is still a still a very tiny number of cars considering the united states car market is absolutely enormous and this is in the us right april 2677 so still a pretty good month

Here is where things are not so good may 1918 and they jump back in june to 2853 but then sales have declined every single month july 1978 august down again 1516 september down again 1306. so as you can see the so-called ramp up hyundai claimed it would do of the iron e5 hasn’t happened in fact it appears they’re ramping down why what many people claim that because

Hyundai evs no longer qualify for the federal tax credit therefore hyundai doesn’t want to sell them in the us anymore they’re only selling them as compliance cars in europe where they also don’t sell very many of them now the reality is from the first half of this year hyundai’s eb sales put it as the ionic five the 17th best-selling electric car in the world

But since then sales have crashed off a cliff i don’t know exactly what’s happening but i do know that i wouldn’t be giving a car that no one can buy or almost no one can buy world car of the year i would say you know what if you want this title surely at least one percent of the world’s population should be able to buy the car like just one percent a single one

Percent right i’ll be even more generous what about 0.1 0.1 would that be fair if if you’re gonna have world card of the year should 0.1 of the entire global population be able to buy that car what about less than that what about 0.01 which this car doesn’t hit right now 0.01 you see my point is it really the world card of the year when no one or almost no one

Can own one in september hyundai motor north america sold 59 000 cars in the us about 11 more than a year ago which is pretty good that improved the year-to-date result but it’s still lower than a year ago at 530 000 or down 10 however ionic 5 sales only represent 2.2 percent of hyundai’s total volume which is also the lowest level since the launch of the model

The thing is people know this is a good car and they want to buy it so the demand is there this is not a demand problem now i know many people watching this video might be fans of tesla or fans of whatever brandon you think there isn’t demand for the ionic five but i can tell you now there is more than enough demand to sell tens of thousands of these cars tens of

Thousands now i only did recently announce a 1 500 price increase for the 2023 model year version of the ionic 5. however i don’t think that plays into it it’s still an excellent car for the money so far this year hyundai ionic 5 sales in the us have exceeded 18 000 in total that’s 3.5 percent of hyundai’s total volume and it’s likely that hyundai will sell around

24 000 in total in the us for the entire year now what about hyundai’s hydrogen powered car the hyundai nexo hyundai surprisingly sold 27 of these in the month of september however that’s down 48 they’ve sold a total of 345 year to date which is actually an increase of 22 the hyundai ionic 5 is the first model from holiday which is based on the high elementor

Groups egmp platform which is also used by the kia ev6 and the genesis gv60 next year the ionic 5 will be joined by the ionic 6 which set a pretty impressive pre-sale record of 37 446 pre-orders on the very first day it went on sale in its home country of south korea now what i want to know from you guys is what do you think am i crazy here am i right am i wrong

Would you like to buy a 95 but you can’t please let me know in the comment section below thank you for watching bye

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Hyundai Ioniq 5 sales continue to COLLAPSE By The Electric Viking